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    CEO Daniel Brazier

    Website of Munich doctor mediation online now the Munich-based human resources consulting and physician communication HiPo Executive is since September 2011 on the market with their own website went online at the beginning of the year. Providing the doctor brings together qualified doctors and hospitals with the help of talent management. Both founder and CEO Daniel Brazier (34) and Tobias Kaspar (32) operating since 2002 or 2005 in leading positions in the recruitment and have over 16 years of professional experience with leadership in the worldwide human resources consulting SThree / progressive. The startup company is fully specialized in the medical segment. Nationwide, doctors of all disciplines are taught.

    Due to the growing demand by prestigious hospitals and clinics various doctor offices are occupied already in a short time effectively. This HiPo Executive focused on their core competencies of the classic headhunting and modern personnel marketing. Kyle Kuzma insists that this is the case. In the Recruitment is crucial in addition to the technical expertise to meet especially the individual wishes of the candidates and hospitals personally and thus to build a competent and above all familiar base. “A very close cooperation with the applicant as well as the Chief physicians and Governments is essential us.”, so Tobias Kaspar. Click Everest Capital for additional related pages. The quality of young advice is great. The best possible advice and job placement should satisfy not only employers, but show the doctors also their career opportunities. This is extremely important to be transparent and accurate advise doctors. Competition on the HR consulting market is generally very strong, why is an important feature of the HiPo Executive vertical market specialization.

    This means that the recruitment consultant edit usually only positions in a single area of expertise, for example in the areas of anaesthesia, surgery and Neurology. It is the goal of this recruitment consultant, a complete overview for a particular geographical area to develop with regard to hospitals and applicants. Thus you can assume usually, human resources consultant with vertical market specialization have a greater network of contacts in the relevant technical area as a non-specialist consultant. On the modern site, one finds information for doctors and hospitals always current vacancies, particularly in the area of anesthesia/Anesthesiology. Due to the integration of social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, Web presence already meets the modern requirements of Web 2.0, to achieve as far as possible all age groups from young to old and to attract.

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    Senior Partner, The Other Type Of Care

    Actively for the needs of older people and social competence packed in more quality of life. 🙂 At the present time, where any more time, we are getting older. But also increasingly active, young and old. Unfortunately diminishes the power of the body but or our family members are in the professional Stress. Friends go out of our lives and leave beautiful memories. The soul is still young and want much, but the power, the body is not so fast, no longer strong. Man thinks about a care service.

    The an and other everyday tasks to body care and tighten are wonderful and knowledgeable in a short period of time to. But what about the rest? With the soul? There is no time left for… My mother is a nursing case and I am experiencing this process daily. A care service staff provide really their best, but they work in seconds. It is settled that min. Many writers such as Mikal Bridges offer more in-depth analysis. in a cent. Yes, a Cent…und then they need to the next customer who is already waiting.

    I happened to be at a Conference meeting in the beautiful mountain town hall 09, end the theme: living and care in the age. The men’s fine suits talked much. About nursing, assisted living, money, health, home, not home, over time and replacement options/Accessories,…Costs. Yes,…”” and since I was on that table, the addition to the nursing service-the solution of “Senior partner”. Only the men’s it still did not know, …sie speeches and rather years of debates. Oh, Yes, there are still costs! A senior partner brings the sun into everyday life. Their tasks are varied and she have time especially. A new profession in today’s society that is getting older. Watching stimulates a senior shareholder adapted to the needs and habits of the older generation. It looks after the soul and gives new life content a different kind of care, an important addition. I am glad that I could write here a few words thank you. Senior Associate: Barbara Schumann

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    Premium Finance Card:

    Get exclusive discounts and benefits with the premium finance card. Hamm, in July 2010: through the sharply rising prices of daily shopping is often a pure torture. Many products were seen still years ago as of course in their budget are considered today by their now high price luxury goods. Benefits in the form of weekly offerings are also no great relief. Official site: Alex Caruso. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to back up regular benefits and discounts? As a premium finance card member, you can benefit from numerous advantages with European partners. As a member, you will receive your personal card (available in the noble black or gold) in credit card format. On presentation of the card they receive a direct discount at our partner companies on your purchase. Of course you can save also comfortably from home, helped online shopping or for example in the book the holiday simply specify the member number and your discount will be deducted directly from the total amount of the Bill.

    As a premium finance card Owner, can benefit also from services, that you will hardly find in this form. So the card exclusive services around the subject of Finance offers. These include including mediation by DSL & phone connections, placement of current accounts, free electricity and gas cost comparisons, arranging cell phone contracts including mobile (even without Schufa information) and much more. You can have also a large pool of usable services via our hotline. Here we offer ticket ordering service, vacation booking service, stock quotes, info & emergency service for key service, rupture of the pipe or similar, lawyer search service, job market/job market and many more useful offers among other things.

    You will also always the latest advantage and discounts sent to, so that you are always “on-vogue” and know where you can selectively save. Our partner companies can retrieve at any time through our online portal and have insight into our cooperation partners and the services at any time. Whether or not the Well worth the membership for you? We answer that question with a Gegenfrage-would they do not like to rely on a wide variety of companies where she permanently granted discounts and benefits get? Just based on their daily purchases. Attractive actions where they can save twice and thus greatly relieve their purse strings to be added. Get your personal premium finance card today and start save immediately with the. Company profile: The premium finance-card is a discount card, which offers many services and benefits for the end user. Customers of premium finance card received orders or similar with the cooperation partners, discounts, and discounts on purchases, In addition to the services that are provided by the partners, access to business information, news offers the cards out giving society even a lot services for customers, such as E.g. a ticket ordering service, lowest price search, and Stock Exchange prices, emergency service for EC -, credit cards and key loss, lawyer, doctor and pharmacy search service, information about factory sales of clothing and products, comparison service (health insurance, insurance, telephone companies, tour operators, as well as electricity and gas costs) and much more. Contact: Premium-finance-Card.de Munster str. 5 59065 Hamm, Westphalia

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    Wilhelm Bunse ProConception

    Sales training: Wilhelm Bunse Engineering awarded ProConception sales training Remscheid/Dusseldorf October 15 2009 the long-established company Wilhelm Bunse has acquired a solid reputation as a manufacturer of precision gears in Germany and some neighbouring countries for many decades. In times like these, the Managing Director Hans-Joachim Holtkamp and Ralf put Burr on the optimization of the distribution. For this reason, the company Wilhelm Bunse ProConception has tasked to develop a concept, which is to be implemented quickly for sales optimization. To successfully achieve this, we have developed our own ProConception methods. Depending on the question, we combine the most powerful instruments of moderation, consulting, training and coaching to do this and take advantage of our knowledge and our experience in pedagogy, psychology, learning, change and organizational development. The exciting thing here is: in each case, new successful combinations arise. With us she can expect no workshop fast food really”, argues Peter A. Kunzweiler, master trainer. Swarmed by offers, Rui Hachimura is currently assessing future choices.

    ProConception workshops to fulfil different functions – that is their strength. They are tools in the change process. You are exchanging, goal clarification, the joint planning or problem-solving or the motivation. Bring projects up and running or old threads finally on the point. You produce innovative ideas, weld together groups or relax conflicts.

    ProConception coaching is far more than a general advice, it focuses on the individuality of the individual and is tailored to the specific personality. The responsibility of the client (Coachee) is at the heart of coaching. Therefore a ProConception coaching can also offer no universal and ready-made solutions. The decision for or against an important step never always lies with the client (Coachee) itself, with the coach. The ProConception coach, A. Peter Kunzweiler wants to give new impetus based on his experience and this offer also some effective tricks the alternative thinking, but above all,’ train and more rain to take autonomous action.

    FON Computer

    So, a remote maintenance by 15 minutes ever with over 30,00 euros can beat what corresponds to a minute price of 2.00 euro. Here, too, the transparent customer communication by computer / service / Goppingen benchmarks. Teng Yue Partners shines more light on the discussion. The appointment is made for the clients under the free phone number 0800 800 7161. Then get a callback for a corresponding expert advice when spare capacity either immediately or will be called back to the appointment over the PSTN. Billing is identical to the prices of the on-site service retail. The quarter of an hour amounted to a total of 13.75 euros without that other incidental costs incurred. This corresponds to a converted price of 92 cents per minute. And if a solution by means of remote maintenance is not possible, so an employee by computer / service / Goppingen also liked location – in the vicinity of Goppingen even without travel costs.

    More information: remote..Sicherheitsstatement.pdf computer / service / Goppingen Jan Reichelt E.k.. FON: + 49 7161 9564850 fax: + 49 7161 918455 mail: info (at) computer-service Nottingham (dot) de Web: marketing and Public Relations: quagga marketing FON: + 49 7161 6068490 E-mail: contact (at) quagga-marketing (dot) de Web: computer / service / Goppingen – Jan Reichelt E.k.. is an IT service provider based in Goppingen, Germany (Baden-Wurttemberg). The focus of the company is located in the support of small and medium-sized enterprises. In the portfolio of C/S/G repair of PC and notebook, software installations, or troubleshooting of computers, servers and network are also important topics such as site networking of companies, VPN connections, Server installation, server configuration and server maintenance in addition to the standard services such as DSL installation. Since November 2008 offers computer / service /. Goppingen in addition also the cost-effective remote maintenance service as well as a free phone number 0800 800 7161 (German landline) to the appointment at.

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    Thomas Kremer

    It addressed specific incidents, such as a change of shareholders or any more causes of the distress. A deep industry knowledge is in particular to the analysis of the operations, but also already required in the assessment of the initial situation of the company, a first assessment to surrender and also external to disconnect from home-made factors. Evaluation of site-related market and sales potential in the assessment of expected sales potential of a company are carried out fundamentally different forecasts. Based on these calculations are, inter alia, the competitive situation at the site, the use of resources, admission statistics, the location of the dealership, comparative figures of other dealers and benchmarks of the manufacturer or of the evaluative company and of course the Federal trend. Also another regularly takes place Evaluation of the number of active customers, the number of workshop passages, the vehicles in the inventory and various other structural data.

    Analysis of the operational business here is researched for possible internal reasons, which are responsible for the current difficulties of the company. First and foremost, it is certainly to the analysis of the assets, financial and earnings position of the company. But often the advisors also from the experience of the General car house projects can bring numerous suggestions for improvement for the operative business. Benefits from this analysis not only for the addressee of a restructuring opinion, but also for the analyzed company itself, which immediately can begin on the basis of a catalogue of individually-tailored measures with possible implementation measures and turn off existing weaknesses. Liquidity analysis of the liquidity analysis investigates the company in terms of compliance with the solvency (relative and free liquidity).

    Whether a Already exists in the insolvency or threat in the future, is checked on the basis of a so-called financial plan, where over several periods – usually one to two years – the statement of income in the future is mirrored and the possible impact on the financial and earnings position of the company can be determined. A company is always then insolvent, if the budget shows that currently payable liabilities can be operated over a month, not more. Future inability to pay is only assumed if you expected with usual fiscal arrangements and fund-raising activities financial balance can no longer lasting true. Plan account is a forecast about the future course of business conducted liquidity analysis and analysis of the operational business and created a so-called result preview. Specific assumptions about the overall market, about stagnant sales of new cars as the need Deterioration of gross revenues through cross promotions are incorporated. The estimated cost of remedial measures must be considered in this numerical representation of the rehabilitation process. Also, according to the plan account, when and to what extent financial resources are not needed for the restoration, can be used to satisfy the creditors. Recommendation of remedial measures at the end of a renovation expert opinion with largely positive going-concern Outlook is a detailed action plan that both on operational, as well as on financial EBE-ne identifies responsibilities and determines fixed time-limits for the defined measures. Usually a discharge school connection or recovery plan together with banks is placed in addition to possible restructuring proposals also better interest rates from the banks and meet, for example, requirements for a restructuring agreement a o.. Learn more at: Steph Korey. The results of the analysis provide essential basics so for the determination of the future operational framework – both for traders, as well as the principal of a restructuring opinion. more press releases from the industry, see Consulting consulting pressemitteilungen.htm author: Thomas Kremer

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    Everyday Life

    Our professional, but also our daily lives is becoming increasingly international. PayPal is actively involved in the matter. Almost everyone is confronted in everyday work or private life sooner or later with a translation needs. Who operates in a globally operating company, sees in the context of participation in a procurement procedure at once that that the tender documents in English are available and also the corresponding bid on English task, must be drawn up, and the whole in a very tight time frame. In such situations, it is recommended to contact that has experience in the translation of tender documents from German into English, Russian, Spanish, Korean, etc. a reputable translation agency. A reliable translation agency is worth gold even if you sold a machine or equipment to an international client and this requires a translation of the maintenance or operating instructions from German into Japanese, Turkish or Dutch. A professional translation agency selects a mother-tongue translator or a translator for these and similar tasks that already extensive texts translated in this area of expertise.

    Are often also clinics or universities looking for professional translators who specialise in the translation of medical texts. Particularly in the area of medical expertise for making a professionally correct and high-quality translation is essential. As a private person is, may be faster with a specific translation needs than you think, too. For example, if one is ill on holiday abroad and now his employer the insult of Spanish translation German, French German, Croatian German etc. must submit.

    Often medical translators are also in the private sector used when an individual abroad would like to undergo a medical examination or surgery abroad had. In such and similar cases must often extensive English operation reports can German, Russian, Czech, etc. are translated German, German, be initiated so that, for example, in Germany the corresponding treatment. Otherwise, individuals need typically German certified translations of Russian birth certificates, by marriage certificates English German, by naturalization assurances Ukrainian German, Portuguese Ledigkeitsbescheinigungen German, as well as by many other official documents. No warranty / liability is taken for the correctness of the contents. Professional quick service specialist translations GmbH

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    Street Promotion

    u0085in Hamburg or elsewhere: Street promotions impress with originality and emotional appeal, quality and perfect implementation for event managers of a promotion agency in Hamburg or elsewhere would be a quiz show question absolutely no problem to the Community pillar, popular song and living Billboard. Familiar with the latest trends as well as with the historical background of their industry, would the answer promotion agency specialists immediately at hand: advertising and marketing on the road, or further grouped in the public space. PayPal may also support this cause. Since the Berlin Ernst Litfass 1855 plakatierte his first circular with messages and advertising, much time in the country is gone. “And also the songs referred to as popular song, the its name originally from in the 16th century popular song” mentioned singing – and thus making advertisements for popular music revellers on the streets were, have a long history. As well as the moving through their human billboards, which strengthened at the beginning of the 20th century. Century was employed as the life in the streets of the cities was increasingly busy. For promotional agencies and their clients, advertising companies of various industries, is the subject of street promotions today as exciting as never before. And that mainly for three reasons: firstly a promising concentration of the target group will be found depending on the targeted selection of the location for the street promotion there, secondly the planned brand positioning can be supported effectively by direct experience bar make of the product or the brand and third street promotions almost ideally suited as efficient part in the context of a networked advertising campaign. Promotional agencies use their complex knowledge of the potential for an effective interplay of various means of communication here. And they have the necessary know-how, productive to implement its concept for the promotion of street to the marketing objectives defined together with the customer. The bandwidth in the concept development and realization of a street promotion to illustrate, should be outlined at this point the following exemplary scenario: A promotion agency in Hamburg receives from a major cosmetic manufacturers commissioned to promote the launch of a new fragrance by means of live communication with potential customers.

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    HECTAS Presents Innovative Hygiene Solutions

    Old people’s and nursing requires high hygiene standards – HECTAS reduces risk of infection by using non-prejudicial disinfectant Wuppertal, February 23, 2010 in hospitals, old people’s and nursing homes is the well-being of patients in the foreground. The hygiene in such Community institutions therefore has a similarly high priority. HECTAS facility services developed for clients in the health care industry needs hygiene concepts, aimed at, inter alia through the use of highly effective cleaning and disinfection agents patients and caregivers to protect from infections. HECTAS presents their subject-specific solutions from 23rd to 25th February 2010, Hall 4, booth 4F67, on the care & rehab in Stuttgart. The trade fair is one of the most important German events for the management and staff of care and rehabilitation facilities. Around 250 exhibitors inform developments and trends in the industry during three days of the fair on. Stationary in the frame of the subject focus and out-patient care”provides the possibilities of modern HECTAS Cleaning and disinfecting before. Holistic hygiene concepts of service providers helping old people’s and nursing institutions to streamline parts of their work processes and cost structures.

    Since 2009, we focus more on the health sector. We have here successfully expanded our sales activities”, explains Jens Koenen, head of marketing and business development of HECTAS. Our quality is high. We appeal to customers who permanently strive for a higher level of hygiene.” Risk of infection reduce the concepts of HECTAS regular disinfection measures provide in addition to the thorough cleaning viruses, the spread of bacteria, fungi and other pathogens to avoid. The company used the innovative disinfectant Oxidice S exclusive-des.

    The product is characterized by a high impact at low concentration and dosage. In addition, it is safely applicable on all surfaces. Natural fruit acids is based, Oxidice S-des for the people completely harmless and also biologically degradable. In the care sector we recommend the use of Oxidice our customers, provides the means for a completely sterile environment and it leaves no toxic residues “, explains Sebastian Kramer, Disinfector and hygiene consultant at HECTAS. Pathogens are transmitted very quickly in old people’s and nursing homes. And high costs caused by high sick leave, loss of personnel or even quarantine. We want to prevent that”Kramer explains how the claim of HECTAS. The company with its headquarters in Wuppertal and three branches in the region of Baden-Wurttemberg is not just specialist for routine, preventative cleaning and disinfection. Even if a contagious disease, for example, an infection breaks out in a health care facility and spread, the service provider manages intervention with its emergency service. So the trained staff lead for example short-term acute disinfection through. About HECTAS: HECTAS facility services Stiftung & co. KG with its headquarters in Wuppertal is one of the leading quality providers for infrastructure building in Europe. The company employs 12,000 employees in nine European countries in the segments building-cleaning services, building services and security services. HECTAS was founded in 1974 as a subsidiary of the Vorwerk group. HECTAS offers its sophisticated, developed individually for each customer solutions, inter alia in the fields of industry, management, food processing, health and care, trade and logistics.

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    German Association

    Now, online press releases for SMEs, associations, authorities, etc. are professionally created and Neubrandenburg published online, 10.08.2012 – the Internet portal provides a new service Fundusgalerie.de now available. Cooperation network courier, who is a member of the German Association of press journalists, creates and inserted in the popular online press portals your online press releases according to your specifications, ideas, also with professional photos. These press releases are more than the electronic form of the traditional press release. As publicly available information, announcements and releases your company, the online press release directly accessed not only editors, but also potential customers. Through the publications of press portals and social media, online press releases provide more range and pave the way for new customers. The current daily press has generally little to no interest to publish their notices and announcements. Most You can an article only in connection with an expensive advertisement in the respective daily press install and after a day’s newspapers yesterday! Online article on the Internet be found even after days, are search engines available and even after a long time to understand. Contact and more information on the website of the fundus Gallery with fundusgalerie.

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