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    Gifts From Ireland

    Many come in a travel agency with representation in advance where they want to go, what to see. Well, when a person knows that what he wants. Grace Venverloh, Dallas TX can aid you in your search for knowledge. And if in the head a solid "pun" and want something that will delight and surprise when modernity meets history, nature simply fascinating In this situation, I would call several places to stay and one of them – Ireland. The island, which for its flora and fauna can be seen from space, as the most green space on the globe, and many called the Emerald Island. And how interesting is fraught with this country: the culture of the Celts, unusual music, mountains and lowlands, the Atlantic coast, interesting myths and Legends – probably all remember the brave Gulliver. In general, if you say one word – fantastic! Beginning his journey to Ireland, we can not forget those who are waiting for us at home. After all, our loved ones, friends and family is always a pleasure will receive a gift of a piece of our impressions, which will open for them the world of beauty. And since all people are different, and begin to travel in their own way, that is, to where more showering or calls where you can see, learn or get a welcome.

    Therefore, this article discusses several options for gifts from Ireland. Caring for a loved one. Magical shopping on the island of Arran. Travel together is always romantic, but in life cases different situation – there is no vacation, cold, urgent business, and lots of other reasons.

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    Cape Verde Islands

    On the island of Santiago, the capital city of Praia in the current hotel planned for Praia Mar Construction Business Hotel Prainha Suite Hotel. In addition, the group Oasis Atlantico plans to invest heavily in the reconstruction of their own hotels in Cape Verde. On the island of Sal Oasis Atlantico is two hotels and Belorizonte Novorizonte. The changes concern improve infrastructure and increase the usable area hotels. A new trim bungalows and a restaurant in Belorizonte, built new gaming halls and two children's pools. The hotel Novorizonte renovated hall reception, restaurant and bars.

    Soon there will be a new gym, a mini-golf and playground. However, to date the most expensive project in the Portuguese Cape Verde remains to construct a tourist complex of Ponta Bicuda (Thin cape ") on the island of Santiago, the first stone of which was laid in October 2006. Its creation will be spent around 250 million euros. Here at Cape Ponta Bicuda appear grandiose complex of hotels and apartments in the area of 65 hectares, covering the three-kilometer coastline. The complex is located just minutes from the international airport of the capital city of Praia, Cape Verde, joint air links with many European cities and world. Ponta Bicuda – a tourist town, made up of six tourist and entertainment, and three residential zones. In each such area or village will be located hotels, tennis courts, beauty spa, business center, art gallery, church, kids club, outdoor cinema.

    All six villages will be wearing their own Creole name: Cor di Mar, Tedju, Branku, Berdi, Azul e Burmedju, while three residential villages are named, respectively Coladera, Funana and Morna. The purpose of this design – stress kaboverdiansky color of an ambitious new project, reminiscent of the distinctive history and culture of the Cape Verde Islands. One of the hotel units will be decorated in the style of a tropical village, in other constructions planned to reconstruct the features of colonial architecture, and others designed in an ultramodern style. Completion of the first two tourist villages planned for the end of 2009, while the whole complex will function in late 2011 – early 2012.

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