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Cutting Metal

The accuracy of cutting through the cutter is provided by the clamp mechanism of the sheet. Usually, cutting is carried out on the fence or markup, on guillotines Metal establish precise rear lines, which allow to achieve high precision cutting. Highly valued precision and accuracy of cut and burr-free edge collapse. Some models are also equipped with a guillotine returnable pallets, which is going to cut metal. The main characteristics of the guillotine used for cutting metal, are: Cutting length.

As a rule, it is up to 2.5 meters. Maximum thickness of cut. Determined by the rigidity of steel 400/mm2. A significant number issued to date models of guillotines can satisfy the needs of metalworking companies at various levels and abilities. According to the principle guillotine device can be: manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical, automatic (CNC), as well as combine multiple combinations. Guillotine manual and pneumatic are the most simple form, and used for straight cutting sheet metal, rubber, cardboard, etc. Hydraulic guillotine with electro-mechanical drive is characterized by simplicity, and high labor productivity, and Adjustment of the blade for accurate cutting.

Very popular hydraulic guillotine shears with manual or automatic adjustment of clearance between the knives. This species is a guillotine simple to operate and is used for cutting not only the sheet metal, but the rods. Choosing one or another model cutter, you must think like a list of popular features later. Now, not always large number of them is an advantage, whereas the cost of the machine is in direct relation to this indicator. Guillotine with a set of functions required to establish economically viable in small repair shops or in a single production. Multipurpose shears are needed in large industries, which require intensive operation, high productivity and accuracy. We should not forget that this machine has a rather large dimensions. Our company specializes in the manufacture and sale of machine tools and equipment, we can get the guillotine for the metal in the range.

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Construction System

You can not buy equipment just for promotional and informational materials to collect and analyze actual operating parameters. And this is only possible when a large number of implemented projects wmc. Confirms the need for cooperation in the implementation of business project Construction wmc in a modular design with an experienced company, the Contractor may provide some examples of the necessary skilled technical solutions. Those firms that do not possess the relevant knowledge and that nevertheless taken for the implementation of these tasks (and often receive "orders" solely through lower prices), as a result can not provide customer building efficient and profitable wmc and its subsequent operation. For the imc skeleton should be applied from the whole-rolled steel profiles and sandwich panels of thickness 100-200 mm. Using the usual corner and mineral wool thickness of 50-100 mm for insulation will not provide required insulation, increase power consumption, degrade the appearance of the shop, whose rigidity and resilience to climate impacts will be significantly reduced. All these conditions are also provided using sealed plastic glass on the windows and metal or plastic doors.

The best solution to the floor construction is the use of water-resistant plywood 25 mm thick, covered with a metal corrugated sheets, with obligatory presence of ladders and strictly specified angles for drainage. The basis of the power supply system is the use of mmc electrical panel control in strict accordance with the emp (with protection from leakage currents, overload and short circuit protection for each type of equipment), and the application of modern pyatiprovodnoy (not outdated three-wire) power supply system. Only such a system ensures electrical safety staff and a reliable, stable operation of the equipment. For decontamination facilities and compliance in the package department must include irradiators, ozonator. Instead of flowing Water heater is expedient to use economical models such as cumulative, allowing 4-5 times to reduce power consumption.

For best performance and cleaning should be used collapsible milk line system and capacitive equipment – only with a rounded profile section. Temperature control of milk at all stages of processing should be provided automatically (with an accuracy of 1 C), and before feeding milk to separation should be conducted his agitation. The above are some technical parameters (not all) belong to wmc, which produces the company zao Kolaks-M, working in this segment of the market in Russia about 20 years and have accumulated Perhaps the greatest experience from the commissioning of about 200 such objects. As a result, those who plan to do business in the field of milk processing in the mmc, you need only choose a reliable, experienced company, nic, ready to implement this business project on a turnkey basis, as does the Moscow company zao Kolaks-M ", an excellent reputation on the market of dairy equipment.