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When we talk about laptops Lenovo, we are referring to high-quality and reliable products. We have in mind a great assembly and perfectly balanced system. Moreover, when we say Lenovo, we are referring to IBM. And everyone knows that the main advantage of IBM computers was always reliable. Because they came on the market when no one knew about computers and, especially, have not heard about the notebooks and netbooks. After all, thanks to IBM once occurred revolutionary transition from large mainframes to the individual, home and office. Today, when we buy a laptop Lenovo, we must remember that back in 1981, these guys understand that individual devices personal – in the truest sense of the word – computers, it is very promising, this is the future. By the way, they in 1992 created the first notebook with 10.4 inch screen – mini-notebook is a format which is only now, after more than 15 years, became super popular and is already a netbook.

They're in the year 2003 introduced the first notebook powered by batteries to 11 hours! IBM achievements can be listed for a long time, but eventually we arrive at the main conclusion – they are from the start creating the image of the right of the individual devices – small, long on battery power and provides all necessary functionality to the user – that is what we call today a mini-notebooks or netbooks. Parallel to all these developments is becoming a second company – a legendary company in China 80 and already legendary for all in the 2000s. In 1984 a group of professionals in Information Technology established Company Legend – later renamed Lenovo. It was an ambitious 11 people, housed in a small one-story building in Beijing from 200 thousand yuan – about 25 thousand dollars at the time. Lenovo has opened a new page in China's development – introduced the first PC in the home and set up its own chain of retail stores. But the most remarkable achievement for the country was to create a device that translating software from English into Chinese characters – a little problem, incidentally, is not easy. In 2004, there was a significant event – two close-minded companies, each by itself, with huge potential and an impressive history together.

More precisely, Lenovo bought the whole unit IBM, engaged in the production of personal computers. This, incidentally, happened just after a new record of IBM – they released the first notebook with a fingerprint scanner. So, now Lenovo – third on largest computer company in the world. And we are witnessing an increase in the influence of Lenovo in the global PC market and, in particular, in Russia, where the company shows good results. In 2009, Lenovo took the 5th place in the Russian market, improving their results compared with 2008 by 127 percent. Also in 2009, there were netbooks lenovo supporting Wimax – contributed to this partnership of Lenovo and Yota. Were released mini-laptops Lenovo IdePad S10 series in various forms – latest model, just with Wimax. The last hero of this story – lenovo s12, built on the latest platform, Nvidia Ion – this is a masterpiece among netbooks. It blurs the line between the most netbooks and notebooks and surprised by their capabilities. Its powerful graphical system will play in modern computer games, and 12-inch screen lets you view movies in HD quality, without worrying about size. In general, Lenovo continues to please. Treat yourself and.

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Criteria Relied Upon

What should be guided by choosing a laptop? The very first thing – is the weight of the laptop, it is desirable that it be minimal, so you will not be hard to take it on the road, on a trip. Second – you should pay attention to its economy, laptop battery should provide at least two o'clock uptime, and better – work for eight hours. The third – his power has to be able to use as office programs and graphics editors, and in between to allow to run any popular game right now, and the like. The laptop, which is characterized by a matrix in 12,1-13,3 inches, is a mobile personal computer. Differ significantly from their model with the matrix 14.1 inches. But these models have one drawback – their mass is much greater than the value of 2.5 kg with external usability, and there are many different functions.

Model with a matrix 12 pixels seem like toys in the hands of user. But to use such a model is not convenient, and all of the small size. But with the PDA things differently – to buy a PDA is not a problem, but now use it as a professional device that will be very, very difficult. Grains of the matrix (12-inch or less) just a tiny (0.204 mm), while the models in the 14.1-inch and 13.3-inch grain size is 0.237 and 0.223 mm. Many will say – the most high-quality image, where the grain size less! Yes theoretically all the way, but in practice it is quite the opposite, since its opening, and including the coveted purchase, we begin to sense that our eyes get tired more quickly from a long stay in front of such a screen. As a result, the user accepts the only right decision – replaces the matrix size to a larger, ie 14.1 or 13.3 inches. To connect your laptop was easy to use, it should provide maximum function with minimum weight. To acquire such a device would have to spend quite a large amount, due to the fact that low-cost laptops malofunktsionalny. You can even consult on the subject, for example, going to shop online, and there you the same repeat once more.

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