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    Cereal Plants

    Try it in your garden to plant cereals and then the garden, which looked particularly lifeless and stiff, yet shall he live. Grasses will respond to any changes that occur in nature: sunset and sunrise, mist, morning frozen paint the leaves and inflorescence of cereals in gentle tones. Naletevshy breeze will make you get out into the garden where grasses paint the waves, and you can hear them rustling. But why cereals are "irrelevant" in our area? The reason lies in lack of good literature, magazines with pictures that could convey the beauty of high quality cereals. In world practice, landscaping grasses take root with difficulty. In 1883, William Robinson, in his book The English flower garden "has described 30 kinds of herbs that are recommended for planting in the garden. Did not pass his attention cereals and Gertrude Jekyll, skillfully interweaving them in flower borders. Carrying out the planting of her garden, she preferred respected her elimus.

    She holds the opinion that a few plants will create a blue color in the flower bed, as elimus. And yet, neither William Robinson, no Jekyll, could not push cereals to its rightful place in the garden of the hierarchy. And only in Germany, Karl Forster, in 1957 published the book "Introduction to grasses and ferns in the garden", has managed to start this huge family. He also trained a galaxy of extraordinary students who are dispersed around the world to tell everyone about the beauty of cereals. You should know that one, two, five plants will not give you a full picture of violence of herbs. Making gardening, remember that only the mass of waving grass stalks can to convey the beauty and grace of the grasses. Using thousands of plants of one species can completely abandon the lawn. For each cereal are used and their specific partners: for example, reed combined with Asters, pickerel – with Badanov, ovsets – with wormwood and catnip chistetsa; just prutevidnye – with asters, Bolton, stonecrop, yucca.

    Gramineous plants (miscanthus and onion black) can be used on your country site for the erection of the wall, which will look like it was woven of haze. And if you use the surface of the reservoir as a mirror surface, then you will enjoy not only the wall of cereal, but even more elusive, ephemeral reflection. What use of cereals in the regular crop of very revives, it can be demonstrated by the example of a young and still obscure, but very promising garden in Normandy. This "Garden-feather." It is named in honor of the growing there are abundant crops. Garden is divided into neat boxes. Especially admire the composition of a small fall garden, where we use the highest grade miscanthus, supplemented geleniumov varieties, sunflowers, salvia moisture-loving with a sky-blue flowers, mountaineers and a magnificent collection of asters. Examining this autumn garden, where plants are planted only high, it becomes clear how ridiculous fears gardeners who avoid planting higher plants and believe that they can not keep upright. If you want a garden full of natural charm, the garden, which will differ from your neighbors' gardens, small garden care, garden xxi century use in their flower garden grasses. And they soon will thank you, proshelestev you in your ear "thank you"!

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