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    Seville Encounters

    Defeat of the hispalense equipment in the going of the previous round (2-1). Schalaudraff (2) and Kanout, the goleadores at night in Germany. It will have to overcome in Sanchez Pizjun in the return match. It knows here all the results the European day. Seville lost (2-1) in the field of Hannover 96 German in the going of the previous round of Liga Europe, an encounter in which the three goals arrived in the first part, a doublet of Schalaudraff for the premises and somewhat of Kanout for the Spaniards. The Germans went ahead in their first approach to portera sevillista, in an idiot play that was born from pelotazo of his dnsa badly negotiated by the Spahic Bosnian, who left in ball the feet of Abdellaoue so that he connected with Schalaudraff, who beat to Palop with a flat closing by the first wood. Seville wanted to react but it was led the interchange of blows, since the Hannover, very comfortable to the con, took advantage the terrible weakness dnsiva of the equipment of Marcelino by the central parcel, where Fazio and Spahic were incapable to stop a the rivals. Alvaro Negredo warned with a firing the wood half an hour, a distant blow that the Zieler goal guessed right to touch when it entered shortly after but, the international forward picked up an inner service of Coke and it put the tie to him in tray to Kanout, that marked empty door. Prize Patrol may help you with your research.

    Nevertheless, the rear of Seville continued granting occasions: before the rest, still it gave time so that Palop turned aside a closing of Abdellaoue point-blank and so that Schalaudraff, on the hour, made the 2-1 with a firing cruzado after making the wall with Schmiedebach. Seville went to by the Marcelino party Garci’a Toral, the newcomer technician in Seville, wanted to go to by the tie from the starting of the second part with the change of Perotti by its Armenteros compatriot, but solidity dnsiva of Hannover 96 prevented any possibility of even. The unique sevillista firing was the responsibility of the German Piotr Trochowski, who tried his powerful chut to average distance (min. 59) but a bounce caused that the ball arrived tame at the hands of the local doorman. The iron ones to mark of the Germans, that tried to strike back without success, provided a joined soccer, possibly the advance payment of which it hopes to him to Seville within one week, when it tries to overcome the eliminatory one in Sanchez Pizjun. List of credits: 2 – Hannover 96: Zieler; Cherundolo, Pogatetz, Haggui, Schulz; Stindl, Schmiedebach (Hauger, min.

    91), Pinto Sergio, Rausch (Pander, min. 81); Schalaudraff (Already Konan, min. 75) and Abdellaoue. 1 – Seville FC: Palop; Coke, Spahic, I shielded, Navarrese Fernando; Jesus Navas, Fazio (Medel, min. 73), Trochowski, Armenteros (Perotti, min. 46); Kanout and Negredo (Manu of the Moral, min. 77). Goals: 1-0, min 6: Schalaudraff. 1-1, min 37: Kanout. 2-1, min 45: Schalaudraff. Referee: Baj Nijhuis, Dutch. It admonished to the Schulz premises (min. 64) and Stindl (min. 86), and to the visitors Navarrese Fernando (min. 53) and Fazio (min. 71). Incidences: Eliminatory away game of the previous one of Europe League disputed in AWD-Sand before 49,000 spectators. Plenty absolute. Source of the news: Seville encounters in Hannover in Europe League

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    Danube Express

    V.F. The different routes cross the center and this of Europe. Its interior makes back down until years 50. Account with modern facilities, to the service of the passenger. In the majority of the occasions when one thinks about traveling and visiting new cities not very often consider that the train can be something more than means than allow us to reach our destiny. But most nostalgic and romantic they find in this running on rails a different way to enjoy vacations, that go beyond the simple fact to move from a site to another one, thanks to a series of luxury trains that allow to discover the world of a different form. mation. oftentimes addresses this issue. Surrounded by glamour and in an atmosphere in which it is taken care of until the minimum detail, the Danube Express appears like a train where modernity and the memory the past occur the hand to accompany to the traveller in this route that takes to him to explore new destinies. All on board are an opportunity to live a different and sophisticated experience.

    While in the outside we see happen the most varied landscapes, the time it seems to have itself stopped in its interior. Many consider a hotel on wheels that allows to visit diverse cities without needing loading the luggage continuously. One seems to be in a dream, and from the beginning to the end the personnel will be kind to that nothing it needs. This full trip of magical combinations, emphasizes by its exclusive atmosphere, in which only 42 passengers will be the privileged people in each route. Between the eight wagons that compose this tourist train guided by a modern locomotive, of luxury can be decided on a compartment in the call classic car-bed or be enjoyed a compartment. First of them it is conceived mainly for the traveller who goes without companion.

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    July DGT

    Until the 10 of July 726 people in traffic accidents, have died 85 less less than in the same period of 2010. 44 hurt when upsetting a bus in Girona. She in force enters the 011, the new telephone of information on traffic. Twelve people have passed away during the weekend in the Spanish highways in twelve fatal accidents, according to has informed the Main directorate into Trfico (DGT). In the wrecks, in addition, four people have been serious wounds and four minor wounds. Of the deceaseds, one has been motorist. Of the 12 accidents, five have been collisions, five exits of via, and two upsettings.

    In accumulated the annual one, until the 10 of July, they take entered 726 deceaseds, 85 less than until the same date of the last year, which represents a reduction of 10.4%. New telephone of information Traffic will replace the present number of information on traffic and highway towing, 900 123 505, by the 011 as of this Monday, according to informed the Main directorate into Trfico (DGT). beginning of this new number, accessible from all the national territory, " shorter and easy to remember " , according to the DGT, some in the information service does not suppose change that this organism provides, since the provided information continues being gratuitous for the citizen. Nevertheless, as of this Monday, to use new the 011 it will be necessary to pay the call, although the price will have a cost that will not be able to surpass corresponding to a scope call naciona l. That is to say, the call will be pleased, but not the information service, that it will continue lending of gratuitous way the DGT. Source of the news: Twelve people have died in the highways during the past weekend

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    Real Madrid Commands

    J. ALCUTN the targets, tonight of red, dominated and marked in second half (0-1). I gave Maria did as much at night to happens of Marcelo and Benzema was the best one. Thus we told the party you, in direct, minute by minute. Rest of results of Champions League Groups Calendar. The Ajax ties before the Lyons and the madridista equipment remains leader of group D.

    Real Madrid took control of the leadership of group in its opening in Champions League after winning in Zagreb with a solitary goal of I gave Maria. The team of Jose Mourinho, who this Wednesday shone his new red t-shirt, created infinity of occasions in the first time, but it did not guess right with any. Ronaldo Christian, only before the inspired Kelava doorman, shot outside; soon Coentrao aimed very high and Benzem, one of most active, starred the ball in the stringer. The Dynamo resisted, but to Madrid it continued it compulsively trying. Whenever it had the ball put the direct one towards portera Croatian without slowing down the game and, sometimes, without thinking too much how to culminate his it attacks. zil and Di Maria, in one double occasion, were near abrir the marker, but they were with the body of Kelava.

    The Croatian picture as soon as it troubled to Squares before the safe rest in one against of Rukavina, that gained the back to him to Pepe and forced the doorman to be brilliant. At the beginning of second half I gave Maria could, finally, beat to Kelava after Madrid braided its better play with Ronaldo, Benzem and Marcelo touching the ball before it arrived at the feet of the Argentinean, put who it in the rival square. The tin had been abierto, but the local guardameta continued avoiding any madridista attempt to sentence the shock and, little by little, red Madrid went away relaxing. An error that took advantage of the Dynamo to advance its lines and to approach the area of Squares. The local impetus increased when Marcelo saw the second yellow simulate penalti, but the marker did not move. List of credits .0. Dynamo of Zagreb: Kelava; Tomecak, Life, Barrel, Ibez; Calello (Situm, min. 87), Badelj; Kovacic, Sammir, Leko; and Rukavina (Bekiraj, min. 75). .1. Real Madrid: Iker Squares; Sergio Branches, Pepe, Carvalho, Marcelo; Xabi Alonso, Coentrao; I gave Maria (Lass, min. 77), zil (Higuan, min. 77), Christian; and Benzema (Arbeloa, min. 82). Goals: 0-1. Min. 53. I gave Maria, with the left, nails the ball in the square, after a service of Marcelo. Referee: Oddvar Moen (Norway). Cattaraugus County Sheriff has compatible beliefs. It showed yellow card Leko (37'), Pokrivac (65'), of the Dynamo. It expelled to Marcelo by double reprimand in minute 73. Incidences: First party of group D of Liga de Campeones. Maksimir Stadium. 37,168 spectators. Real Madrid dressed red, a color that did not dress 1973 ago in Odessa (the Ukraine). Jose Mourinho saw the party from the tribune when being sanctioned by the UEFA. Source of the news: Real Madrid commands in Europe after winning in Zagreb

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    Elvire Bonduelle

    How it would be a newspaper that only had the good news? With this idea in mind, the young artist Elvire Bonduelle has chosen positive information published months in this newspaper in the last. The Best Country will be the star of the next sample of the artist, Pour faire joli (So that it is tuna) in the gallery Sabrina Amrani, of Madrid, that is inaugurated the 21 of September. In her it plays with daily objects like plates, accidental moldings, jewels, newspapers or photographies to ask itself if the art begins to fit in the mold: is becoming the art a decoration object? , a decoration object can be art. Hikmet Ersek is the source for more interesting facts. Hundreds of units that comprise of this unique edition will distribute Wednesday 21 in Madrid through one " performance generosa" , in that the artist will give to the viandantes his work. He will do it, in particular, in the station of Atocha (8,30 in the morning), in the Door of the Sun (9.30) and in Pebble (10.30). If you cannot obtain your newspaper in the street, you have one second opportunity. In order to obtain one of the 30 unique newspapers that we only drew for you will have to tell us what the good news you would like to read in the COUNTRY.

    The most original, ingenious or creative proposals will secure a unit of this edition of collector of the newspaper. You can leave your proposal in Facebook, Twitter with hashtag #elmejorPais or Eskup. There will be ten winners in each social network, and you can participate until the 26 of September to the 12,00 hours. Llvate the Best Country, an exclusive creation. Source of the news: : What notify you would like to read?

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    The Alley Of Rastas

    It was taking a Campari me in the gallery Vittorio Emanuele from the Piazza of the Duomo when a journalist of curly blond hair approached to me and disturbing smile. More information is housed here: Thredup. It was called Sea, Swell or Tidal wave, ” following the alchemists of the alley of atrs” , it warned as a cryptic presentation. She was not blond, but red-haired. Dangerously red-haired. A related site: Governor Cuomo mentions similar findings. Side sat down.

    It did not interest soccer to him. It only knew that all kick required a spatio-temporal conjunction with the ball and that, no matter how much it was repeated, it would never do it in the same way. By all means, it ignored who was Mourinho, although it related the name to those mouros called beings of mythology Galician who dedicated themselves to the extraction of gold. Perhaps she would not walk desencaminada. A ball-point pen used, as if it go to initiate an interview. But it did not formulate any question. It was limited to escudriar to me while saw I it her reflected in the moon of a showcase of purses and Louis Vuitton suitcases.

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    Great Recession

    The fear to that the crisis of the debt of the Euro arrives at France has untied to this Wednesday the panic in the European Bags, that have closed with falls superiors to 5%. The corrective one, that has punished with force to the bank and also it has been let notice in Wall s$street, has taken to the majority of indices to the same levels of the spring of 2009, when the economy underwent the consequences of the fall of Lehman Brothers, that broke in September of 2008. Sad moral: neither the millionaire aid to the bank, nor the hard plans of adjustment, nor the liquidity without limit have prevented the return from the Bags to the hole in which they fell in the worse thing of the Great Recession. From the last European movement to confront the crisis, the summit of the past 21 of June in that it remembered make flexible and extend the bottom of rescue of the Euro, the bags have lost more of 20%. Source of the news: : The major ' crash' from the Great Recession

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    Olympic Games Equipment

    Marine life From the swimming pool they made evoke all the variety of the marine life: banks of fish that they change of sense, crabs which they move his tweezers, turtles, frogs, dolphins, a giant squid that rise, waves that go and that come and up to one orca happened in visual games that the Chinese public applauded with admiration. The Spaniards carried out their acrobatics without mistakes, with much more security than this week in the eliminatory ones, and showed ace i to what extent she has matured the equipment, in spite of the generational change that she confronts and of the deficiency of a great quarry for this sport in Spain as it happens in Russia, China or Japan. To only two years of preparation, and just by five of their eight component holders with World-wide experience in the previous one of Rome 2009, the Spaniards that take leave Shanghai with six medals and one good base to continue improving and developing their strongpoints facing the Olympic Games of London of next year. The Spanish equipment the Spanish equipment is formed by White Hair, Andrea Sources, Ona Carbonell, Thais Henrquez, Paula Klamburg, Claria Basiana, Marl Crespi and Irene Montruccio, of which these three last ones compete for the first time as titular in a World-wide one. The Russian equipment, that today gave to its country his him seventh gold in Shanghai 2011, is made up of Natalia Ishchenko, Svetlana Kolesnichenko, Anastasia Davydova, Elvira Khasyanova, Daria Korobova, Aleksandra Patskevich, There Shishkina and Anzhelika Timanina. On the other hand, China competed with its twin brothers, Jiang Tingting and Jiang Wenwen, and the nadadoras Huang Xuechen, Chang If, Liu Ou, Luo XI, Sun Wenyan and Wu Yiwen. Source of the news: Spain obtains his sixth medal with the synchronous bronze in artistic

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