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    A few days ago was talking with a friend who is differential educator who works with disabled people about a subject that fascinates me: the possibilities offered by the Internet to educate themselves and pursue specific vision that God has given to every human being. We all have talents and unique abilities with which God has created us to fulfill a specific task here on Earth. However, these talents should be developed and applied correctly so that we can achieve our full potential. While traditional education tries to meet this basic need of every human being, the Internet has opened new horizons and new possibilities. Times have changed. Today, anyone who has a computer with connection to the Internet has the world literally at their fingertips without moving one foot from the House. Explaining this to the friend, she exclaimed: this is the ideal solution for a disabled person! After telling me about the problem itself the life of one person with a disability, I could understand the tremendous potential that the Internet for the disabled, who also have dreams in their hearts and a desire to contribute to society. Only in Chile, there are more than two million disabled people and only a third of them works.

    Despite the multiple efforts of integration of disabled persons who are made, many of them cannot reach realize their dreams. A large number of them have higher education, but have problems of mobilization. In addition, unfortunately there is some discrimination and it is difficult to find a job. However, today a window of hope is opened for the disabled around the world: the power of the Internet. A very good example is the mentor for my husband. He is a paraplegic millionaire that teaches its students around the world as invest in the stock market of United States. You only need to do this is a computer with Internet connection! No need for offices, mobilization, not even a Secretary! Those that generate income to through the Internet and they need extra help, they have virtual assistants who live in any other part of the world.

    All this is possible by being connected to the Internet! When my friend and I realized us this tremendous window of hope is the Internet to as disabled, us thrilled. First the Internet may give them a cutting-edge education and, secondly, offers innovative options to generate resources without the need to move from your home. Discover how to generate an income from the Internet.

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