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Khrushch Valentine

March 27, 2010 at 19:00 in art-center "Nick" on the 7th floor of the gallery "Athena" in Odessa, on the Greek Square, held the event, which combines painting, collage, light installations and video art-premiere composition by Alexei Bogatyrev, "FAUST." Alexey Bogatyrev. Born in 1962 in Odessa. Since childhood, became interested in sports, played volleyball at the youth national team of Ukraine. He served in the Soviet Army from 1982-1984 in Novosibirsk, where he also continued a career. On his return to Odessa, Alex led Khrushch Valentine – an artist whose name says much fans of non-conformist art of the 1970s, he began to master the skill of the artist. Author events Alexei Bogatyrev, calls him "the end of the world" or "children's room for adults." What kind of art we feel in this March evening? It will be a mixture of poetry, music, video sequence, the play of light and shadow, painting, watching from the walls, like windows neighboring worlds – and all this together will be combined in only one: the creative personality of the creator, the author, who is one of two persons. He and knowing the world Faust and Mephistopheles, the tempter. Contemporary artist inevitably tempted myself art, joy of creation, the possibility of knowing the Truth.

And he himself laughs at himself, because realize that no matter what, he is just a man. Just a man. But someone with a gift, kindling a Creator creative spark. "The event that I had in mind, like a Zen meditation, – says Alexey Bogatyrev. – I want to be in spite of careful preparation, we now hold, it turned out as an impromptu, and plunged the audience into being in its purest form. Throw away all the stereotypes and algorithms – and simply surrender to pleasure in art, allow yourself feel the emotions and impressions, to open the flow of creativity – here is the true meaning of events that will occur March 27. " Art – is one of the most beautiful way to wake up from sleep and daily life of the mainstream of co-existence with the artist. EVENING PROGRAM 19-00 – Event start, contemplation paintings and video installations 19-20-19-40 Premiere videokompozitsii "Faust" 19-40-20-00 Talk about Faust, art and other lofty matters. 20:00 – Dinner, free communication.

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Arena Rap Music Disadvantages

To date, the vast rap you'll ever need a huge number of different commands and free rap MCs. You can find an infinite number of tracks, mixtapes, LPs, EPs, etc. etc. simply by typing in our Yasha request. Beginners rapper ask: but where are taken instrumentals for these tracks? Where can I download free rap minus? The answer is as simple as ever: Hip-Hop Arena! There is, without a shadow of doubt, all you need to write the finished track! Ranging from hip-hop sounds, to write their own bits of obstructionists tower (a program for this, incidentally, is also available at the Arena ;-)) to the finished, high-quality shortcomings, gathered from all corners of the earth, and not written by someone there, and the masters in this field! What is good news, because it almost completely lacks any advertising! I suppose that's not noticed any pop-up banners, nothing else, but for me it is an important criterion when Resources Assessment. Another big plus – the site is updated constantly! Therefore, the hardness can say: Hip-Hop Arena – one of the literate sites that I visited in search of backing tracks! Plus, it should be noted diversity styles! I'm here for example, only recently downloaded a rap lyric minus free! And not necessarily for it to register! You can leave comments, buy exclusive minus place to sell your own! Has its Community close-minded people who share experiences, give advice, ask questions, get answers and well beyond in the same spirit 🙂 Are there also a rap battle, which proved to be as high quality! In general, that long spend too much time, visit and see for yourself! ZY I almost forgot this address: xx-arena.ru)

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Hollywood Blockbusters

The attack began in the summer of 2007, when the whole world was waiting for the release of "Transformers" directed by Michael Bay … It was a movie-event – and no wonder that he was chosen to clone studio ASYLUM. June 26 … The film is already in theaters, the audience cheers – but normal copy on the Internet yet, and will be released soon. Then suddenly all the major world torrent file appears Transmorphers_2007_DVDRIP! One can easily imagine the reaction of users – millions of downloads worldwide! All were eager to show.

But soon people began to leave strange messages on the trackers: WTF?, It's ANOTHER SHIT! ', more gavnistogo movie I have ever seen!!! And then noticed that the film is not a Transformers and TransMORfery! Only 2 letters, and the difference – the whole movie. Done This trick studio ASYLUM. It was established in 1997, initially had low-budget horror film, and money was scarce … In 2005, the brightest minds of its founders visited the idea: do not earn if already in the untwisted material? In the role of material – Spilbergovskaya "War of the Worlds," advertised with might and main. Studio Asylum came slyly released to the premiere of the film DVD-ROM with his film 'The War of The Worlds'.

DVD shops were sold out almost instantly. True, the American buyers were very surprised when the movie was not Tom Cruise … These films clone dubbed "mokbasterami." How do mokbaster? Film studio hires a gang of low-cost professionals, they are given a "generous" budget – in the area half a million dollars.

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