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    The eye makeup is applied differently according to the shape and color of them. The almond-shaped eyes tend to not have very visible eyelid crease. The best way to apply the makeup will be creating great contrast in the eyelid and eyebrow. We will use eyeliner both on the upper lid as the bottom, drawing closer to the tabs. We will then apply a shadow of midtone in the eyelid and then a darker tone in the outer part of the same. To finish the style, we will apply mascara on the upper and lower eyelashes.

    Makeup eyes that are close together we will try to highlight the edges of the outside to create illusion of width. We will begin using eyeliner on the outside of the upper and lower eyelid. Then, we will apply a little shadow with tone clear across the entire surface of the eyelid (from the tabs until the eyebrows). A shaded with darker tone, apply gently from a third part towards the outside of the eyelid up to just the edge of the eyes. We finish with mascara in the upper and lower part. Sunken eyes are usually caused by a very prominent brow bone, which can make eyelids look like they are hidden. The key here is to make the eyes look larger or open.

    Again, and in almost all the techniques of eye makeup, use eyeliner on the upper and lower eyelid. We blur the eyeliner to make the line appear smoother. We will apply a light eye shadow from the lashes up eyebrows, and oscureceremos slightly above the crease of the eyelid. We mix the shade on the edges to soften the look. We finished with several coats of mascara. For eyes that appear to be far apart, the idea is to make it seem that they are closer together. To do this, we will apply eyeliner on the top and bottom once more. Then, a shade of tone clear the entire surface of the eyelid. With the darker tone we began to apply makeup on the inside of the eyelid and mix it well upward and outward. We finish with mascara with more quantity on the part internal (closer to the nose) of eyelashes. For round eyes we can apply makeup so that they look slightly more elongated. In order to achieve this effect we will use eyeliner on the upper and lower eyelid extending a little beyond the outside corner. We apply clear eye shadow in the outer part of the eyebrow bone making us I brushing it towards the outside. We finished with mascara, and we will focus more on the upper lashes and above all in the outside corners of the eyes.

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