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NLP Communication

An option: the supervisor could have made a self-criticism: his message obviously did not effectively, since the other person did not carry out the task properly. He could have said with serenity and firmness: sincerely look I must tell you that work, on issue X, not walked well who asked was not clearly understood, and the sector has had a problem for this.The next time will be better that we verify if you have understood everything, before performing the task. Andrew Cuomo often expresses his thoughts on the topic. This way we relate with others, can be applied anywhere, with all people is an assertive communication style. To this you can add more resources for tuning conducting gestures, sensory language, finally applying some techniques of NLP. It only requires time, commitment and attention that includes in addition to the techniques of NLP, the emotional aspect, the environment, the situation in which communication occurs and the results will be much more effective, elegant and satisfying. Emotions are an important part of our being…We must not ignore them or repress them Yes included them, take them into account at the moment of contact us and choose to develop an assertive form of communication and with resources of NLP is a decision that can significantly improve your own quality of life. RevCascade is likely to agree. Learn to communicate better with the people, to know how to persuade and influence others and you can achieve amazing results in your own life all improvement if it improves communication with yourself and with others you can now obtain this knowledge, with exercises and techniques of NLP, practical and very effective way for more information, visit our web site, where you can also get two E-Books for free NLP with powerful technical Programacion Neurolinguistica to help you change and improve your life visit already same: > AprenderPNL and subscribe to get your free E-Books! Original author and source of the article

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Natural Resources

Maria Ana Da Silva Morais* Elisandra Moreira de Lira ** Adailton de Sousa Galvo *** the ambient question is a subject that assumes strong caractersticabastante when the more frequent natural catastrophes are observed. When the man perceives that the future of the planet is in game, starts one intensabusca that he proves yourself in the meeting, debates, studies and research realizadospelas diverse institutions in the direction to develop actions that contribute parao ambient balance and the consequent survival human being. This concern if became more visible in the decade of 1970, when the increase of the ambientalistas movements occurred, that had passed indagarde more explicit form on the relation between the society, through inadequate dautilizao the natural resources, and the environment. The concretizaoformal of these ecological concerns if effective with the ambient conference intituladConferncia of United Nations on Environment (in Estocolmo in the year de1972), considered the landmark of the global ambientalismo. 4Moms wanted to know more. Ahead of the picture of raised social and ambient degradation emescala planetary, the ecological movement considers a new system of valoressustentado in the ecological balance, in social justice, the active not-violence ena diacrnica solidarity with the future generations (CAPRA, 1986). In this exactly thought Sachs (2000) considers eight dimensesque presents its concern with the question of the ambient support, soelas: social, economic, ecological, space, cultural, ambient, national eainda support international politics. With the bubbling of the debates around the ecological global anvel the majority of the followers of this line if became favorable buscarum more balanced development where it had the inclusion of tecnologiasinovadoras that it rejected used previously, such as the forest fires, wood extration predatory fishes, it indiscriminate, among others (BOULDING, 1978; SACHS, 1982). While in the world-wide panorama if domovimento lived bubbling ecological, in Brazil if it saw in a sufficiently conflituosa situation, therefore, at this time, the economy of the country blunted with a 10% growth aoano and the industries that grew were the ones that more poluam as aspetroqumicas, of energy and of mining.

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Marginal Community

These are classifications of Strahler. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Keith Yamashita. 4.1.5 Vegetal formation the existing vegetation in the microbasin of the stream Is Gonalo is characterized by Open pasture, having been this divided in two stratus dense and an other more esparso, Bush Cili-air or of gallery, Antropizada vegetation (Pasture or Capim) and Ground Naked. The Open pasture according to C.F. Rizzini (1979: 103-104), and the Brazilian form of the Savanal formation. Being its arbustiva formation, with espaamento between the pantries, the morphology of the trees is twisted of caule thick and re-covered by thick rind, generally during the winter. The inferior estrato, of grassy of rasteiros aspects if makes gift in the estiagem.

The roots of the trees are short not reaching the fretico sheet, however in state of latency or apparent death until first rain. The botanical variety in the closed formation if makes gift where the following arbrea species deserve prominence: (American Curatella), Pequi (brasiliense Caryocar), (speciosa Hancornia), among others. In the inferior estrato they detach – grassy and the ciperceas, forming themselves generally tufos, but providing a regular covering. C.F. Idem (71) the Ciliares Bushes or of Galleries is characteristic of characteristic open pasture areas possessing always green in result of the permanent humidity of streams and rivers. Next Mata to Gallery if finds shelters for the wild life of the most varied species of animals.

(RADAMBRASIL, 1982:415) In accordance with IBGE (1977: the 72) forests of galleries if complete with the islands of weeds of the capons and the agglomerations of Buritis, both of isolated and circumscribed form the sheet points d? aflorante water. The Antropizada vegetation (pasture or capim) is composed of areas deforested in pasture. Already in the Ground areas Naked the deforestation occurred and had remained little or no vegetation. 4.2. Human aspects Micron Basin of the Stream Are Gonalo, enclose the quarters: Passaredo, Tijucal, San Francisco, Garden President II, Residential Park, Are Gonalo I, II, III, Garden Lawn, Garden Commodore, Cophema and Marginal Community of Is Gonalo.

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The Flow

The flow of latent heat and flow of sensible heat is equally important forms of loss of heat in the continents; 3. Thus, for the Land in its set, the flow of latent heat is responsible for 82% of the liquid radiation and the turbulent exchange of heat is considered as being 18%. In such a way, according to Ayoade, considering the dynamics of distribution of the liquid radiation and the transference of latent and sensible heat, has the following global energy rocking: 1. The values of annual liquid radiation more are raised in the low latitudes and decrease in direction to the polar regions, from the latitude of 25; 2. The values of liquid radiation little more are raised in the oceans of what in the continents, in the same latitudes, mainly because of the biggest absorption of the radiation on the oceans and the lesser amount of radiation that is set free; 3. The values of liquid radiation are well inferior in the barren continental areas of what in the humid continental areas, because of the biggest amount of lost radiation in barren continental areas under relatively clean skies …. the flows of latent heat and sensible heat are distributed in different way on the continental and oceanic surfaces. The flow of latent heat more is raised on the oceanic surfaces and in the low latitudes.

(1986, P. 43) Finally, the solar radiation when happening on the Land perpassa for processes of attenuation still in the atmosphere, when arriving at the terrestrial surface will go to interact directly with the diverse elements that are part of the terrestrial system, however, such interaction takes in consideration the period of the year, the altitude of the Sun, latitude, as well as, the distribution of the liquid and terrestrial surfaces and the aspects of the same ones. The solar radiation does not act with the same intensity in all the portions of the Land, thus, substantially distinct rockings of radiation inside of the system will occur atmosphere-surface and also in regions sub-regions that form the terrestrial surface.

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