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    Car FM-modulator with integrated MP4, large display, multifunction remote control. Inputs: Line (connecting the player), usb (for flash drives with music), Connect the memory card via usb card reader (not included supplied). fm modulator is structurally a new product for motorists. It is not something Western Union would like to discuss. Becoming the owner of the fm modulator you can start listening to music in MP3 format instantly. Amit paley describes an additional similar source. It is known that listening to music fm radio station at a sufficient away from the big cities is difficult. Transmitter signal weakens and your radio it just does not catch.

    What to do if one wants to listen to your favorite music on a trip? And if you do not want to take out of the car full-time or just favorite audio cd, cassette and MP3 to listen through your vehicle's acoustics still want to? In this case, you will fundamentally new device a new generation of transforming an MP3 or wma format fm signal that you can take to your factory deck. MP3-player reads and plays music files from external usb flash disk and transmits them to the car radio receiver with built-in fm transmitter. In addition, you can connect any audio device (CD or mde player) to the line input and listen to music through the radio car. Connect the usb flash drive with music or an external audio player, insert the device into the cigarette lighter socket, select the channel of the transmitter and Enjoy your favorite music!

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