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Executive Secretary

In this regard, the Executive Secretary of ECLAC, Alicia Barcena, highlighted the region as attractive to FDI: Latin America remains a very important destination because it has first of all raw materials. Latin American countries will increase the flows of FDI, but not only by the fact that the economic situation is bad in other regions. Admittedly in the management of several of the countries of the region, which is working seriously to take advantage of this new opportunity that is presented from a few years ago by impetus from external demand, especially by the good dynamics of the prices of commodities. Economies such as Brazil, the Uruguayan and the Peruvian economy, have demonstrated an interesting capacity for growth and development, supported by predictable and transparent economic policies with respect for the rules of the game. These predictable and transparent policies that carry out several of the region’s economies have resulted in a strengthening of the main macroeconomic variables, with good prospects for growth in a context of price stability. All of the above causes a scenario of predictability that allows investors, to have a more precise estimate of the potential profitability of the investment alternatives. Colombia is another Latin American countries that have guided its economic policy towards the outside through the celebration of a large number of free trade agreements (FTA). Continue reading – investment opportunity – the euro will continue to fall but there are Wall Street investment alternatives that will grow your wealth this year. Actions with a strong bullish potential of 2010 are here. Read on to find out

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