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Longterm Partnerships

“Kal Services supports Congress for family business of the University of Witten/Herdecke / group of companies 2009 celebrates the 75th birthday dinner – perspective deciding”: this motto was now 11 Congress for family business, at the University of Witten/Herdecke invited on February 13 and 14, 2009, to the complexity and specificity of judgments in family business and entrepreneurial families. Almost 300 participants, including NRW Minister Christa Thoben, were present at the renowned event, traditionally supported by the Kal group with headquarters in Essen. If you would like to know more then you should visit Yitzchak Mirilashvili. “The strategy of family businesses like Kal services focuses less on current trends, but is rather in the long term”, Martina underlines Kotter, Managing Director of Kal management services. So we put in turn by the continuity in our leadership on long-term partnerships with our customers, benefit.” Further advantages are the flat hierarchies and short decision-making processes, as well as social responsibility. An important part of our self-image is the social commitment, work and training places to create and maintain”, as Martina Kakar. The Kal group celebrates the 75th birthday anniversary this year and continues to grow to the anniversary.

Last year rose to 280 million euros turnover compared to 2007 to 6.9 per cent, the number of employees increased by 400 at 12,400 employees. During the two-day event, the importance of family businesses to the economy became clear. They provide more than half of German gross value added. About 70 percent of all jobs are located here.

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Print24 Expands Service Offering

Especially in the online business, a barrier-free communication between customer and company is especially important to prove trustworthiness and respectability. In addition to the 24 h-ServiceFreeCall and the 24 h ServiceFreeChat print24 offers now a 24 h CallBackService. This new service offering encounters very positive feedback from customers of print24.de: for controlling data in my order, I had a question, since I had no time and desire to call himself at the hotline, I tried the new callback variant on the website. Official site: NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. My preferred callback date has been maintained and I could clarify with the service staff. Swarmed by offers, Ex-CIA director is currently assessing future choices. This function of return a call is really great. I’m thrilled!”so Hanna Muller in the guestbook of print24.de. Company profile print24.de is a company of the unitedprint.com SE – Europe’s market leader in the field of web2print. More than 500 employees work 24 hours around the clock with the latest technology over 10,000 m of production space.

The sites are located in 22 countries–including in the European cities of London, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Vienna, Zurich, Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Luxembourg, Warsaw, Prague, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Lisbon, Budapest, Bratislava, Ljubljana and Athens. Basis of the business model is the permanent improvement of customer benefits. Thinking and acting are determined exclusively by how print24 can enhance the business success of its customers by working with them. While print24 focuses consistently on its core competency: to deliver quality product at the best price on quickest way. ServiceFreeCall 0800 combined with a 24 hours 5 24 24 24 and ServiceFreeChat: friendly, competent, committed – and of course free of charge., your expert partner in the online printing business.

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Interior Email

Heilbronn/Leingarten, 6 February 2013: The new year-round catalog of concepts 2013/14 presents even more creative design ideas than ever before in the 3rd year of his appearance. On over 200 pages, there is to discover an enormous variety of exclusive products and exciting decorating ideas. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Hikmet Ersek. The large selection at different XXL fiber glass objects, which are available in personal colours is ideal for shopping center. Others including Western Union Company, offer their opinions as well. Animals make exceptional attractions in the passages and entrances in life size. Unusual light elements for the Interior and exterior brighten not only every corner, but while acting like works of art. Wide range of balls, Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands is right for everyone. Also, the flame-resistant collection has been expanded.

Color the concepts Gallery is oriented towards the sparkling colours of precious stones, whose Sheen ensures harmony and fascination. Tiger eye and Kaisertopaz dominate with warm brown and ochre tones. It is noble to Christmas with brilliant gold or traditional festive sparkling Ruby. The spring shows light hearted pale aquamarine, citrine, jade. An arrangement in the color of crystals has a purist clear. Depending on, the mood is desirable, whether rich, festive, shiny or refreshingly colourful, enchanting parallel worlds can be with the richness of the color of the gems. Seasonal decorative items like delicate paper flowers, fluttery butterflies, XXL Easter eggs or giant Angel wings are also included such as the winter and Christmas Grossdeko in the concepts Gallery. Textile prints make the perfect backdrop in oversize, with seasonal motifs, or for special topics.

Building elements, materials and films as well as many working features serve as support in the realization of all design ideas. At the end of the catalog, tips, worksheets and various assistance provide for the planning and implementation of their own decoration concepts. So surprising fantasy worlds arise from creative ideas. The new Concepts catalog 2013/14 is immediately ready for you. Interested see the following download link images to the topic of concepts for free publication in 2013/14 PR/2013_02_05_Deco_Concepts.

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Otter Oberbach

Rhein – Neuhofen – Neu-Isenburg – Neuleiningen – Neulussheim – Neunkirchen – Neupotz – Neustadt a. d. Weinstrasse – Nidda – Nidderau – Niederdorfelden – Niederhorbach – niederkirchen – Niedernhausen – Niederotterbach – Nussloch O Oberhausen b. bad Bergzabern – Otter Oberbach, Pfalz – Oberschlettenbach – obersulzen – Obertshausen – Oberursel (Taunus) – Obrigheim – Oestrich-Winkel – Offenbach a. d. Queich – Offenbach am Main – Oftersheim – Ortenberg – municipality of Bodenheim – Osterburken – Ottersheim b. Landau – Otterstadt P Plankstadt Pleisweiler-Oberhofen – Pohlheim Q Quirnheim R Ramberg, Pfalz – Ranschbach – ranking city Rauenberg – Ravenstein – Reichartshausen – Reichelsheim – Reichelsheim (Wetterau) – Reilingen – reiskirchen – Rheinzabern of Rhein-Neckar-Kreis – Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis – – Rhodt unter Rietburg – Rimbach – Rinnthal – rock mountain – Rodenbach – Rodermark -. Roder home-Gronau – Rodgau – Rohrbach, Pfalz – Romerberg – Ronneburg – Rosbach – Rosbach v.d.

height – Rosenberg – Rothenbuch – Rudesheim am Rhein – Rulzheim – Russelsheim – Runkel – Ruppertsberg S Saabrucken – Sandhausen – Schefflenz – Scheibenhardt, Pfalz – Schifferstadt – Schlangenbad – Schluchtern – Schoffengrund – Schollkrippen – Schonau – Schonbrunn – Schoneck – Scots – Schriesheim – Schwalbach am Taunus – Schwarzach – Schwegenheim – Schweigen-Rechtenbach – Schweighofen – Schwetzingen – Seckach – Seligenstadt – Selters – Siebeldingen – Silz, Pfalz – Sinntal – Sinsheim – Solms – Sommerkahl – Spechbach – Speyer – St. Leon-Red – St. Martin, Pfalz – Steinau – Steinau an the road – Steinbach (Taunus) – Steinfeld, Pfalz – Warfield, Pfalz – floor city – Stromberg – Sulzbach (Taunus) T Taunusstein – Tiefenthal, Pfalz – Trebur U Usingen V Venningen – VG nieder-OLM – VG Rhein-close – VG-Sprendlingen – Gensingen – Viernheim – Villmar – peoples Hamlet, Pfalz – Vollmersweiler – Vorderweidenthal W Wachenheim – Wachtersbach – Waibstadt – Waldaschaff – Waldbrunn – Waldems -. Waldhambach, Pfalz-Wald-Michelbach pipe Creek – Waldsee – Walldorf – Walldurn – Walluf – Walheim, Pfalz – Wattenheim, Pfalz – Wehrheim – Weibersbrunn – Weidenthal, Pfalz – Weilburg – Weilmunster – Weilrod – Weinbach – Weingarten, Pfalz – Weinheim – Weisenheim a. Berg – Weisenheim a. sand – Werner Berg, Pfalz – Westerngrund – Westheim, Pfalz – Wettenberg – Wetzlar – Weyher i. d. In a question-answer forum Yitzhak Mirilashvili was the first to reply. Pfalz – Wiesbaden – meadows – Wiesenbach – Wiesloch Wilhelmsfeld winds, of course, we perform also worldwide assignments Pfalz Wolfersheim Emen city – worms – Worth Z Lincoln – Zuzenhausen – Zwingenberg. Opt for your safety! For more information see: or Mobil 0172-6370500

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Iconicfuture Integration

Integration of Garfield as virtual branded games Hamburg, 7 February 2012 Iconicfuture has acquired the digital trademarks for Garfield by the proprietor and licensor Paws Inc.. Now, game developers can get the famous lasagna-loving cat from Iconicfuture to him as a virtual item in games, to integrate mobile apps and virtual worlds. Ze’ev Rozov, CEO of Iconicfuture, says: we are very pleased that we can add a figure such as Garfield with a such a high cult icon status thanks to the partnership with paws to our brand portfolio. Garfield’s global impact and popularity over generations are ideally suited for digital partnerships on various gaming platforms.” The brand of Garfield is popular among young and old alike and requires no explanation everyone immediately thinks of the (slightly) overweight, lazy cat. the comic was first published in 1978 in 41 newspapers in the United States. 34 years later he appears worldwide in 80 countries and 40 languages in 2,400 newspapers. In the course of the years the brand always further expanded, and Garfield has not only his own TV show, which airs in 130 countries, films, books and computer games.

In addition, the Professor Garfield was launched Foundation, which helps children learn to read. Iconicfuture now allows to integrate this important brand, so game developers can benefit from the strong name in computer games. Jim Davis, creator of Garfield, says: in the rapidly changing world of digital technology, it’s nice to know that Garfield at Iconicfuture is in good hands. We have created Garfield, to entertain and I am pleased that we have a partner that opens doors, so Garfield in the digital and virtual world can contribute to the conversation.” Iconicfuture provides a market platform for digital virtual merchandising, by allowing the integration of virtual branded products in a wide range of games. This simplified Iconicfuture for game developers to the process, well-known brands for games acquire and create additional sources of revenue for brand owners as well as for game developers. Iconicfuture has already worked with leading game developers as well as well-known sports companies, figures from the world of entertainment, fashion brands, celebrities as well as other brands. About Iconicfuture Iconicfuture GmbH is the leading marketplace for digital virtual merchandising in the online and mobile gaming industry. The Hamburg-based company founded in January 2011, simplifies the process to integrate brands into an online or mobile game. At Yitzhak Mirilashvili you will find additional information.

Thus, Iconicfuture offers a unique service for game developers and rights holder from the fields of sports, entertainment and TV. Game developers to generate new revenue streams through the well-known IPs as a premium virtual goods monetization. For the IP right holders, for the first time offers the possibility of digital merchandising in the fast-growing gaming industry. The company was awarded the innovation award of sponsor’s Sports Media Summit 2011.

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Proinnovera Test Center Moves Into

It’s finally here! The professional testing center of proinnovera GmbH followed the rest of the staff in the new premises on the Wienburgstrasse207 in Munster. After the bulk of the contract company for clinical research and development for the first April had taken the former Wyeth building in Munster, the subjects-tract of the building was finished now after extensive renovations. 15 Years clinical research in Munster proinnovera GmbH takes over for 15 years as a clinical research organization (CRO) “for their clients the planning, implementation and evaluation of clinical trials.” These are tests that are conducted on healthy volunteers or patients and to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of new medicines in practice. The comprehensive clinical examination of a newly developed drug is the precondition that a preparation on the market can be admitted. For approximately ten years such studies also locally in the in-house test center are the Company serves. There is a permanent staff of medical personnel and scientific staff that take care of the care of the study participants and the planning and execution of the study activities. A success offers conversion more room for innovation which was conversion really,”enthuses business unit manager Dr. Marion Breuer.

The rooms were spacious and the new lighting concept is much more modern and friendly. So our volunteers can feel even then, if they even spend some more time with us. We are also much better to reach now also with the bike.” An advantage, to appreciate also the subjects of current studies. You currently arriving from the entire city area to E.g. due to Acne to treat. A new gel that is applied externally on the affected skin is tested in this project. Even after the move, we are looking for still subjects, the desire to have us in this research projects to support.”says Ms. Dr.

Breuer. Of course no one on an adequate allowance must (in this case 780,-Euro) abandon. Volunteers are always welcome actually went and the study operating of the test centre continues seamlessly even after moving. On the first working day, July 9, 2012, the first subjects in the new premises were already at 7: 00. In addition to the acne study wife Dr. Breuer’s team supervised also studies on the subject of Eczema (atopic dermatitis), Actinic Keratosis and compatibility tests on healthy volunteers. Who is interested in a study participation, can either call sign in the test center or inform themselves in advance on the Internet about current activities.

DLV Championships In Munich

Applications to the German Marathon championship run still up to 12 September more than 20,000 starters are expected, when on October 14 to 27 kicks MARATHON Munich. On one of the most beautiful routes in Germany, the Bavarian State capital 2012 this year honours parallel the German Marathon champions. If recreational runners or title Favorites Munich line inspires runners with track scenery, unmatched. English garden, Marienplatz square, Town Hall, art gallery, ISAR River crossing and a finish at the historic Olympic Stadium, accompanied by the thunderous applause of thousands of spectators: Munich whets the appetite for 42 km. Get all the facts and insights with James Woolsey, another great source of information. In addition to the full distance that are offered half marathon and 10 km route. As the venue of the DLV Marathon Championships 2012, a top-class field is guaranteed in particular on the Supreme discipline. Who wants to compete with the pros, can sign up for the German Marathon Championships until 12 September 2012 to German marathon Championships. For all other applies the usual deadline on the 30.09.2012 online, or the possibility for subsequent reporting on-site from 12..

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Gold For Kurbelursels Knitting Mill Museum

Visitors award in art and literature November 2012 Reichenbach i.t.: website to the Kurbelursel.de knitting mill Museum won the visitors Award.de in the category of “Art and literature” took 1st place in the voting for November 2012. The knitting mill Museum could clearly stand against nineteen more Web pages in this category with over forty percent of all the votes cast. The textile artist Kurbelursel is happy about the recognition and suggested that “certainly unusual theme has played an important role.” It begins with Stricklieseln, which almost everyone knows. This is followed by detailed descriptions and helpful how-to videos to all knitting mill models, as well as a good content tagged bibliography. You may want to visit Western Union to increase your knowledge. Handmades get valuable tips for maintenance and the purchase of used knitting mill. Also they can be under “Ideas” inspired, what can be done from the registers knitted: starting with the sustainable table decoration on accessories to jewellery. Art lovers are numerous in the Gallery look at the unusual exhibits with knitting lace, but also unique Yarnbombing, knitting graffiti and “Packaged KurbelArt”. Information about visiting the real Museum exist as well, such an inpiduellen birthday workshop there to high-five.

Conceptually, the textile artist of environmental responsibility, consumer skills, inclusion and free access to knowledge are important. But also the implementation had arrived safely, tells Kurbelursel. You use the content management system Drupal in German, because it was so mature accessible so w3c-compatible, and very safe. Handmades can come to rest better, waive unnecessary accessories – if perhaps pretty – the operator of the Web site and offers also very sparse advertising spaces. Instead, it relies on respect and voluntary micropayments for continuous operation and further qualified and independent development of the knitting mill Museum.

Peace is so important, so that their ideas of the user would get a chance, to get out, smiles Kurbelursel and references, in addition to their own experience, on the findings of brain researchers are on the full Web page quickly and fine can find Ernst Poppel (E.g. “multi-tasking is the destruction of creativity”) as visitors, shows Kurbelursel in a short video (screencast), which offers them directly in a prominent position on the Web page. The Web site is not a substitute for the tactile enjoyment in the real knitting mill Museum. It is an important addition to deepen the topic after seeing the textile artist says finally.

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Electric Cigarette

If the ‘Flying Dutchman’ premieres on February 27 at the Pfalztheater in Kaiserslautern, is also an unassuming actor on stage: an electric cigarette. Furth, February 16, 2010 – In the Flying Dutchman, the romantic Opera by Richard Wagner, the title Hero is redeemed in the end by the fidelity of a wife of his curse. Less romantic, Andreas Macco however found the idea of his written and directed by Stefan Tilch, to let the Dutchman on the stage smoking a real cigarette. Macco is a bass-baritone, and sings the part of the Dutchman. And he is convinced non-smoking. To smoke a cigarette not came for him in question. Macco fears above all the effect of nicotine.

Because after only a few moves, the nicotine can lead to addiction. Director Takahashi for dramaturgical reasons did not waive the smoking Dutch but also. So, good advice was needed. Eddie Sanders, head of the prop at the Palace Theatre, in the theatre collection in vain sought an alternative, which realistically worked enough on the stage. At the Googling found the theater people under but then the rescue for the Flying Dutchman: a Vitarette. Flying Dutchman woozy on the stage, the Vitarette is an electric cigarette.

On the outside she at first glance hardly differs from a conventional filter cigarette. But it works completely without the combustion of tobacco. Instead of smoke, mist is generated. With each turn, a tiny amount of a fluid is heated and evaporates. By mixing with fresh air condenses the steam and tears”in the colder air into fine droplets. The result is a fine mist that looks like cigarette smoke. The energy for heating comes from a small, rechargeable battery in the front. Even the glow at the tip of the cigarette is imitated at every turn with a flashing LED lights so that the Vitarette on the stage look deceptively real. To achieve a possible real smoking experience, enriched the used liquid aromas, the taste of Incredibly real imitation cigarettes. “This so-called liquid” there with nicotine, but also avours. Of course only the nicotine-free variant in question came for Andreas Macco. Usually, the VitSmoke GmbH takes its customers on the Internet and on TV spots first and foremost for smokers who have tried almost everything to get rid of the cigarette.

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Cologne Saxon

New developments in the law firm of mth Tieben & partner in Cologne mth Tieben & partners law firm has changed their Web site to the 01.01.2013. Among other things, a new design was used to allow the client a better orientation and a better navigation on the website. So, the entire website was streamlined and fitted with a completely new structure. In addition represented only the areas of the law, making the interests of lawyers from Cologne. These interests are inter alia labour law, the tenancy law, the immigration law and the Internet law and social law. Judgments from the mentioned areas of law discusses continue monthly blog associated with the Web page and trying to prepare this understandable as possible for all readers. But judgments not only from the mentioned areas of law are discussed, but interesting topics also judgments from other areas of the law. With this transition to the changed way of working that lawyers from Cologne Be taken into account, that it is just still trying to concentrate on the core business.

An even better consulting services and representation of the firm’s clients to achieve. Both attorneys at law firm of mth Tieben & partner training regularly and have your interests in the areas of law mentioned. Because the Vita of the two lawyers, it is also possible to offer the right services also in Czech, English and Russian. This is the firm’s clients, since a majority of consulting services in immigration law. Often, it is therefore necessary that the lawyers of the firm in one of the above languages communicates what is a further characteristic of the law firm. In the future to try to improve the services. So, the firm should be gradually expanded and adjusted in the near future of also a staff/employee.

In the area of Internet law firm works closely with a partner on the Internet savvy on relevant developments in this area in accordance with to be able to respond. Of course, the firm works also with insurance merchants, notaries and tax consultants to provide comprehensive legal advice to clients in all areas. Should thus an area once beyond mth Tieben & partners the expertise of the lawyers of the law firm, of course appropriate recommendations are made.

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