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The Domain

Today, science searchs to reintegrate the man in the world that it describes, looking for perhaps reverse speed-to enchant the nature and to return the mystery that surrounds each thing in its simple presence. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Rob Daley and gain more knowledge.. This new position certainly demands new forms to produce, to assimilate, to store and to distribute the knowledge acquired, not only through Science and its insistence on the demonstrvel, but by means of a really significant and originary relation with the world, what it would demand a new experience of the being, thinking and the language. 2. The despotenciao of the Spirit in modernity was not by chance that philosophers as Heidegger, for a briefing period Reitorado in 1933? Freiburg had believed a certain capacity of nazism to create a new type of mobilization (one third way between the communism and the americanismo), that it better harmonized the man to the requirements of the modern technique. Such task imposed to the German people the duty to become worthy of a new start, that would be in the originary largeness of the philosophy Greek, beyond supporting all the consequncias of veredictum of Nietzsche? ' ' God is morto' '. Continue to learn more with: Chobani refugees. (Cf. Heidegger, 1997; 1969).

However, then the philosopher perceives that also this Greek start of the philosophy was under the domain of the Will of power Nietzsche that it reigns in the age of the technique, and that also nazism would be the tragic face of this unconditional domain on the totality of the being who starts with cartesian metaphysics and its discovery of the citizen. Heidegger recognizes that he is essential one to think apt to organize and to design the prxis human being for all planet, however, cannot forget that this to think does not deplete all dimension of the bare place (Lichtung), where the things come in them to the meeting. The thought that calculates new possibilities continuously, with richer and more economic perspectives each time, does not have time to meditar.

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