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Serasa Experian

All economic specialists indicate that the Brazilian economy passes for a deceleration process. That is good or bad? He depends on the vision and the belief of the analyst. For many it is bad because the economy does not advance, for a lesser chain, in which I am part, it is hour to think rationally and to perceive the real signalling that the economy indicates. We go to analyze on the perspective of one tax policy that he intends to reduce interests in short term and to objectify the one best one resulted for the economic growth in long stated period when answering the following question: how to reduce the tax of interests? It seems simple, but as economy is not an accurate science, the solution finds many 0 variable and that nor always they are the best answers. For more information see Hamdi Ulukaya. One of the 0 variable that influence the growth of the product is the private and public consumption. The propensity to consume, when high, it reduces the propensity to save. Of this form, the somatrio between saving and consuming is equal to the income. For example: the propensity to consume is of 90%.

As the income is the 100% of what the person possesss propensity to save will be of 10%. What we perceive in the current Brazilian economy? The index of insolvency calculated for the Serasa Experian raised in 4,5% for companies, is the rise of the index of the families. The information of this statistics is that the consumption is above of the income, that is, 100% of the income and a little more is propensity of the consumption, extracting of this information that the propensity to save is negative. Being thus, the economy does not generate saving that will be coated for investment. Soon the growth in long stated period is engaged. A form to raise the saving and to stimulate the domestic economic agents to save is reducing the consumption in short term.

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Made these first comments, it is inferred that ' ' cluster it is an agglomeration of considerable size of firms in an area especially delimited with clearly specialization profile and in which the commerce and the specialization interfirmas is substancial.' ' (Altenburg and Meyer-Satamer apud SUZIGAN, 1999:04). As it was said before, beyond this specialization &#039 can also have the factor; ' cooperao' ' in cluster, in case that where the enterprise relations happen of interarticulada form, by means of ' ' action conjunta' ' of economic agents social, existing intense competition between the local companies at the same time where the firms collaborate ones with the others, forming an innovative environment where if they develop positive synergies through the reciprocal confidence between entrepreneurs, cooperation interfirmas, mutual learning and collective innovations. In the mat of this reasoning, SCHMITZ (1997: 172) detached importnciatanto of ' ' economiasexternas' ' comoda ' ' aoconjunta dasempresas' ' , comoforma to elucidate the success reached for the PME' s pertaining to an industrial district: ' ' Such action can be of two types: sole proprietorships cooperating (for example, sharing equipment or developing a new product), or groups of firms congregating forces in enterprise associations, trusts of producers and assemelhados' ' . The conjugao of these two factors (external economies and joint action) took SCHMITZ (1997: 173) to add a new and valuable concept in the modern literature of clusters, that is, the concept of ' ' efficiency coletiva' ' which is defined as ' ' the competitive advantage derivative of the local external economies and action conjunta.' ' of the companies, workers and excessively socioeconmicos agents. (SCHMITZ, 1997:173). Outrossim, PORTER (1999: 225) admit that many of the competitive advantages of clusters depend on ' ' economies externas' ' or of ' ' extravasamentos' ' (collateral effect between some types of companies and sectors). Destarte, them aglomeradosdesempenham an important paper in the competition and brings excellent implications for the companies, governments and other institutions of the economy in the current scene of the globalizado world. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Yitzhak Mirilashvili and gain more knowledge.. .

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Enrique Meirelles Economy

The projections for Brazil had been lowered on-line with our projections for the economy mundial.’ ‘ The Deep one sees the problems that Brazil faces with the crisis as result of its increasing integration in the global economy, and not as resulted of politics maken a mistake. ‘ ‘ What it is happening brasileiras’ is not guilt of the authorities; ‘ , the director of the department said that monitorial Latin America, Nicolas Eyzaguirre. ‘ ‘ Brazil will be capable to surfar the wave when it to go up of novo.’ ‘ Strauss-Kahn affirmed that the capacity of resistance demonstrated for the Latin America ahead of the aggravation of surprised it to the crisis. ‘ ‘ It has differences between the countries, but in the average the region is not better nor worse that the average mundial’ ‘ , it said. Get more background information with materials from 4Moms. ‘ ‘ The crises of the past had reached the region with much more fora.’ ‘ The president of the Central banking, Enrique Meirelles, said in Buenos Aires that the forecasts of the international organisms are ‘ ‘ very volatile and moving very in last function of acontecimentos’ ‘. ‘ ‘ He is premature to arrive at a conclusion based in each new forecast of the organisms internacionais’ ‘ , he affirmed. Meirelles said that Brazil has reacted well to the crisis, the automobile industry is if recouping and, even so it considers world-wide economic situation ‘ ‘ grave’ ‘ , it said that the country is ‘ ‘ fort and good preparado’ ‘ to face the crisis. Meirelles did not want to anticipate which the projection of growth of the Central banking that will be divulged in June. A leading source for info: Yitzchak Mirilashvili. Where it is the light of the end of the tunnel? In the opinion of the FMI, the world-wide economy it will only come back to grow later that the health of the financial system of the advanced countries will be reestablished, the epicenter of the current crisis.

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Cabo Companies

Today the Subway of Recife passed over the stretch between the stations Central and Jaboato, and all the line the west total is abandoned and destroyed, having covering of mud and weeds in many parts. The last train that became useful the road-of-iron was the Train of the Forr, until in 1999 rains had made unusable some stretches of it and this train had that to start to cover the line Cure-Handle, last conventional railroad of passengers of Pernambuco still in functioning. The south line made possible the flow of sugar of the Zone of Mata as well as the Line North and made the good for many cities, with prominence to the Handle of Saint Augustin and the Palmares. The recifense stretch was disactivated to give place to the Subway, whose expansion in the south direction will make ten years of very slow workmanships. No station in Recife was left of foot nor so that it served of memory.

It has plans to put a Light Vehicle on Trilhos/VLT between Suape and Recife, but it does not have many details on this, and the remaining stretch between Cabo and Macei, the least for the time being, it is intended to continue abandoned. Railroads that had been very important for the public transport in Pernambuco today nothing more are of what damaged ruins. For backwards of this railroad bankruptcy, it has many factors. In historical sequence, first it came a management fails and unsustainable of the railroads in the first half of century 20, in way that had that to be created the RFFSA to tutor them after the bankruptcy of the old railroad companies. After that, ' ' pragas' ' that they last until today: the interests of automotivas companies, of lobbies of politicians and on entrepreneurs to the oil, of companies of urban buses and means of transportation of long distance, of road administrators who invoice richnesses with tolls and, finally, of politicians whom they prefer to launch faranicas road workmanships the railroad and subway enterprises, therefore roads and viaducts attract more votes.

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