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    Stone Works

    Rock on cement is simple and high technology installation. Full clutch is capable of doing quality is not just a professional. Finish same stone facade 'under rock' is much easier than, say, facing the same wall tile. Follow others, such as Jeff Gennette, and add to your knowledge base. In addition, the artificial stone is much easier to natural stone, and therefore less demanding of the bearing capacity of the wall on which it planned to install. For example, artificial trim stone walls not only of bricks and concrete, and lightweight wooden partition walls.

    Yes and durability of concrete does not yield the same limestone. Manufacturing technology of stone like child's play 'in the cakes. " A mixture of cement, fillers and pigments is poured into molds and vibrated. In the process of vibration of the material is compacted, there is a bundle of fractions of concrete mix. Solidify the mixture turns into a tile thickness of up to 10-12 see one side of tile – the relief, which repeats the texture of the surface of natural stone, and the second (working) – smooth, for ease of installation. Stone can be installed on the walls of virtually any material, if only they could withstand the additional load of 40-50 kg per 1 m. The stone is mounted with a jointer or no – depending on whether the simulated 'Man-Made' masonry or natural monolith rock. The thickness of the seams should not be exceed 1-2 cm Laying stone is as follows. The wall surface must be prepared for laying tile – free from dirt and dust and leveled.

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