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Training Level

Coaching, as already discussed, it is not suitable in emergency situations, even if yes it in high creativity and customization. High creativity and low urgency situations: when the objective that seeks the company requires a high level of creativity, and the urgency is low, then the coaching can be an excellent option to achieve creative solutions. As we have seen, its own methodological foundations seek discovery or the creation of new knowledge (unique and unrepeatable), which allows you to discover new ideas, thoughts, strategies, and even behaviors. And, since it does not offer solutions or councils, the result of coaching will always be highly creative. But, to do this, it is essential that the urgency level is low. I.e., that customer has enough time to make those changes and creations emerge during the process through successive trials and errors. Ultimately, coaching is only recommended when the situation of the client, in relation to the objective to achieve, high level of creativity required (i.e., does not seek advice or specific knowledge of third parties) and low level of urgency (i.e., that the customer has enough time to carry out exercises of trial and error). Therefore, the coaching comes to occupy quadrant no-directivo par excellence within the range of possibilities and organizational resources. This is because the training, consultancy and mentoring are unsubstantiated in the transfer of knowledge, and therefore on the experience of the teacher, consultant or mentor, who ultimately has the solution to the problem. On the other hand, coaching, as we have already explained, is based on the knowledge of the client.

Internet Business

Many have doubts with regard to this question, and oddly enough there are many still skeptics, what happens is that they don’t know, or are unsure of the true potential that has Internet, and before describing various advantages or benefits of the network, you save time answering the initial question, the answer is: absolutely if! Enough that you get to investigate a little touring you network and you’ll see that nothing has been paragraph, excluded or dropped Internet or that something has escaped you, somehow, to say this; Of course that if you log in to a search engine and type in the search bar, the word that comes to mind, you will see many pages related to the word you have chosen to guide the search, and very probably find up millions of results related to that specific word. But we are talking about selling, not searching things, so you can do a quick check of what I am saying, simply by visiting the auction sites, where it sells everything, see that, regardless of that case, surely you will find someone selling something over there. If the Internet is the new it was and it has revolutionized communications, as it could not, not having revolutionized way of doing business; and if business we’re talking about also do sale therefore you begin to use the Internet as a new channel to expose your products or services is the next urgent step you must take, if you still don’t use it. Use with all its potential, Internet, it will provide possibilities unthinkable just a few decades ago, the possibility of making thousands of people entering per day to your business (web site) is just a matter of using advertising on the network in an efficient manner and achieve quickly. How did before so that more than a thousand people came to your (physical) business per day?, was something virtually impossible, unless you had a history of many years, an important prestige and a solid and very famous imposed brand. Today none of that is necessary, a person starts a new business, and if you have money for a good advertising budget, and proposes it to, doing the same or hiring professionals in the subject, accomplished that within days they are entering thousands of people to your web site. isn’t it a wonder? If you enter Internet reply e-mail, chat or running games with her, is time that you start to see otherwise, open your eyes, observes, investigates, question and discovers the ability to grow your business, everything is there, at your fingertips, only you must search for it and find it. Lots of luck!

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