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    Ritter GmbH Successful Trade Fair Appearance

    A positive conclusion moved Riki Rosson, Managing Director of long + Ritter GmbH, an appearance at this year’s Hannover Fair: Gerlingen, April 21, 2011. Both media and partners and many visitors showed enormous interest in our demonstration of RTM process. See Deccan Value for more details and insights. Within the framework of the theme parks lightweight had given insight into various RTM processes Lange + Knight at the world’s largest industrial fair of the infusion of foil over the RTM-light – up to a pressure-RTM process. The practical demonstrations initiated by the EURO-RTM group, a working group of the Industrial Association of reinforced plastics (AVK). Fibre-reinforced plastics were a focus in the theme park lightweight of the fair. They found entry into a wide variety of applications in recent years”, said AVK – Managing Director Elmar Witten over bird market. Lange + Knight demonstrated also, as is energy-efficient and resource friendly to the manufacture of components the plastics can be inserted in the solution area. The Hannover Fair is a important place for us to highlight the importance of fibre-reinforced plastics in the German technology landscape”, Riki Rosson said.

    This will recognized by more and more industries, because it is a technology of the future with a high innovation potential. Here for more information about Lange + Knight: content/index.php press contact Gerhard Baumann GmbH & co. KG Schorndorfer Strasse 42 71638 Ludwigsburg phone: 07141-688 96-3 fax: 07141-688 96-59 E-mail: more information Riki Rosson Managing Director Lange + Ritter GmbH diesel 25 70839 Gerlingen phone: 07156/2006-12 eMail: Facebook: pages/LangeRitter-GmbH/172780511264 corporate information: company Lange + Knights headquartered in Gerlingen specializes in fiber reinforcement, Vacuum accessories, sandwich materials, resins, and Acrystal. In our product range you will find everything required on raw material, reinforcing fibres, additives and additives in the resin processing. As Trade sales for manufacturers of fiber-reinforced plastic moulded parts informed Lange + Knight his customers always about the latest technical developments, discusses properties and potential applications reliably and competently and has the technical know-how

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    Double Victory

    Two LandJuwel-Fleischer win the Berlin sausage Championship 2010! Blue sky, sunshine, meditierende temperatures, thirteen participating meat shops and over 7000 visitors! These are the most important performance cornerstones of the 8 sausages Championship of the butchers Guild Berlin last weekend. Best conditions for the two participants of the LandJuwel group of Berlin-Brandenburg, the butcher’s shop Otmar Ullrich (from Tempelhof) and the butcher’s shop Genz (Marienfelde) to go with much enthusiasm and above all much creativity at the start. At the end could enjoy both about winning trophies and thus won a double victory for LandJuwel. Arts and crafts were paired with LandJuwel quality meat on this day therefore unbeatable. In the category of “most creative sausage” the butcher Gale posted the most votes and won your first participation immediately with the creation of “Wasabi-ginger sausage”. In the category of “Best sausage of Berlin” the butcher’s shop Ullrich was able to convince once again the visitors with the “garlic-sausage” and brought the title for the fifth time! Lot of effort and creativity to the visitors not only flavorful to score points, operated a large expenditures for the decoration of their stands both LandJuwel participants and took off from the field.

    “This was certainly a large percentage of our one-two!” commented Markus Genz. Otmar Ullrich added: “a not insignificant proportion and therefore not to forget our employees who stand all day on the grill, or distribute the samples for tasting on the visitors are of course.” At the end the effort was worth it! Both stalls were always well attended and the employee could go so successfully on “Electioneering”. A saleswoman proved particularly rich simplicity the butcher Gale. Because she suggested master Gale the creation of “Wasabi-ginger sausage”. An unusual idea and combination, where at the end but the success is right this and the courage to implement. Emotions then pur saw the visitors at the award ceremony! For the winners there was a Laolawelle, the team of the butcher shop Ullrich embraced is overjoyed and of otherwise level-headed Otmar Ullrich could not hide his tears. We congratulate both teams for this perfect one-two and now look forward to a successful title defence next year!

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    Bet Headquarters

    The new information portal organizes just in time for the European Championship a big EM Predictor with attractive prices. Mannheim – has infected there already many, all others are infected in the next few days: the EM-fever. On wettzentrale.net, there is now an EM Predictor, which all visitors of the betting centre free to participate. To win, there are attractive rates, betting bonus, and prizes. Prices are provided by the internationally known betting exchange Betfair and the betting Office. Participation is easy. Simply visit the betting Center at, join free and tips. A real result Tip 3 points, 2 points and correct output trend resulting right goal difference scores 1 point.

    Through special tips you can secure additional points and continue climbing upward in the rankings. So not just before the European Championships there is tension, but always news are available in the course of the tournament, there is its own EM area with all the important information on the headquarters of the bets the Teams and the tournament. Here everyone can exchange about the teams and more. During the European Championship, written by the experienced sports bettors and moderators of the bet headquarters detailed previews of the upcoming games and betting tips given by football experts. The betting system betting is an independent and free information offer for friends of successful betting. Here, there is valuable information, tips, and news from the exciting world of betting. It extensive information around the topic of sports betting are provided free of charge and in the big betting central forum betting professionals and beginners about all sports Exchange.

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    Steiner Sarnen Switzerland AG

    Wind, snow, and frost: Munich/St. Moritz, the newest TV spot by Audi, as from adverse elements shows 10.12.2013 – to start in the winter the perfect condition is a permanent four wheel drive of the brand for the Audi quattro. Guests of the Swiss winter sports town of St. Moritz can convince them well beyond the road. These days in the middle of the Corviglia ski area opened exclusive quattro bar on 2.486 metres above sea level. On an area of over 100 square metres it offers bar space for up to 90 guests and will be open both in the winter and in the summer season. For this purpose, the Office SCHMIDHUBER has designed a room and set in scene, preparing a special experience the guests with open log fires and creations from the kitchen of the star chef of Reto Mathis. A press event in the frame of the evening show on the 13.12.2013 will take place at 19:00, where sometimes, Michael Gunther, project manager at SCHMIDHUBER, will be exciting details and insights on design and planning.

    Journalists and Media representatives are cordially invited to do this, and register if you are interested directly at Audi. Concept of the Skihutte reinterpreted the wide view of the impressive Alpine panorama is obtained through the continuous glass facade in the Interior of the room and ensure a memorable stay. Distinctive eye-catcher is the 10 metre quattro logo, whose sculptural three-dimensional Buchstaben literally float in the elegant Grisons granite wall and as a detailed artistic reliefs of Audi quattro the story. So, you can see about the famous ski jump, the Audi A6 successfully climbed in the legendary spot from 1986, or the history of the quattro-models. Branding and artwork, fire and ice are the archaic symbol of boundless freedom.

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    HSBC New Title Sponsor Of The Abu Dhabi Golf Championship

    Golf sizes from around the world compete for HSBC Golf Championship in January at the Abu Dhabi 2.7 million dollars Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA) and HSBC, The world’s local bank, enter a five-year cooperation which the financial institution makes it the main sponsor of the PGA European tour. The golf event held the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship from November 20th to January 23, 2011 under the new name of Abu Dhabi Golf Club. Thanks to the partnership, the prize money to US $500,000 is increased to $2.7 million. ADTA is confident to win five of the ten world’s best golfers for the competition. The first letter comes from the reigning champion and two-time winner of the tournament Martin Kaymer.

    The Germans occupied currently fifth in the World Golf rankings. For the 26-year-old, the Championship has a special meaning: with an another victory, he would be the first golfer who creates a hat-trick here. I enjoy everything in Abu Dhabi, of the wonderful weather up to the incredible kindness and excellent facilities. And I definitely want the title defend”, as Kaymer. With the HSBC, the ADTA brings a partner into the boat, which has considerable experience in the field of golf sponsorship. However, the Abu Dhabi HSBC event is the first golf-cooperation for the Bank in the Middle East. We are very glad to be able to act as the title sponsor.

    Because we think that ADTA has established a high-quality event, goes extremely well with our brand”, assured Simon Cooper, Managing Director of HSBC Middle East. To further establish Abu Dhabi as golf and leisure destination, we extend the offer for players and spectators alike. “Also, you will find improved leisure facilities: more golf courses, stunning new resorts and mega attractions, such as the newly opened Ferrari World Abu Dhabi”, emphasizes his Excellency Mubarak Al Muhairi, Director General of the authority and Chairman of the Championship Committee. In addition to HSBC the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship is supported by a number of other senior sponsors, including Etihad Airways, Emirates Palace, CNN, and Rolex. For more There is information to the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship under, info about Abu Dhabi General under. Images and press learn more about Abu Dhabi under. How to contact with consumer: Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority Bayerstrasse Street 27 60313 Frankfurt phone: 069 / 29 92 53 90 E-Mail:

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    Sweepstakes Action Farbrausch.NET

    Portraits of the photo in the retro-style to win with color noise can be to the retro artwork are his photo. From the photo, young artists design an individual, modern portrait in a fashionable retro look. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of USPS on most websites. Whether as an original gift or unique decoration for your own four walls, the stylish pictures sure are a decorative eye-catcher. In the context of a competition, Farbrausch is giving away 10 individual portraits in the retro style of the own photo template. The portraits are mounted on canvas and stretcher frames and can be hung up immediately without framing. The stylish portraits in the large-format 100 x 80 cm have a value of EUR 135 per. In addition, 50 posters in retro style will be raffled. Everything you have to do for this is the application to fill out. You can participate at. Closing date for entries is the 31 October 2008 press contact: FARBRAUSCH – Verena Schlemmer – marketing & PR – Rai Trail 12 – 34628 Willingshausen – 06697/919982 or 0173/7662921 – E-Mail:

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    Hitchwiki Reached Article

    Milestone of 1000 articles is achieved the Hitchwiki, a free travel guide and for Hitchhikers, has reached the mark of 1000 English articles on September 16, 2008. The project started in 2005 and has grown steadily since. More than 400 Hitchhikers from all over the world, many of them from Germany, have more than 1500 articles in 7 languages written. The Hitchwiki is an international exchange centre for information about the hitchhiking in many countries around the world. It contains special tips for the hitchhiking in large cities and general information about equipment, safety and strategies to quickly and efficiently hitch forward reach.

    You will find also in the Hitchwiki personal profiles of backpackers, trip reports, photos, videos, discussion forums, and a world map with tramp points registered by the users. The concept of a wiki is to make possible effective public information and knowledge. Everyone can write their own articles and edit existing articles – and be it only to Typo fix. This concept brought a breakthrough success the encyclopedia Wikipedia. Also the growth of Hitchwikis is very promising. The milestone of 1000 articles symbolizes a return of hitchhikers culture.

    2006 the tramper freaky Association was tried in Germany founded, which network hitchhikers and making the hitchhiking again presentable. He has over 150 members. In many other countries, the hitchhiking is still an everyday means of transport. For many young travelers, the hitchhiking is the preferred method of travel. Not only because it is free and environmentally friendly, but also because it gives a special feeling of freedom and allows more contact with the local population. The European day of Hitchhiker in August 2008 150 Hitchhikers from all over Europe in Paris at the Eiffel Tower have met. This event was planned with the help of the Hitchwiki and carried out. For more information: Web:

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    Relocation Service – The Smart Move Solution

    IBS intelligent business solutions GmbH Rieta de Soet and the IBS Business Centre offer for more than 20 years of Office solutions. This service is now extended to the relocation service. Many writers such as US Parcel Service offer more in-depth analysis. “We are looking for our customers the real estate that meet your requirements, because the feel good effect” so Rieta de Soet is in the settlement of central importance. Our relocation service plans, organizes and accompanies the move from all over the world in the Switzerland and vice versa, so Dr. Fabian de Soet. Rieta de Soet explains that all work related to the relocation be done on request by the relocation team. Also the search includes after a suitable school for the children, the registration of the car, search for sports clubs, tennis clubs or golf clubs.

    Administrative procedures are applied and we also log on the radio and TV. In a small training, we introduce our customers into the specifics of the host country. As the business center with tailor-made solutions and the relocation team support continues after moving with help and advice. IBS intelligent business solutions GmbH Ms. Rieta Vanessa de Soet Baarerstrasse 94 CH-6300 Zug Tel.: 0041 41 560 36 00 fax: 0041 41 560 36 01 Web: E-Mail: IBS intelligent business solutions GmbH is a team of business managers, accountants, marketing and management consultants, which has over 20 years of experience in the areas of business center, business and management consulting.

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    Drive With Print24 To The Final Of The WM2010!

    Extension of the World Cup competition until April 23, 2010 with a photo competition seeks the best football fan pictures print24 since April 1. With the motto on the camera, going on!”are all friends, couples and football fans called to join. Ever crazier, funnier and more unusual is the better, each submitted motif. The only requirements to participate: The photographed persons must be at least 18 years old and should have a fan outfit. All submissions are published in print24 blog in an image gallery and made the reader’s choice. You can join in: print24.com/../mit-print24-zur-fussball-wm/ closing date is 23 April 2010 join worth several times: the winners will receive a trip for two to the football-WM2010 in South Africa.

    Are included in the travel package: 5 days (8 to 13 July 2010) stay in Johannesburg at the 5-star hotel 2 tickets of the coveted tickets for the World Cup final day trip to Soweto (South Western townships) an exciting Safari in the Kwalata nature reserve, as well as all flights and transfers as bonus praises print24 also a Samsung NC 10 NetBook and a Samsung ES55 digital camera from, if their travel experiences in documenting the winner. The trip report is then published by print24 in the online blog and on the Facebook fan page. 2nd get an original World Cup ball to 5. All visitors of the print24 blog about the images can vote starting April 26. Won the couple that won the most votes until May 10 to 23:59. print24 GmbH Friedrich-List-str. 3 01445 Radebeul contact: Andrea Fleischer Tel.: 0351 / 272 253 88 de

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    Haiti Dominican Republic

    We help children’s Hospital in Haiti Dominican Republic tourists ask to pack all travelers to Puerto Plata, a small Pack with relief supplies and to take. See a list of needed articles of donations and the current coverage of the support group in Sosua on the website reyaca.de/blog. A video of the aid of Sosua (see below). There is a photo gallery at Picasa. You can us also follow reaching E-Mail addresses: or.

    By phone we offer under the telephone number 001 829 706 3161 available. Please inform your airline Air Berlin before departure your donation package, which includes no extra cost to you. You must give up the package only at the check-in. Your clothes is the pick and shipment of donations to Haiti by the civil protection agency of Sosua, and in the Caribbean region of leave”, phone 001 829 714 4947, organized. Donation list for Haiti: drugs: all types of antibiotics for the oral smoke, intravenous drugs and creams Electrolytes, ampoules or soaps antiseptic in powder form, infusions, bandages, casts, paving, elastic bandages, cure of gastro-intestinal problems, vitamins, multivitamins, calcium, Voltaren (tablets and ointment), magnesium, painkillers. You can bring both new and used things for the children at the children’s Hospital. Every small contribution helps already. Diapers, baby milk for all ages, pajamas, baby bottles and children’s clothing for all ages, children’s underwear for all ages, shoes, toys, SOAP, body lotion, shampoo, baby oil, baby powder, vaseline, sleeping bags, blankets, mosquito nets, Michpulver, semolina, porridge. Thank you very much!

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