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    Global Recession

    The fashionable phrase remains the global economic crisis or global recession. But despite everything, he has been at different times in the history of mankind that have been created the largest fortunes in the worst crisis. Then, what is the essential meaning that lies behind the word crisis? The word crisis in Chinese means opportunity and what really provokes a profound crisis is a profound change. Many people in the world have stalled in old paradigms, in the old way of doing business in the industrial era. All these people who are resistant to change, that living in the past and those wishing that things will again be as before, will suffer more and more and the end will be the most affected. In this era which is touching us live, the information age, the only thing constant is change an increasingly accelerated change. The Internet is creating a revolution where those who detect this tremendous change in a timely manner may become the protagonists of the era of information and not victims as people that refuses to accept the reality.

    We want or don’t want, change is going to give or is taking place, then the point is you questioning yourself on which side of the scale you want to be: on the side of the protagonists, or on the side of the victims. There is nothing more to see what has happened with the automotive industry, companies such as Chrysler and Ford, which were at the time the icon of the industrial age, are today desfalleciendo and companies that depend on this sector are crumbling in simultaneous also. But curiously at the same time are emerging new companies that are taking an impressive force, creating fortunes to unsuspected levels and all of them are linked to the Internet to the digital age. It opens your mind to change, stop thinking that everything that happens around the crisis is negative, the crisis can be your best ally.

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