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    There are two types of breast implants available in the market but with a wide range in terms of size, shape, texture and quality; therefore choosing the implant suitable for one person is not a decision that should not be taken lightly and, among other factors must be taken into account, the anatomy of the implant shapes that acquires and softness to the touch in relation to the lifestyle you have the person who will undergo surgery. Some brands on the market for implants breast are Eurosillicone and Sebbin. Although the two types of breast implants have a silicone cover, the difference is the substance that fills, which can be silicone or saline, there are names that receive both types of implants. There is also a not widely used implant even combining the two types with the aim of obtaining the advantages of both. The implant breast most commonly used is the implant of silicone; There are implants of liquid gel and silicone cohesive gel, however, the liquid gel they are disappearing. Implants cohesive silicone gel, also called implants of raspberry jelly can have variations in their firmness.

    One can say that there is a direct proportion between the degree of firmness and solidity of the implant; but, on the other hand, while lesser degree of cohesion have an implant, closest will be a natural breast. Implants of solution are saline implants whose filling consists of a solution of water and salt; the cover of this type of implant is silicone it introduces bent and once it has been placed in the appropriate place, filled with the saline solution; because of this the incision made to insert an implant solution salina is smaller than that required for an implant of silicone, which are inserted full. What is probably the most important advantage that have implants solution salina consists that at the prospect of the saline solution is escape from the implant, saline can be absorbed by the body, which is not possible in the case of that would happen the same to an implant is silicone; However it is more difficult to escape the filling of cohesive silicone gel implants. In relation to silicone implants, the main advantage lies in that provide a more natural appearance compared with breast implants saline solution that can present folds in the skin of the breasts that are unsightly and often are perceived by people around. The use of silicone breast implants was banned for more than 10 years in the USA due to the suspicion that this substance was related to the incidence of breast cancer, however in 2006, after having been carried out many studies on the subject concluded that one thing had to do with the other. Today the use of solution and silicone breast implants saline is divided at 50%.

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