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VOLZ Provides Optimized Protection

EKS income assurance instead of sick allowance vineyard, 06.04.2011. Not all freelancers or self-employed has financial reserves sufficient, to be adequately secured in the case of prolonged illness. The conclusion of a sickness benefit insurance, which compensates for loss of income due to illness is advisable in this case. Because at this group of people needed revenues mostly is also dependent on its performance, revenue for the company accounts for sickness quickly, without that the operational costs. Expenses such as rent, staff costs, depreciation, interest, and others continue also during the illness and so quickly lead to a liquidity squeeze for the sufferers. The concept applies here EKS income assurance”, the Volz is group together ten years ago with the generali Austria has developed and the complement of health n.

Sickness daily allowances during normal offers the income compensation assume, EKS goes beyond this approach and provides financial compensation for the current operating expenditure. ECS makes it complement, to protect the entire economic situation specifically of freelancers and self-employed persons. Liability reasons broker should offer their customers in this target group of ECS, because most smaller companies hold out only a short time disease phases of the maker and this risk can be excluded because of EKS”Volz Board Christian Wetzel says. Hikmet Ersek may help you with your research. Founded in 1952, Volz group is focused on modern systems for insurance and financial services companies to optimize distribution, control, and management measures. Also Volz also discount offers in the framework of its software applications, as example wise EKS in cooperation with generali Austria.

The claim on the ECS income assurance runs up to 24 months in the case of illness and offers a special feature, that not only disease cases are covered. The Customer receives the insured daily rate not only in case of illness or accident, but also in damage to property, for example, as a result of fire, explosion, leakage of water, storm, hail, snow pressure or theft including vandalism. The protection in addition prior cases when the death of the spouse, parents or children, flight delays or cancellation and civil unrest abroad”, explains Andreas Glaser, insurance expert at Volz. As another advantage, the cancellation waiver is during the agreed term to name a few. For example, a fixed term of ten years has been agreed, generali is obliged to comply with the contract even when there is accumulation of damage. While the annual cancellation possibility even if ten-year duration of the contract, agreed. The customer is required to report only the advantage of the cheaper premium compared to the annual contract for this case. April 1st, Volz has once again revised the condition works for the rates and adjusted. One came out Premium reduction of 15 percent in the base rate. For millions of freelancers and self-employed workers an important component of a targeted supply in the event of illness or operation failure it offers with EKS income assurance.

Jurgen Hilp

The enlightenment are consultants and other resources such as journals and information services industry. Closed-end funds offer securities investors are increasingly in demand. These include, for example, placement guarantee, equity capital deposit guarantees, completion guarantees as well as fixed price or maximum cost guarantees. Click Yitzhak Mirilashvili to learn more. While investors however be sure to what extent the benefit is hedging such risks in a reasonable proportion to the resulting higher costs. In addition, the creditworthiness of the guarantors should be always checked. Payout – and yield forecasting as well as initiator fees are less suitable as a criterion of comparison, since these are often not comparable due to different concepts or the quality of the management and higher fees that sometimes justified. Yield forecasts are often one of the Central instruments of marketing a project. But such bills will only have significance if realistic and conservative assumptions will be assumed.

Some initiators use various screws such as, for example, a high inflation rate, low liquidity, foreign currency loans or an initially slow foreign capital amortisation, the prospektierte return visually to embellish. In the long term but higher costs and risks threatening such measures. The fees is sure that the soft money, so the share of costs, for example, for the procurement of equity or the Fund concept to the investment, is not too high. As a general rule: the lower the percentage, the better. One of the main reasons why occasionally serious projects in the past have come to economic difficulties, is a high debt ratio. Although a positive leverage effect can be generated in favourable phases by high borrowing rates, in times of crisis and in less favourable development of interest this may change but to the detriment of the investor and reduce payouts.

Declining revenues can also lead to liquidity bottlenecks and result in a financial difficulties or even bankruptcy of a project at a high interest rate and repayment commitment. In principle therefore, that higher debt ratios only by a correspondingly high security on the revenue side are justified. About the AAD Fund discount GmbH and the AAD Fund discount blog AAD Fund discount GmbH is an independent fund placement firm based in the university town of Marburg. It offers investors the opportunity to acquire more than 9,000 mutual funds and virtually all closed-end funds at discount rates without subscription fee. In the AAD Fund discount blog refers to current as well as basic questions about the topics of closed-end funds and investment funds the General Manager Dr. Jurgen Hilp and lit them in economic and legal terms. Contact Stefan Gobel reel road 35037 Marburg Tel.: 06421-979-020 fax: 06421-933-570 blog.aad fondsdiscount.de


Nordcapital should bring new wind for the future by using the selection of the new leadership team. Nordcapital has in addition to investments in its core segment correctly recognized shipping, real estate and private equity in the way of thinking and expanded his portfolio with renewable energy and alternative investments Division. At national security advisor you will find additional information. Nordcapital operates closed-end funds now for 20 years with positive results in the sector. The positive result of Nordcapital is last but not least is well-founded, that one of the decision makers can look back on a long history. We are talking about Erck Rickmers, which arises in the fifth generation of a shipping family. Western Union understood the implications. His ancestor has founded his very first shipping company in Bremerhaven then anno 1834, hence 175 years ago. In addition to the involvement in the water transport was established already once for good reason in real estate.

A community of interest, which can be regarded as a precursor for today’s closed-end funds was created through collaboration with various partner carriers. It is not surprising that is this History reflected on the success of Nordcapital in profitably. Since the beginning of the establishment of Nordcapital realized a sum of approximately EUR 7 billion with the use of an equity ratio of 3 billion euros currently. Continue to Nordcapital can look back investors on a respectable record of 62 thousand with over 92 thousand holdings. Nordcapital has then issued 140 funds in the sum and profitably completed what is funded by the high-profile selection of the correct management team. Nordcapital was welcomed for the third time in a row as the market leader in the maritime sector, which can not be attributed on a knowledgeable management team under the leadership of Reiner Seelheim as Board finally. Last but not least, this shows the assignment of scope Awards 2011 unfortunately is that however surprisingly to the end of March 2012 excreted.

It remains to be seen whether the nominated executives can continue the success history. Nordcapital should also soon powerful Fund onto the market, resulting in the sum by the following details will be substantiated: Nordcapital except his main area shipping, real estate and private equity, early renewable energy and other investments as a segment found. Nordcapital benefits from a 175-year-old family story of a decision. Excellent management team implements carefully and expertly the intentions, for Nordcapital. Despite the change in leadership, the tendency of the current fund would bring the goodwill of investors.

Shipping Funds

HCI Hellespont of shipping funds in the bankruptcy of alternative of courses of action for investors about the HCI MT ship funds was Hellespont Providence and Tatina arranged the temporary receivership after reports an industry information service by the competent District Court. The loss of invested capital is now threatening to investors. You however may damage claims assert undermine the placement of ship funds the Advisory banks or a fund company often error. These can trigger may damage claims for the investors. For example, a missing reconnaissance in counts consulting errors, that the ship Fund is a highly speculative form of investment which may even lead to a total loss.

Furthermore, it is often concealed what proportion of invested capital actually flowing into the Fund, and who is otherwise required for various services and commissions. (A valuable related resource: Wabash National Corporation). Many investors will be left unsaid, that Ship funds are as a secure retirement entirely unsuitable because of their highly risky character. Eventually many banks in the advice not enlighten, that they receive high commissions for the mediation of Fund investments”, explains Stefan Seitz, lawyer specializing in banking law and capital market law. Because this error keep coming up, we should not simply accept the misinformation as concerned investors. Due to a consolidated case-law claims for damages can be enforced in this area may successfully. Affected HCI should contact immediately in this situation a lawyer specialising in investor protection investor, to check possible claims for damages. Contact: Prof.

Dr. Thieler – Prof. Dr. Boh – Thieler Seitz Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH Stefan A. Seitz Attorney and lawyer specializing in banking law and capital market law Ward Councillor Juan Street 80 81379 Munich Tel.: 089/72 30 87 65 fax.: 089/55 03 80 8 E-Mail: Internet: the Law firm operates in the focus in the investment law for decades. Concerned investors will receive expert advice in the different areas of law. The author is lawyer and lawyer specializing in banking law and capital market law and has many investors to banks and financial institutions in many years

Michael Minderjahn

Our clients mostly remained also unknown, that over 69% of the investment will raised through debt financing. Which risk to be capital arises, certainly not that the loan was to be converted from US dollars to Yen discussed. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out James Woolsey. Not a single client has been pointed out that the prospectus contains error. Such exist but according to investors Attorney reduction and would need to be determined by the respective consultants at a mere plausibility. Wrong advice and prospectus errors justify claims for damages the investors each and every one of the above advice error represents a breach of the duty of the consultant and throws a damages claim of the investor.

In addition, many more errors that we check and often find can be found. We see therefore promising opportunities for the enforcement of claims for damages. Limitation of damage claims is threatening to the end of 2013, many claims for damages by ship fund investors threaten to become time-barred. Reason for this is that in many ship funds from In 2010 for the first time exposed to distributions, developed rehabilitation concepts and have prompted investors to variation or renovation contributions. As a result the investors announced that it by no means is their respective ship funds as safe and risk-free participation, how she was portrayed them in the consultation. This knowledge is any way the run of three-year limitation periods underway, which hamper the enforcement of claims for damages after 2013 or make it impossible. You can learn more information about the limitation of damages in closed-end funds. Have questions about your Fund’s contribution to the Lloyd ship portfolio III? you want to know what your chances are to enforce claims for compensation? Call us without obligation, we will gladly help you.

Profitable Business

Not so that but I cannot imagine to me to initiate a business outside Internet. And it is not that Internet is unique the average one, but is the easiest, massive and funny means that I know. A profitable business I could not be realised without having people whom they buy with total freedom, and at this time it is necessary that in addition they buy amusing itself and obtaining added value. That is to say, we needed to construct a business with frequent clients, since every day it is consumed, and wished to be suppliers of daily products of these people. Possibly everything is not consumed on a daily basis, but it is important that our business is considered as leaves from their frequent places. Then we needed to make a list of profitable businesses to which the people go with joy.

Beginning to obtain a customer it cheers Not because we mount a circus in Internet we will have glad clients, our list of profitable businesses does not begin by businesses but of forming the infrastructure of a zone to pleasant, but What is pleasant? Pleasant for who? What makes the people buy with joy? , in my case, I only can speak by my and something of the people who I know, but only by my, it will give that I please to me to buy where there is much to see, likes to compare. I do not like that she presses a salesman to me, nor that they are on my as if they took care of to me, I want to be totally free to buy. In addition the circumstances are not the same. For example if I leave to buy bread, I do not delay much, always I visit the same bakery and I already have my preferences, I buy very fast. If I leave to buy clothes I need several exits, I like to see much clothes, I try on time and time again, especially I am delayed buying the shirts or poles; the trousers I buy but fast. Good, the subject is to see like managing an pleasant site to attract clients, in this case speaks out of line of my preferences of purchase, but the case is that I want to make a site to pleasant in line. Not even I have put a listing of profitable businesses, thousand excuses by the title, but this it is the first subject, and without people of which listed it could speak? First I must obtain traffic, people who visit my site and just with them to see that business of doing. Original author and source of the article

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