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    In case of a plan No action, the photo session is best done outdoors. Tenderness of spring foliage, the brightness of the airfield, the luxury of autumn gold and silver of the winter – all this is an excellent backdrop for the beautiful Love Story. And even if your wedding day weather We will present an unpleasant surprise in the photo pair will already be bright and cheerful pictures made outdoors. It is not necessary to go beyond the Novosibirsk: even in a lot of beautiful places worth become the backdrop for Love Story. Excellent time for photography – Sunday morning.

    On the streets, parks and various institutions of the city are not so many people, and thus be easier to relax and have more chances to get good pictures, because no one will interfere. Also, if the day promises to be clear, then the morning sun is particularly soft, and faces no harsh shadows. In order to decide what you are closer and more interesting of all is to discuss the details with the photographer. "In At the meeting we discuss a sample scenario of married couples, places that would like to visit. Governor Cuomo often expresses his thoughts on the topic. I always show the kids their work, but I recommend to invent something of their own, because of their love story is unique, as they are. Why be like the others? If couples do not have their own ideas, we begin to find out where they got acquainted, where most spend their time than to get involved.

    From this is born Love Story. Photography itself lasts on average 3-4 hours ", – says Edward Wasilewski. Family portfolio think the pictures obtained after taking them, will fall safely on the shelf and will be reviewed for special occasions? Not at all! First, they can arrange a banquet room and create a real gallery. Secondly, during the actual celebration, we can show a slide show from the footage. As practice shows, guests will be delighted to view it. Finally, the third, the pre-wedding photos may be executed in a photo book. Wedding photo book – an unusual album, which can be used for congratulations. Several pages of this photobook can be left empty in order for guests to write their suggestions during the banquet. By the way, Love Story is quite possible to shoot and after the wedding. Agree: on what day of marriage behind us, the love only grows stronger. In addition, certain left any ideas and ideas that could not be to implement. A great chance to do it – Love Story book your photographer. What is a Love Story? It is the embodiment of love relationships couples. This is an opportunity to prepare adequately for weddings and try himself as a models. Finally – a charge of vivacity and good mood before the day of marriage. And we hope that you will be able to keep it for years!

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