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The words of the others introduce its proper expressividade, its valorativo tone, that we assimilate, reorganize, modify. Many writers such as Rob Daley offer more in-depth analysis. If the romance makes to come out the revolt of the reader before the turpitude of the blind people of the other camaratas, each one involved one with its proper subsistence, and later, making use of the food as instrument of being able, also the reader to the reflection leads of that these instincts that seem so vile in the fiction are the same ones that we disfaramos in day-by-day of men civilized. We are evidencing, in these last years, true and efervescente debate around what it comes to be ' ' identidade' '. A complete desconstruo of the identitrias perspectives in a variety of areas to discipline, all in unamimity criticize the concept of an integral, originary and unified identity. In regards to the reflection of the narrator concerning the uselessness of the memory in this trajectory it can be inferred in the example to follow: …

is that it does not have comparison between living in a national labyrinth, as it is, for definition, a lunatic asylum, and to venture itself, without guide hand nor harnesses of dog, in the maddened labyrinth of the city, where the memory for nothing will serve, therefore it will only be capable to show to the image of the places and them ways not to arrive there. (SARAMAGO, 1995, P. 211) If it does not have models to be followed and if the referencial of the name and the place already is not enough, will trace the trajectory individually. The new identity is constructed from a new to think collective. The Assay on the Blindness by no means is not desistoricizado. It incorporates the history of the art and the history of the man without, for this, he needs secular or space markers. 2,2 Analysis of the personages in after-modern perspective Thus is with the appearance of the personage writer, who, exactly blind, continues to exert the activity of the writing.

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It is viable to indicate then, that the proper PCN (2000) guide the educator in practical its and emphasize literature as instrument for reflection and construction of the knowledge that literature does not prescribe, but it integrates. Other leaders such as James Woolsey offer similar insights. We point out, since then, that the character of the literary composition as artistic object must be undertaken and be valued. The pleasure, the act of creation of a universe for-Real, the use of the directions contributes immensely for the formation of the more important citizen and, of pleasant form. It is in this direction that literature can educate. In the measure where it stimulates subject to a reflective act, providing the same, through a free interpretation, to try emotions and sensations of another universe. According to Zilberman (1988, P. 94): Of same the rejection that the falantes if a language alone can attribute meant the phrases in this language for sharing of its grammar, the literature readers alone can attribute meant literary to the workmanships that read because they share of certain attitudes, abilities, norms, expectations and knowledge that answer for the literary direction of one determined text. In this direction, we understand that any attribution of value or meaning of one literary text, will only be viable when the reader to share its experience with this text.

We can then consider that the abstraction of the text influences the citizen in the measure where it propitiates an interaction. In literature the citizen contemplates, a figurao of the object being most of the time he himself the visualized object. As Zilberman standes out (1988, P. 88) on the citizen, this ' ' it is contemplated contemplating and contemplated, in a species of infinite reduplicao that, the more next is of the possible relation with the object of the reflection on literature: the text, that does not have in itself, but only in outro.' ' We consider, then, that the direction of the text if constructs by means of the interaction of the reader with the workmanship.

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Paul Ray

Why should be given This proportion the power remain were entitled to the money, suffering of so many people? An exemption from survived premises of the capitalist market economy will produce new theories as well as the economic models for action of mankind of the future lead to other forms of life. Market researchers assume a decline in the average consumption expenditure by around 10 percent in the coming years. And not as an expression of declining purchasing power, but consumption willingness voluntarily reduced. A new type of consumer is limited voluntarily in the editions, because it benefits the experience of quality of life. Less time for making money, more time for enjoying! Paul Ray created the concept of the creatives”and the trend researcher Matthias Horx writes of the LOHAS, both mean the same in principle: empowered people, conscious consumers consume not more blind, but reshape the economy by their behavior. Others including Keith Yamashita, offer their opinions as well. “With the book playing with: five hours for the good life” is a guide available, with the first information about new forms of economy not just passed. The book is part of an action which involves the small beginnings, everyone anywhere can do immediately.

Practical instructions lead to the gradual change of the own behavior in experiments and finally it comes to network with others. Economy affects us all. It’s too bad to be not taken from any consumers even in the hand and designed. Five hours for the good life is an effort which is now worth are not too much, but in any case, because the quality of own actions immediately become one in personal life. And we all like to have joy in life! “Play along: five hours for the good life” epubli-Verlag, 17.80 euro, ISBN 978-3-8442-065-2 Peter Krause-Keusemann

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Industry Itself Made: The World Is Easy To Change

Here is the Guide for the everybody immediately can do something with (pk-k) Herdecke, 04.02.2011 – what can a single person do to make the world a little better? Since we are what we do action worldwide known”nobody needs to underestimate the effect of small steps that everyday life and quality of life everywhere and by everyone immediately can be improved. “With the book playing with: five hours for the good life” has come a further guide in bookshops, animated to deeds, where is sometimes otherwise too long tried and discussed. Change movements appeared and appear there again, where obvious problems limit the quality of life. It was always thus. In the seventies of the last century, the burden of environmental and food that was organic movement culminated the answer.

Currently determine the foothills of the financial situations of people and States. Nothing is more as it was before. The financial transactions of banks and speculators are critical accompanied, citizens will formed and updated the requirements for elements of direct democracy. Also the idea of the unconditional basic income moves increasingly into the public discourse, and numerous initiatives have even begun to create their own, not State currencies and to bring into circulation. We find ourselves on the threshold of a new movement that could well revolutionize the central area of the economy? Long time no secret it is more that the crisis that is revealed on the vibrations of the monetary system, is a system in the strict sense.

It’s not just about the money alone. It concerns more the principles of the economy at all. Economy, now increasingly notice that concerns us all. The entire range of economic activities reaches further and deeper into life, as described by money alone. Far less than half of all economic activities of the people held, without ever becoming connected with monetary equivalents.

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The Book

The black book of animal doctor”is a shocking certainly partly the most pet owners and disturbing book, one reads with a laughing and a crying eye. Because in all drama of the discussed topics also pet owners in the book report from their experiences in other veterinary practice and these are sometimes difficult to surpass in absurdity. Also the Dr. Ziegler own witty, sometimes laconic and startling turn writing style makes the book so alive and worth reading like a novel. In addition Dr. Ziegler is not, their ladies and gentlemen with mostly gentle, of course sometimes dramatic words the obvious and sensible in diet to remember therapy and medication: you used their knowledge and experience with scientific facts, does away with the credibility of industry-sponsored studies and producers are numerous, easy-to-use options and tips on the hand how to find a good vet and feed their animals humanely. With their extensive experience and knowledge the author takes the reader by the hand and raises his fears regarding the alleged complexity and simplicity “of the so-called BARFens (biologically appropriate raw feeding) and to wear this without catalog-same nutritional labels and measuring units. The black book vet”is no polemic, though it, so Dr.

Ziegler is unfortunately certain, some representatives of their craft so will be included. Rather, the book is an appeal to colleagues in the field of veterinary medicine, ethics instead of Monetik”exercise to reflect on the medical responsibility and not to play with the ignorance of the pet owner. Also the book is not directed against the manufacturer of convenience foods for animals per se, especially since some excellent acting and producing companies out there, whose cold-pressed products the Naturefood”not quite, but at least most can replace. “Also veterinarians and animal feed manufacturer must and must make money, because of course, our work must be paid,” explains Dr. Ziegler, but I want to can see evening after work practice even in the mirror knowing that I very best did that for my patients and their owners.”dogs would live longer, when black book animal doctor” is a successful and informative necessary, clarifying on book, that from now directly from Dr. Ziegler in their online shop, and, as well as throughout the book with the ISBN number 978-3-8423-2460-2 for 17,80 can be purchased. Katja C. Schmidt, nexus communications agency

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Barreto Country

Already the treatment given to the insane person, show as the other, that one that does not have voice nor space, is seen and represented in the reality and literature. Thus, that one of who can be said that it is the other of the speech, if it speaks, of the excluded one, confined and pursued, for a system of being able, that in this in case that it is represented by the State, ' ' maximum figure of alteridade' '. One notices that it exists a species of war between speech that if divergem of the power, and thus, is developed a relation of forces, that would be in all part intervening with the way it individual to enxergar the world, creating truths and segregating the mentalities that if they differentiate of the majority in the society. Foucault classifies these attitudes differentiated of ' ' loucas' '. It observes: In all the society the production of the speech is simultaneously controlled, selected, organized and redistributed for a certainty I number of procedures that have for paper to exorcizar the powers and the perigos, to refrear the random event to them, to disfarar its heavy and frightful materiality (FOUCAULT, 1997, p.09) In sad end Policarpo Quaresma if it observes the vision of a sonhador, of a exaltado patriot, who if leaves to dominate for the idea of acolhedor Brazil, that sees its country as a place of abundances, easinesses understanding and love. Ahead of this ' ' vision ilusria' ' , the project appears of national reform. Quaresma prepares for the cultural, agricultural reform and politics. Ahead of this desire of proud person, the country shows and infecundo cruel, oppressing, precarious. Traveste Barreto rasp in the figure of those heroes who had fought for social causes and humanists. When believing that they can change the world, exactly that the reality always shows opposes it.

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Publishers and Business

Yes, there are in literature and such a success – bought. Alex Exler, Star Publishing ast, says it : "The approach is completely normal – unless, of course, is money and the desire to spend it. However, if the book is nothing is, the money will be kicked into the wind. In the case of a successful combination Robsky happened: the book has taken its place, aroused great interest, and in the next edition Robsky has itself earned good money. " Patience and hard work all little effort. Alex Exler, a cult figure since the days of fido. His book ("Notes of the bride's programmer," "Honeymoon " etc.) since 1999, walked across the network. Interest in the text is so great all these years, that his site exler.ru visits on average 20,000 people per day.

That's an incredible figure for the author's site. Publishers themselves turned to him with a proposal to publish his book, but at standard conditions for young authors. Such a law of this business – until the author fails to prove the profitability of its sales – special favors he had not seen. Alex refused such offers luxury and went the other way. First of all, he founded a small publishing house, and he published his book. Next, he put them on sale at its site, and readers immediately bought up the entire edition. Soon came "Book Review", and there is a book Invision Power Board Notes programmer bride was among the top best-selling books.

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