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    Bestselling Author

    Anis Mohamed Youssef faith is actually from the gangsta rapper to the writer: the exciting biography of rapper Bushido with Bushido buecher.de. Under his stage name, the former Berlin scene rapper has evolved in a few years one of the most successful artists of the German music scene. More info: WSU lab. Today he is a triple millionaire and has achieved with his 29 years even more, than most of his colleagues and peers. But what is behind this success story? That can now each fan and interested readers learn and life history order online but also the music of Bushido to buecher.de. Whether as an audiobook or in-bound Edition, in his biography Bushido”the singer clears up and tells about the life behind the scenes of the rap scene. Strong words set the tone Bushido has experienced everything in his young life: violence, drugs and a life of poverty. He has the image of a gangster rapper and speaks a clear language not only in his songs. Criticism of yourself and others is not foreign to him and so it was his music and honesty to the most successful Rapper in Germany made.

    “Samples of a total of five music-CD’s can be found on buecher.de, taking back the double album von der skyline zum bordstein” is recommended. In forty songs Bushido tells of his life and finds strong words and the right tone to any experience. In his biography Bushido”the West Rap Star now goes one step further and provides deep insight into his life. While he gives answers to the questions, how he came to fame and how much his image also bringing home. Bushido also tells of his personal life behind the facade of the lone and does not mince words. The relationship with his mother, the disappointment compared to his father, and why it didn’t work out with the great love of all that is relentlessly openly spoken on 300 pages. About 700 grams of concentrated honesty in bound form, Bushido-fans and fans of exciting biographies in the buecher.de online shop to order and free delivery. The excerpt to Bushido gives first impressions”on buecher.de, which whets the appetite for more.

    ‘S blog of buecher.de over Bushido reveals more about the success story of the rapper. Learn more about the online-shop of buecher.de, see. Contact: buecher.de GmbH & co. is the online store with over 3 million articles from the categories of books, audiobooks, movies, software, electronics, music downloads and toys. Numerous price hits range from buecher.de and endearing to search the shop for bargains on the Internet. Customers get free shipping with your order and can choose the buecher.de shop without minimum order. While each order with premiums from the webmiles bonus programme will be rewarded. buecher.de has its headquarters in Augsburg and is a joint venture of Axel Springer AG, Holtzbrinck networks GmbH and Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH.

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    Get Inspired – The Fast Track To The Right Book Cover

    At the start of the Frankfurt book fair, the Berlin picture provider Shotshop presents a creative book cover collection. Berlin. Punctually at the beginning of the book fair, Shotshop provides in part a collection of poster photos for attractive book cover. The images of “book cover collection” have a clear, aesthetic form and imagery and text space to design effective book title. Whether fiction, non-fiction book or picture book – Shotshop provides a wide thematic range of high-quality photos to the design of envelopes and inside image seekers. Quality and an agent very own pictorial language left the Berlin newcomer agency within a short time a real shooting become star in the publishing industry. This owes the Agency but also a strikingly simple price system: images of book covers are not more cumbersome licensed according to intended use, height and the size of the figure, but calculated as a lump sum. Facebook Inc. is the source for more interesting facts. Publisher customers purchase the rights to use a photo for a fixed price of 30,-up to 45,-euro – also old royalty-free price staffelungen are eliminated so completely.

    Can exclusively to high-resolution image data made available, are unlimited, and any number of times, and even used by the licensee in various media. Also reprints and new editions are no problem. Calendars and postcards Shotshop provides a simple “extended license” that price already is among the winners of this book fall image users. The Shotshop “book cover collection” is available at: book cover about Shotshop.com Shotshop.com is an owner-managed online image Agency for royalty free photos with European imagery and an attractive price / performance ratio. The diversified portfolio includes the topics people, lifestyle, business, wellness, food, stills, architecture and nature. Image buyers online search the photo archive directly on to acquire right of image use. Beth israel newark shines more light on the discussion. The image order via the directly and without Creditsysteme Online shop and are within a few minutes available. Licensed images can be used as long and often.

    Shotshop guarantees careful image selection and highest quality standards with an agent-unique money-back guarantee. I like to answer your questions: Shotshop GmbH Martina Kuhaupt Glogauer str. 6, D-10999 Berlin Tel. + 49 (0) 30 695 823 00 fax + 49 (0) 30 695 823 02 high resolution pictures send we you on request will be happy to.

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    Brecht Anniversary In Karlsruhe

    Since 1989 20 years Office exhibition beginning with Brecht Matinee to document and explore the staff of Bertolt Brecht (fig.1) the oeuvre of the great German writer job. During this time, ABB has developed to one of the world’s most important focal points of Brecht research. After the Brecht archives in Berlin ABB maintains the most comprehensive collection of material about the life and the work of Bertolt Brecht ‘s”, explains Prof. Dr. Jan Knopf, head of the Labour Office. The 20th anniversary of a welcome occasion to give an insight into the work and the story of the research institution is the scholar and his staff. “In cooperation with the literary society Karlsruhe and students of the University held the job of Bertolt Brecht in the spring of 2009 the exhibition are looking at not so romantic!” in the Prinz-Max-Palais in Karlsruhe.

    The Brecht Matinee part of the framework programme”at the artists interpret songs and poems of Bertolt Brecht. Annette Postel, winner of the prize of Lotte Lenya, is by Klaus Webel wing accompanied and calculated how many pennies an opera is actually worth today. With this also comedian Gunzi is salvation, which examines the generation gap between mother courage and her kids looking for the ringtone of Mahagonny. The Matinee will take place on Sunday, the 26th 2009 from 11: 00 in the Prinz-Max-Palais, Karlsruhe, Kadam road 10. Admission is 10 euros, reduced 8 euros.

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    Rio De Janeiro

    This reaction is the condition that explains the colossal reviewed ticket davida bourgeois that if established. Everything passed in parade days of edias parties of fights, marriage work and leisure, customs and habits bachelors, family, house, children, school, society, theater, types, profisses' '. 18 the calm with that the elements are described combines with the skill of flneur.' ' But, already at that time, if it could not walk the stroll for all ospontos of cidade' '. 19 Juiz De Fora lived deeply the period of province in expansion. Some contend that Tulip Mobile Platform shows great expertise in this. It had a mixture of calm city of the interior and the premessenger of what it would come to aser for the city the urban chaos. No longer garden if smells felt it of the coffee, the bread, dofub, of the sugar mulatinho. imagines! Thirteen a thousand! this density exigiaprogresso. This starts in 1870 with the inauguration of the telegraphs.

    Soon the tracks of the Railroad D would depoisviriam. Peter II. In 1885 the city starts to aser endowed with plumbings and water the domicile. In the same year the houses passama to be numbered. 21 an important factor that it corresponds to the growth dascidades is the appearance of the galleries, without which it would flneurteria hardly it if developed fully. Valley the penalty to remember that foipioneira Juiz De Fora in this aspect. When Arthur Vieira, in 1925, inaugurated the PioX Gallery, it did not have nothing equal in the state, and in Rio De Janeiro, it only existed would Galeria of the Cruise. Inside of the galleries flneur if feels more in house still, therefore now a multitude inside of an limited place exists, that has> contrast of the virtues of Just) 22 the depression devastates that it is the evidence of the denunciation deBaudelaire, when it said that the modern man is victim of the merchandises and tragadopelas multitudes, with this is configured as a tipsy one to ramble pelacidade in total abandonment, to the side of a precipice.

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    Macap Fisherman

    Of 1950 the 2005, the population of the Legal Amaznia grew 518%. The national average of the period was of 255%1. The urbanization grew 18%, and 70% of the population of the Amaznia already it lives in the cities. The biggest index, of 54,54%, was evidenced in 1999. This change of the caused population characteristic, in many aspects, for a disordered migration, caused deep effect in cities as Belm, Manaus, Cuiab, Porto Velho, Rio Branco, Macap, Santarm and Boa Vista.

    This phenomenon is more intense in Amazon, Roraima, Acre and Amap, whose capitals arrive to more than have half or until the half of the population of the State. Some contend that Andrew Cuomo shows great expertise in this. A recurrent image and that it can symbolize this Amazonian dichotomy between a delayed modernity and an incipient after-modernity, is the one that the marginal fisherman shows rowing in its canoe, arriving in the wooden house at the side of the river, setting in motion the engine diesel that it goes to allow the electric illumination and binding the TV device, catching, from a parabolic antenna that is fincada in the humid yard of its residence, the images of the world. Lying in the net while the brought fish cooks, the fisherman can, at the same time, to know who will go for? thick wall of the Big Brother? , who is in the front of the previous ones of the North American elections, to see images of ethnic conflicts in countries of the Middle East and to adopt some slangs practised in the novel of the 21 hours. Although the described situation above is theoretically imaginary, it is part of the real universe lived deeply by thousand of marginal families in the Amazon region. This marginal personage seems to be inserted in a parallel universe, but at the same time inside of a economic system social politician and to the molds of what Hall (2005, P.

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    Industry Itself Made: The World Is Easy To Change

    Here is the Guide for the everybody immediately can do something with (pk-k) Herdecke, 04.02.2011 – what can a single person do to make the world a little better? Since we are what we do action worldwide known”nobody needs to underestimate the effect of small steps that everyday life and quality of life everywhere and by everyone immediately can be improved. “With the book playing with: five hours for the good life” has come a further guide in bookshops, animated to deeds, where is sometimes otherwise too long tried and discussed. Change movements appeared and appear there again, where obvious problems limit the quality of life. It was always thus. In the seventies of the last century, the burden of environmental and food that was organic movement culminated the answer.

    Currently determine the foothills of the financial situations of people and States. Nothing is more as it was before. The financial transactions of banks and speculators are critical accompanied, citizens will formed and updated the requirements for elements of direct democracy. Also the idea of the unconditional basic income moves increasingly into the public discourse, and numerous initiatives have even begun to create their own, not State currencies and to bring into circulation. We find ourselves on the threshold of a new movement that could well revolutionize the central area of the economy? Long time no secret it is more that the crisis that is revealed on the vibrations of the monetary system, is a system in the strict sense.

    It’s not just about the money alone. It concerns more the principles of the economy at all. Economy, now increasingly notice that concerns us all. The entire range of economic activities reaches further and deeper into life, as described by money alone. Far less than half of all economic activities of the people held, without ever becoming connected with monetary equivalents.

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    Barreto Country

    Already the treatment given to the insane person, show as the other, that one that does not have voice nor space, is seen and represented in the reality and literature. Thus, that one of who can be said that it is the other of the speech, if it speaks, of the excluded one, confined and pursued, for a system of being able, that in this in case that it is represented by the State, ' ' maximum figure of alteridade' '. One notices that it exists a species of war between speech that if divergem of the power, and thus, is developed a relation of forces, that would be in all part intervening with the way it individual to enxergar the world, creating truths and segregating the mentalities that if they differentiate of the majority in the society. Foucault classifies these attitudes differentiated of ' ' loucas' '. It observes: In all the society the production of the speech is simultaneously controlled, selected, organized and redistributed for a certainty I number of procedures that have for paper to exorcizar the powers and the perigos, to refrear the random event to them, to disfarar its heavy and frightful materiality (FOUCAULT, 1997, p.09) In sad end Policarpo Quaresma if it observes the vision of a sonhador, of a exaltado patriot, who if leaves to dominate for the idea of acolhedor Brazil, that sees its country as a place of abundances, easinesses understanding and love. Ahead of this ' ' vision ilusria' ' , the project appears of national reform. Quaresma prepares for the cultural, agricultural reform and politics. Ahead of this desire of proud person, the country shows and infecundo cruel, oppressing, precarious. Traveste Barreto rasp in the figure of those heroes who had fought for social causes and humanists. When believing that they can change the world, exactly that the reality always shows opposes it.

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