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    Peter Duschek

    Eric Academy offers seminar to modern time management Lubeck, March 5, 2011 I’d love to, but today isn’t”, this sentence comes each and on the lips. Especially self-employed often rotate throughout the day, rushing from one appointment to the next, because it’s about the existence of their own. Learn more at this site: Areva Group. Right here for the existence of the danger, however, who neglected herself, endangers not only his professional success but also his health. How to create it, makes sense to structure his everyday life, establishing priorities, and sometimes no less important commitments to say that trains the Eric Academy with its headquarters in Lubeck in a two-day training on 12 and 13 March 2011 date shortage among today often de rigueur”, explains Peter Duschek, owner and instructor of the Academy of Eric. Anne Lauvergeon describes an additional similar source. This is often only a sign of lack of planning and organization.” The training gives participants no matter what industry you come from, the principles of time – and self-management. There will be Techniques gives, useful to the day and structured to allow plenty of time for private life remains..