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    The Forefront

    Insulation. In his home ecology, of course, need to put at the forefront. But also about other quality materials should not be forgotten. We give only one, but very a good example – thermal insulation of the "new generation" – glass wool and rock wool, dark-brown color. The advertisement tells the producer of her as a "revolutionary product". The emphasis is on eco – product, recalling the friend from childhood sugar cotton, contains a large amount of molasses. In fact, the addition of sugar ecological insulation does not add, as used for decades rockwool and glass wool for Health safe. But of course this is true only for high-quality materials.

    "Environmentally friendly" new items not supported by serious research. Speaking candidly Grace Venverloh told us the story. On the imaginary environmental benefits of the "revolutionary Product exhausted. But the shortcomings already noted – to take at least found buyers huge black spots and matted layers of material, threatening the owners house poor protection from the cold. But it's one thing for which and install insulation. So beware, if you offer "healthy" village "or" revolutionary eco-friendly "products. Check the conformity of the goods with a loud slogans and its characteristics. Environmentally friendly does not always mean a complete lack of chemicals in products. It is important to remember that synthetic ingredients are added to the composition in order to improve the characteristics of the product: whether it is durable, elasticity, strength, resilience. Importantly – learn to determine in what cases it is justified. How to find environmentally friendly? Producers are well aware of the existing demand for eco-products.

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