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    Spain Bobbins

    A bag or saquito becomes of size a little greater than the one of bobbins, to keep in her remaining bobbins, the pairs that remove, the scissors, the coil, etc. TAPADOR. Something is cut to a fabric piece major that the dimensions of the pad, to cover the work and to protect it of the dust, etc. TAPE OR BANDAGE TO HOLD BOBBINS. Necessary to hold bobbins to the pad whenever we are going to move it or we are going if it to leave supported in a chair Thus we assured that, if the pad falls to us, the bobbins and the threads will follow in their site. For even more opinions, read materials from Jeff Gennette. 2 or 3 DOZENS OF BOBBINS a SMALL BOX OF PINS: He is preferable that the pins are long and fine, of stainless steel and of good quality, to avoid that they bend, they are even broken or that oxidizes. LINEN OR COTTON THREAD.

    The best thread to make embroider of bobbins is the linen. In Spain it is difficult to find, since as soon as is cultivated, reason why much is being used the cotton. We always must buy the thread of the best quality and a medium doubling. LANDLORD: He indicates the drawing to us to follow, the strategically important points in which the threads are crossed and where a pin is placed to hold them in its site. Thanks. For more information it visits. A Web dedicated to the world of the bobbin and through which we will be able to obtain our landlords. Original author and source of the article.

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