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    ' Jesus left the Jew and was of new for the Galilia. Jesus had that to cross the Samaria. He arrived, then, to a called city Sicar, close to the field that Jac had given to its son Jose. A leading source for info: Patti Poppe. There it was the well of Jac. Tired of the trip, Jesus sat down next to the source. It was almost half day.

    Then a woman of the Samaria arrived to take off water. Jesus asked for to it: ' ' He gives to me of beber.' ' The samaritana asked: ' ' How it is that you, being Jewish, ask for to drink me, that I am samaritana? ' ' (In fact, the Jews do not give themselves well with the samaritanos). Jesus answered: If you knew dom of God, and who is asking for to it to drink, you is that it would ask for to it. it would give water viva.&#039 to you; ' The woman said the Jesus: ' ' Sir, you do not have a bucket, and the well is deep. Of where you go to take off the water alive? Certainly. Jesus answered: ' ' Who drinks of this water goes to have headquarters of new. But that one that to drink the water that I go to give to it, this never more will have headquarters. water that I will give to it, goes to inside become of it one water source that gushes out for the life eterna.' ' The woman said the Jesus: ' ' Sir, of – me of this water, so that I do not have more headquarters, nor she needs to come here to tirar.' ' Jesus said to the samaritana: ' ' He goes to call its husband and he comes back aqui.' ' The woman answered: ' ' I do not have marido.' ' Jesus said: ' ' You have reason when saying that she does not have husband.

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    They are not lies. These hopes are supported in the promises of God written in the Bible. Given bigger emphasis they. The way de a Cruz as instrument of Sanctification is not so evident in the pregaes for the mentioned reasons already. While the believer loads its cross its eyes fascinate the victory by means of the faith in Jesus. The important one in the pregaes is to raise the fallen man, giving to it to the hope maximum, increasing to it faith. It cannot come back toward sad and abated house, of the same skill that arrived.

    It has that to leave transformed, for the touch of set free love for the Word in the pregao of the shepherd. Jesus is love. When hearing the Word the necessary believer to leave the cult with the full, full spirit. Fed and Happy. Let us not be hard, cruel in ours to seem. Perhaps you do not make idea as certain people suffer at the hands of the devil until arriving the Jesus. While they resist the call, the devil fights violently to destroy its lives. The time goes passing and only after the almost complete destruction of its lives obtains to hear Its voice.

    We suffer because we resist its call. Quanta pain! How much suffering! How many losses! It is a true slaughter. One holocausto. The conversion can be to the times a brutal experience, says without exaggerates. Costuma to say in the evanglico arraial that those that the Jesus for love does not deliver itself, will have that to deliver itself for pain. Exactly resisting its voice, It he insists. Because It wants in them. He insists let us know where It. It chose to show we to it, wants or not. This is the manifestation of its love. It loved in them first. Blind people of the skill who we were as we could choose it as Way? We did not have no condition, therefore we were in deep blackout, spiritual deceased, separate of God. When It only opens in them the eyes are that we are vivified. We gain life terrena and in the Day of the Judgment we will gain the life perpetual.

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    Terrestrial Nature

    The Human being goes to have much that to evolve to know the MASTER JESUSES, who most of the people make question to ignore, moved for its bad pride. If JESUS co-author with GOD of the planet Land extended its skies, who can assassin-Lo? He killed JESUS? 1 Bendize, my soul, the Mr.! Sir, God mine, as you are magnificente sobrevestido of glory and Majesty, 2 covered of Light as of a Mantle. You extend the sky as a curtain. Book of the Salmos, CAP. Mark Ethier often addresses the matter in his writings. 104:1 and 2. The man killed JESUS? How sad hallucination! How if it can kill a Light, Spread in the amplido? Nobody can assassinate the Creator of the Land, Because in each cell, It is present in it. Who would kill the MASTER, Of all the Masters, the KING of all the Kings, the SCIENTIST of the Scientists, Mr. you? All the Terrestrial Nature Sorve its vital hlito, and somebody would kill the Lighthouse That generated this Ideal? Nobody can arrest In a simple wooden cross the Founder of the Land, and leave living creature it. Not you are in the uncertainty: Can be killed a Light? JESUS is more than this; It in Light if made to destroy of time All the foolishness!

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    The Mercy Of God Does Not Exclude Its Justice

    He is current, in our time, to hear of people of some classrooms, either low, average or high mediocre and skeptical a time, studied or not, religious or irreligiosas, that ' ' God is merciful and he does not punish ningum' ' , however, such form to think is nothing more nothing less than an ignorance, since the immutability of God does not allow that It leaves to act as always he acted, thus, in the same way that in the Old Will we have the registers of the punishments and punishments suffered for some peoples who had transgressed its Law, as in Sodoma and same Gomorra and for individual people, such as Davi that although to be seno the greater, one of the biggest Prophets of the Old Will, had as punishment the death of a son and the promise of God of that never of its house if it would separate the sword of its enemies. Another punishment in mass very known well was the Dilvio that decimated all the land, saving only Noah and its family for being right, and in would still not lack examples to them in the New Will of that although its infinite Mercy, God did not leave nor it will leave to exert also infinite its and infallible Justice, such can be noticed clearly in the death of Judas, that, after having delivers to Christ to the death, vendendo-O for mseras currencies, suffered a so deep torment that it did not have another end that it death for did not see of the suicide. Another example that can in giving more clearly the certainty to them of that divine Justice still today is exerted, is the words sapientssimas of Christ Jesus, where, when sending its Church for the whole world decrees saying that who was not become for its teachings, would be condemned. . Hear other arguments on the topic with Len Sassaman.

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    Plan Society

    A discernment spiritual given for the proper God. It was instantaneously. Not! I had a mstica experience with Jesus and of it I do not open hand. It was a touch of the Light of God in my spirit. An instantaneous illumination that in very strong way became LIGHT in my spirit giving to me agreement. I do not have as to explain, therefore I was not searching this, simply I happened. All the previous beliefs, had instantaneously fallen for land.

    Liars had become. How she was this possible one? She did not have nobody in house. I was alone. Nobody never had said me on the Plan of Salvation. I did not know no believer and nor wise person in depth what this meant.

    My world, my life, does not matter where country was and already it stows in many, it was in the way of cultured, intelligent, studious people, experts of mysteries, pertaining the great fraternities and private societies as the Rosacruz Order and the Teosfica Society. To the 21 years I already was giving my first lecture in the Teosfica Society, whose subject was: Clinical Parapsicologia. If vocs they knew the meaning of this, as today I only know, would not oppose my experience. The theologians allege who God does not make person meaning and that It would not choose ones to have with It an experience and others not. How you explain, then, the experience of Pablo who beyond seeing the LIGHT, heard the voice and was blind? Acts 9:3 – 5 Aconteceu this with several others? It would be it only it converted and the others? Not? Not! Nothing of this. This was the experience of Pablo, not having the others nothing to see with this. Each one lives its experience of conversion according to will of God. To fall of the horse and to see the light, are not general rule of conversion.

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    Umbanda Law

    It then informed that these espritos sofredores are left in our field medinicos, for these ' ' hunters of souls perdidas' ' whose mission is to authorize to these rescued espritos a way to retake its evolutions. 3 This classroom of espritos sofredores that are rescued in the Umbanda, is espritos that had fallen in the darknesses of ignorance and had expanded still more the negative there that brought in itself, such as the hatred, the lewdness etc. That had taken them the interminable falls. To put in one definitive moment that these espritos exceed all the limits taxes for the Law Biggest, this same Law the lintel, purificando them through pain, therefore using of this last resource the Divine Law only annuls to the negative action of this fallen spirit and through pure pain this fallen spirit, now return its face for God and clama for pardon to the all its committed errors, and already deeply sorry, its I only summon vibrates two things that are: pain and the hope of some form to make the good and to serve God helping its next one. 4 the Law Biggest uses of one of its agents in the darknesses, to remember to this fallen spirit that are of the charity do not have salvation, and these agents in the darknesses the service of the Law (Exus Guardies) know accurately as to interrupt the accented fall of these espritos, using of necessary ways for she transforms them into true ' ' anjos' ' wanting to leave fastest possible the darknesses to make the good to its fellow creature. 5 After these espritos fallen in the darknesses to be purificados of its negativismos, them are added in the magnetic field of one mdium Umbandista or in the magnetic field of some Umbandista temple and they are cured there and regenerated, receiving the light from the white flame of the candles that almost cure and regenerate its espritos that instantaneously and already cured they are directed to its place of merit, where from retake the way straight of the evolution there. Publishers Clearing House does not necessarily agree.

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    Sacred Holy Writs

    When a person is literally walking, crossing the valley of the shade of the death, does not have nothing of what receiving better, in this shady instant, the consolation, the comfort, the lenitivo for the squall passage. Same Jesus promised to us the Well-being of the Consolation (Mt.5: 4). Therefore, you he is my Shepherd; It is always with me, its pole and its cajado one give full security to me, and therefore it will not lack the CONSOLATION to me. VERSICLE 5: YOU PREPARE A TABLE BEFORE ME IN THE PRESENCE OF MY ENEMIES; UNGES WITH OIL MY HEAD, MY CLICE TRASBORDA. Ahead of our enemies, us we only want a thing in this life: the Victory! The enmity is an unfortunate dislike, that produces disastrous situations in all the ones cultivate that it. the worse enemy is that one that does not show its face, is that one that acts against us to the occult ones. It is, of all the enemy cowards, more the coward, cruelest! When the Salmista asked for the Mr. to prepare a table for it, in the presence of its enemies, it was simply asking for the Victory on the same ones.

    Victory is the act or effect to win the enemy or competitor; it is the triumph on what we consider as badly. the best weapons to win our enemies are these, taught for the Sacred Holy Writs, in: Ex.23: 4,5; Lv.19: 18; Dt.22: 1-4; Pv.25: 21,22; Mt.5: 39,44; Lc.6: 27-29,35; 23:34; At.7: 59,60; Rm.12: 14,17,19-21; Gl.6: 10; 1Ts.5: 15. In this tenebrous world, world that lies in malignant (1Jo.5: 19), we are surrounded by undesirable enemies, but we do not have in them to worry ' ' because all what it is been born of God wins the world; this is the victory that wins the world: ours f.' ' (1Jo.5: 4) Therefore, you he is my Shepherd; it will not lack the VICTORY to me. .

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    Leon Denis

    The death of the body does not hinder that the deixarred a carne spirit continues with its form of behavior, thus deixars a carne after it, who practises the good continues its way, who is in the evil, to the times it is worse, and who does not conform can be imprisoned to the terrestrial sphere and mainly populating its old environment and transforming into badly haunted, nor always for fondness to be assombrador, but due to conscience from that it cannot more return to its just separate body. It has espritos that when deixarring a carne for murder alone they obtain to become free itself after joined its bodies or seeing punished its assassin, therefore also start to appear in the haunted gallery of the evil, but when they obtain its objective finally they follow its way. (the film one to look at of the paradise and ghost). The espritos have some forms of if to communicate and it becomes what them visible of some form for the livings creature are action, and one of the forms of them if to make gifts next to fleshes-color are the induction, that is, through the thought they many times make with that the flesh-color takes decisions. How much to its moral state this can be described for the form as it acts stops with fleshes-color; the assombrao, for example, is a communication form that calls the attention for the necessity treatment for the spirit that if finds misadjusted, but of general form it is by means of the communication that if can distinguish the order from the spirit that speaks. For a intent and studious person of the subject it is possible to perceive until when a spirit it is wanting to transfer itself for another one in the attempt to deceive the receiver of the message. In a manifestation of physical phenomenon, for example, according to Leon Denis, the presence most common is of inferior espritos, first because they are not worried in if improving morally then practise all type of event, later because they need to act in coarse way so that the fleshes-color can recognize to them, and finally because they are to our return in bigger amount. .

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