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    If you harvest too soon, on the other hand, the production must mature outside their natural space, and will not only have to be aware of this but they will also probably be a harvest of lesser quality, so the price that will have will be lower and you’ll get less coins in bonuses to which they would have initially calculated. This game and others dedicated to agriculture are very realistic, so if you lose control of the situation the result will be very similar to the real life, so if you dedicate yourself to the real or virtual farm you must be dedicated full time to it and earn money as if you had it in your own home. Foods that will generate higher earnings in Farmville, take advantage to score, are as follows: tomatoes, blueberries, is good solution to plant broccoli, sunflower, coffee or pepper. All of these are that most are paid in relation to the production hours. To gain experience and if you are just beginning in this game, you can start cultivating rice, strawberries and pumpkins, which will give you the necessary knowledge to go forward gradually. In other animals are located in Farmville. They are not only to make your farm look nicer, but you can also use them to win some extra, for example coins using cows for milk production, chickens for eggs and you can take advantage of the sheep to sell their wool, while, strictly speaking, do not pay much for their production. Cows have a milk production once per day, with a size of four small squares.

    In the case of the hen daily production is the same and its a square small size, while the sheep wool every three days with a size equal to the hen and the pig. This last happens every two days the truffles. Other animals that you will find are rabbits, goats, ducks and horses, that unlike animals that produce you can find those gifts from friends or neighbors, in addition to being able to buy them, of course. For more tips like the previous ones, we invite you to visit where you will find many more tactics on how to generate significantly more money and experience points with the create the best harvest FarmVille and you become a master farmer.

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    New Yamaha

    The Yamaha brand has a very strong presence in our neighboring country Brazil; its plant in Manaus (Manaus) has an international reputation for excellence and innovation, between the models that have been designed we must mention the YBR, an acronym for Yamaha Brazil; which is exported to countries of the American continent and has even managed to penetrate the competitive European market, managing to position itself as a good option when choosing a bike of the segment low/Med displacement. Among the novelties which presents Yamaha Brazil for the year 2010, we have a new version of the YBR 125 so-called Factor, which copies the format of its elder sister the YBR 250, its major virtues are the new design and the low consumption, still lower than its old version (45 km/L). Speaking of his older sister, also gets a wash face for this 2010. Also we find the NEO CVT a scooter from 115cc who say they are inspired by the design of the legendary R1, but we do not know very well what happened to the inspiration, because it is not very noticeable. Presents a system of automatic changes type CVT (continuously variable transmission) that is often used by more sophisticated scooter.

    Since we are talking about Yamaha I want to mention a bike that launched during the first months of this year, the FZ16 manufactured in India, a very well made bike, with an exquisite aesthetic, which copies the Fazer range, but with a small engine, perhaps too small for my taste. FZ 16 is propelled by a monociclindrico of 153 cc four-stroke two valve outside line Offset valves SOHC unfortunately, most of these models, have not arrived nor I think coming in next year to our country, we are getting used to us that our market is not interesting enough to the manufacturers to bring displacement medium models, and much less to manufacture them in our country. Clear, not we can criticize it for this last. original author and source of the article

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