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    So you know, plan all your marketing with time. 3. Do not be exaggerated your product or your SME can be really the best but will be if he exaggerates his marketing and promotional items people more perceived as a charlatan effect than as something real. The wonderful adjectives best and Super they don’t say anything, talk of advantages specific and supported by facts. Even a small self-employed or an SME may not seem that your marketing a carny, is managing it well, remember, don’t overdo it or you will have a sense contrary to which seeks by its potential future clients. 4.

    Do not changes in your marketing just because Yes if you change something in your plan it must be for a justified reason, usually because it has not reached its objectives or thinks it can reach higher than others. But making changes just for the sake of making them, by a subjective perception, an opinion not supported by facts or a whim, is like firing blindly. So if you change something, know why and that why is a reason justified by a more or less objective reality. And remember, check the results of what makes to know what you get. By applying these four keys we assure you that your marketing will be much more efficient and will hold on strong pillars, fulfilling its purpose, which is to sell more and better. If you think that these tips can be useful for that partner, colleague or friend that thought while reading it, don’t hesitate, send it, you will be doing him a favor and will thank you. Resources for SMEs information for SMEs and freelancers that delivers results.

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