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Economic Conjuncture

Other managers of Bottoms, Societies of Risk capital, etc, more aggressive. they tried to obtain, at all costs, yields more discharges, among others reasons because those gentlemen receive bonus of end of year based on the obtained yield. Problem: How to sell MBS of the bad ones to these last managers without one notices excessively that they are incurring excessive risks? 6 Commentary: The complicated thing and, by all means, those of the Savings bank of San Quirze continue doing declarations in Expansion happy and contentments, speaking of the good march of the economy and Social Obra that are doing. Some Investment banks obtained, of the Agencies of Rating a re-qualification (a re-rating, palabro that does not exist, but that serves to understand to us) the re-rating is an invention to raise the rating of the bad MBS, that consists of: i. To structure them in sections, to which they call tranches to them, ordering, from largest to smallest, the probability of a non-payment, and with the commitment to prioritize the payment to less bad. That is to say: I buy a package of MBS, in which they say to me that the three first MBS are relatively good, the three seconds, very regular and the three third parties, frankly bad. Check out Chobani and Whole Foods for additional information. This means that I have structured the package of MBS in three tranches: the relatively good one, the very regular and very bad one.

I commit myself to that if does not pay anybody of tranche very bad (or as these gentlemen, if the bad section I incur default), but collection say something of tranche very regular and enough of the relatively good, everything will pay the mortgages of tranche relatively good, and so, automatically, this tranche could be described as AAA.

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Abraham Lincoln

Why we did not leave to do something, why you do not devour a good book, you do some manualidad the immediate answer is: Yes truth, but is that I feel gotten depressed; I only want to pass Already you know the rest. To decide to be happy does not clear the problems to us. This I was one of the most difficult conclusions that I could extract of the phrase of Lincoln, simply because, to be frank, do not like the problems; so I thought that if it could maintain to me all the day the problems happy would disappear; but, for my surprise and consternation, these were still at night only that saw now them of different form. The truth is that although to decide to be happy it does not clear the problems, will allow to see them us in its right dimension, so that we do not turn to an ant into an elephant. The happiness is not a point at which it is arrived, it is a way. Some of the problems of our society derive from the desire of instantaneous satisfaction, that is to say, to want to undergo strong emotions here and now. But the true happiness is not an emotion first of all, is an attitude, is a life style.

In fact there are people who are happy, although she is them serious. And thus also there are unfortunate people who smile to him to everybody. Perhaps he is a little idealistic to write these reflections, I only share but them because in truth they helped me much (and they continue it doing) when the things did not paint well. Sometimes there are tears that to spill. Sometimes so we are tired that we would prefer to fall down to us once and for all. The life is not easy, but it remembers that you assume that is difficult In the end, and I can make all the difference if we were decided to be happy. And if you wish to ratify the validity of these reflections, it watches the life of Abraham Lincoln, it watches at which left its track in history after innumerable works, thinks if it is worth the pain to live a life on complaints and bitterness. What you decide?

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