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    Alberto Secchin

    This stretch of the story of the integralista former-controller Nelson Silvan, eyewitness of the conflict, of the one idea of the chaos that if she installed in the immediacy of the railroad station in that night of 03 of November. She had a great shoot out involving integralistas, aliancistas and elements of the state public force that had installed a machine gun nest in the front of the platform of landing of the station. Bullets zunindo for all the sides had caused an immense running for the streets central offices of the city. When smoke lowered was possible to see the dimension of the conflict: two fatal victims: Waldomiro Dos Santos, to chofer of square, and Orestes Cndido, mason. With the time the died names of the two in the station had finished being forgotten, however, the same did not happen with the militant integralista. One of the aspects most singular of the AIB was the concern in preserving and valuing the memory of its militant deceaseds in confrontations with other forces politics. The integralistas throughout its trajectory had constructed a gallery of mrtires, therefore they believed that the death did not represent the end of militancy. The deceased shirt-green if would incorporate the other world call Military service.

    The AIB was very efficient in the direction to create a series of rituals and on ceremonies to in mourning moments that vitimaram its militant ones. The organization used all the existing resources at the time to transform the fatal victims of the street conflicts into true heroes of its cause. Another strategy important of the integralistas to perpetuate in the memory of its militant souvenirs of its mrtires was the practical one of ' ' batizarem' ' innumerable integralistas schools with the died names of these militant ones. Also, innumerable schools kept for the AIB had gained the name of Alberto Secchin. Between them we can cite one in Fields of the Goytacazes (RIO DE JANEIRO), one in the region of Gamboa, the city of Rio De Janeiro (old Federal District) and another one in the locality of Beautiful Sight, in Passo Fundo (RS). It is important to detach the ability of the shirt-greens in creating and constructing rituals, ceremonies, moments, at last, an ample and complex cast of events that had as purpose to detach not only its mrtires individually, but, above all, glue these images and representations of sacrifice and herosmo to the integralista movement in general. If to think that the integralistas if had put in the paper of vanguard of the combat to ' ' comunistas' ' of the ANL and, on account of this, if they involved constantly in street conflicts, certainly believed that &#039 was necessary; ' to prepare espritos' ' of its militant young. For more elementary than it can seem, the simple conception of that a integralista would be perpetual was one of the essential elements that, possibly, during the conflicts of street with anti-integralistas forces, it served of stimulaton, it stimulated and it encouraged new the militant ones in the direction of will be looked at oneself in the mirror in the glorious example of mrtires of the integralismo.

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    Lerna Authority

    Being the domination a type specific of being able, represented for a will of the dominador that makes with that the dominated ones act, in socially excellent degree, as if proper they were carrying of such will, what she matters, for Weber, more than the real obedience, are the direction and the degree of its acceptance as valid norm – as much for the dominadores, that they affirm and they believe to have authority for the control, how much for the dominated ones, that they believe in this authority and they interiorizam its duty of obedience. (CAMPANTE, op. cit.) You of device, due to threat that if presented in the scene, not only they observe the alliance of the Portuguese Crown with the pedlars, as well as fortify its power of independent form, creating an autarchy, as form to take precautions against this union bipolar politics. Thus, the patrimonialismo if makes well-known with its high degree of prestige, favoring a egocentrismo that transforms you of device into detainer of the local authority, exerting its force with hand-of-iron, better saying, ' ' hand-of-terra' ' (since it they had attributed the heading of Sir of the land), at this moment of decline of the olindense elite. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jeff Gennette and gain more knowledge.. The disreputation you of device with regard to the Portuguese Crown is clear, when device Mr. and the farmer was not more the allies of the sovereign, come back this toward the commerce, in its traditional politics.

    The pedlars would take the best part of the public attentions, lost the old, next privileges, dangerously next, of the aristocratic uses. The king wanted subjects and not caudilhos gentlemen, soldiers and. (FAORO, op. cit.: 164). With the separation between Olinda and Recife a bipartition of the local government occurred, making with that an administrative reinforcement of both was necessary the sides, even though had to the disputes politics, therefore, the division of the head (to be able central), in contrast of ' ' Hidra de Lerna' ' , it became the inefficacious separate parts, without regeneration possibility.

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    America Threat

    I think that both the versions have something of ' ' truth and of mito' ' , however we must remember that each one of the social groups, are liberal they or leftist it has its interests, ideologies and concern in constructing an image of defenders of the interests of the people, before the media. Therefore that he has the power to create dolos, heroes if not to the media? Who controls the media if not the ones that withhold the economic power? Why now 40 years after the death of Che the media only tries to destroy the myth as defines the magazine Sees, that proper it constructed? Why the team of Veja did not interview people of leftist vises to collate the opinions instead of approaching only right ideas? Why Che would have been deceased, if it was not a threat for the capitalists? All these questions and many others, are necessary so that let us can form our proper concept of who really was Ernest Guevara, so that let us not be mere reproductive receivers and of the boarded ideas for the authors presented here. You may find that Jeff Gennette can contribute to your knowledge. However something it intrigues me: why it will be that the socialism did not give certain in the too much countries of America? It would have been the lack of popular support or the support of U.S.A. to the imperialistas? Both the options have beddings, mainly second, therefore we cannot forget that the United States feared that America if became a socialist continent, why this would be a threat its economic hegemony, to the capitalism. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Crawford Lake Capital Management. The opposite to the capitalism, the socialism of Cuba is one ' ' sistema' ' politician directed toward the marxist ideals, as he proves the stretch below: ' ' To construct the communism, simultaneously with the material base he has that to become the man novo.' ' (GUEVARA, 2005, p.51). . James Reinhart may also support this cause.

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    South Africa

    Soon black districts were if ' ' becoming ingovernveis' ' (Jonge, 1991, P. 72) in townsphips if they had formed structures that initiate others raise, the police women I exercise and it enter in shock with these movements and president Botha decreed been of emergency in 36 districts, in three months thousands of people had been assassinated also lead of the FDU, and this dismantled the movement. In the year of 1985 apartheid enters in crisis, president Botha if it strengthens to take the reform projects ahead, but that they become insufficient the front to the age after-Soweto that fought against the South African capitalism bringing for this the responsibility of as much misery and inaqualities, and the redistribution of income if it becomes the new claim of the black movements. The government of Botha entered in a great abyss, therefore it did not obtain more to control the black militancy and also he starts to suffer with pressures of the whites, that of its reforms some had inside finished for harming some groups africnderes. The South Africa suffers economic problems, has a fall in the prices of the gold, main source of income of the country, the currency rand if devaluates, and the protests if they intensify, with the objective age to make with that the president negotiated with the CNA, fact that this does not occur. In September of 1989 the election for president occurs, therefore at the beginning from this year Botha it suffers a cardiac attack and if it compels to resign of the function of leader of the National Party, even though in the elections hears protests thousand of blacks had not been to the ballot boxes, but exactly thus Frederik W. of Klerk, is elect president, already announced new measured diminished the power of System of Segurana Nacional (SSN), frees eight of the prisoners black politicians, and allowed to demonstrations antiapartheid, finally considers a solution negotiated for the racial segregation.

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