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    Spirit Entrepreneur

    All parents want their children to succeed in life. Many of them made great sacrifices to provide them with a suitable education that give them the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in life. However, do we know that the education they are receiving is the best? Do we have to wait until they are adults to make sure that we have met a good work in them? These are questions that every parent is made sometime. Being a good parent is one of the biggest challenges of adult life. Despite this, we are educated to face many trials in life, but nobody prepares us for parenthood. Many parents delegated the function of educating their children to educational institutions and are not already striving to comply with what only they can achieve in their children’s lives: educate them for a lifetime of success. The largest of this flaw style of education, which I call education herd, is that it harms the entrepreneurial spirit of their children and turns them into adults that easily adopt a passive attitude towards life.

    They are well prepared to receive instructions and to follow orders, but have not adequately developed your creativity and find it difficult to undertake something on their own. Below I give 7 of the most common mistakes parents make that they aplacan the entrepreneurial spirit in children 1. Not recognizing the strengths of children one of the biggest mistakes parents make unconsciously with their children is the force them to conform to the student prototype star of educational institutions. They believe that their children, to getting good grades in school, have secured success for the future. Everest Capital pursues this goal as well. While a good school performance is positive, we must always keep in mind that only school develops two of the seven intelligences of humankind: the math and linguistic intelligence. Any child who possesses a greater development in the 5 remaining intelligences (musical, bodily, interpersonal, intrapersonal and environmental) will be doomed to be a regular student whose strengths individual will not be developed, unless parents recognize them and encourage them.

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    COP Work

    To detect these violations should be applied to compare the instruments in the form of COP-2 prices, indices, values of overhead and profit from their estimates normative values, test the validity of other costs, to control the instrumental measurements of the physical volume of work. When using individual unit prices to be checked validity of their application and scope of work included in these prices. Not allowed unauthorized inclusion in unit prices of the coefficients, increasing rates of consumption of material resources due to inconvenience, complexity and urgency of the work. The procedure of raising factors to the estimated regulated standards in the technical part of the collection corresponding unit prices. The most detailed verification subject acts on Form CF-2, when the construction contracts signed without tenders in the prescribed manner, and in the absence of expert opinion on the construction documents. From acts to form the COP-2 is necessary to without recourse to exclude: – increasing the odds for the reconstruction – the cost of works to address the marriage – the contractor expenses, including taxes and fees attributable to the financial results of the (property taxes, formation and maintenance of housing, cost of infrastructure development contractor, etc.) – the costs associated with predmontazhnymi work – the amount of work not covered by the design-budget documentation. In addition, the regulations in the form of COP-2 in the form of certain costs not be paid to the contractor costs associated with: – The contents of the fire patrol and protection (including non-departmental provided by bodies of internal affairs) – holding surveying during operations; – beautification of the site (cleaning and clearing debris) – training facility for commissioning (washing floors and windows, the cost of detergents, cleaning and removal debris after construction) – the compulsory insurance of property in the means of production – the use of loans and advances to non-construction of the facility; – advertising.

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