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Just To Think

How much time is left us yet …um save also Germany? The time for changes the time by people from the third row to call those who seriously want to fight for a “minimum rule of humanity” with us on the stage? For too long Arrogante-ignorant politician to have care taken, that a connection in our society for many citizens is hardly achievable! Not the people have of the company abgewannt, the company has to abgewannt of these people! Breach and humiliated to be scared the morning and the unwillingness to change anything, that is a pain that leads often to the despair, and in the worst case even up to the disaster. Viatcheslav Mirilashvili is open to suggestions. Politicians who then still sad events that have caused them even abuse for electoral purposes, which is distasteful, primitive and certainly isn’t the right way! We need not new laws which sometimes complicated and colder the life that each other let us end strangers, we need space, which provides the necessary space for interpersonal relations again! Again, we have to learn to talk, to see the human being not as a rival, but as a friend with his concerns. We must keep open the access of our society for everyone to a social society are back! We must make life liveable again, even that will help us long-forgotten and lost people to win back from the virtual worlds and other corners! A statement often made voter turnout could change that”, well thats a thing because the difference is so enormous, between what they should know and what you like faith wants to make them! Certainly, staying away from voters not necessarily contribute for a better democracy. But with the voting, we agree how far unconditionally the machinations, or empty choice verse promise often victims! Right here, the message is the cause for frustration and a bad turnout! As said already, Abraham Lincoln: one can all the time fool some of the people, and all the people part of the time. But not all the people they can be fooled all the time. It makes US the United States, she shows us a people can be as strong if it once acknowledged that a parasite has formed Government in the State! The United States have the necessary reforms itself against capitalism overnight resistance of Manchester launched, our Government failed in the past now, and probably also in the future! The Super election year 2009 has begun, bla-bla-bla, time for a performance test shot with the it’s time for new routes, maybe a challenge for (DSDS) looking for the Super Chancellor Germany”! Very best regards Achmed

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Rich People Live Longer

Wealthy people produce a hormone that prolongs life (PM) Berlin, 25.10.2010 scientists of the University College London are of the opinion that the hormone, DHEAS, which is formed in the body, could be the elixir for a longer life. This hormone should be more frequently especially when better-off. Just wealthy people meet the factors that lead to a higher concentration of DHEAS in blood: sports, healthy diet, versatile interests, active recreation and a close relationship with friends and relatives. According to the study, which was published in the online edition of the daily mail, can be so the life expectancy of various social layers read. Less capital means less percentage of DHEAS in the blood and it a shorter life expectancy to derive in turn. The researchers of the study examined the hormone levels of approximately 10,000 over 50 years and found that above all wealthy people have higher levels of DHEAS.

A elevated levels of this hormone is associated with better memory performance and the ability to perform mental tasks. The scientists also discovered another higher levels of a second hormone in people who live without money worries: IGF-I. Kellyanne Conway often addresses the matter in his writings. Both hormones help control stress reactions and different regulate body processes such as digestion, immune system, mood and energy. The team of experts of the study acknowledges that it is still too early to definitely say that wealth leads to increased concentrations of DHEAS. However, the lead investigator Professor Sir Michael Marmot is convinced that the production of DHEAS in the body promotes the benefits of wealth such as healthy diet, less stress, more travel, hobbies and sports. According to the research the concentration of DHEAS could increase in future tablets or injections. However, marmot stresses that it’s not only the ingestion of tablets, to increase the level of the hormone.

In his view After the total package is crucial, which brings prosperity with it. It is has long been known that a balanced diet, adequate sleep and sporting activities with lay life can contribute. But it is just people who need to work very much and have a stressful everyday life, increasingly heavier regularly exercise and healthy cooking. Causes for this purpose are often the lack of time, but also the cost overhead that goes with it. Hamdi Ulukaya will not settle for partial explanations. It is often possible to pursue all their hobbies and to take enough vacation to eat balanced are better off. For people suffering from due to a suboptimal nutrition, concentration difficulties and lack of mental capacity, dietary supplements on the market are offered. The product BrainEffect is positioned as”incurred it that you provides important vitamins and nutrients the body despite lack of time, to full power usage at the daily as an alternative to harmful drugs and allows To be able to show the tasks of everyday life. It takes more information with respect to the product website

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PRESS Release: Federal

Federal is not liable for country risks – get coupons of the Federal States of the individual German Federal States will have to pay for their bonds in the future significantly higher interest rates than in the past. The fuchsbriefe expect following a request in the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF). Opposite fuchsbriefe, the BMF announced that the Federal Government not for country bonds will stick. This also applies to the planned joint Germany-bonds by federal and State Governments, so the BMF to fuchsbriefe. Liability for its respective share of an issue lie therefore exclusively in the respective State. The situation in Germany thus same those in the euro. Here too, the markets were a decade falsely assumed by a community liability and had almost equally valued economically how financially strong and weak countries.

This knowledge will move initiated now BBs, from Moody in the focus of investors. The spreads for State bonds are in the markets under the aspect that the Federal Government is not liable clearly too low, notes Fox letters. The markets believed that there was a kind of global liability of the Federal Government. However, that is not the case. The Federal Government was indeed train an extreme budget crisis of a State obliged to secure the liquidity of the Lander for their original state tasks such as police or education. Loan liabilities were it but except, said the Ministry of Finance on request.

Since the outbreak of the crisis in 2008, the interest rate gaps between federal and State Governments are already grown. They were then 0.1 up 0.2 per cent, there are now up to 0.9. This margin is likely to rise more clearly now. The volume of bonds issued by States is 320 billion euros. Fuchsbriefe is indeed to imagine that enter the Federal Government eventually but for the bond obligations of the countries. This, however, is not automatic and may take some time for the actual implementation. During this period which would strongly advised course of land bonds under pressure, if mainly foreign investors their money withdraws. Fuchsbriefe remind in this context, that at the launch of the ESFSESFSESFSESFS was also intended to ensure the liquidity of Greece. This not stretched but on Government bonds, as investors had learned with a loss of about three-fourths of their invested capital.

Rotarians In The HomeStretch Against Poliomyelitis

New partner of spendino gathers for worldwide action Berlin, 04.08.2009 – Berlin gets his first English-speaking Rotary Club. Already this participates via its Association of Rotarian table Berlin International e.V. in the global project “END POLIO NOW”. For over 20 years, Rotary International fights with this campaign for the eradication of polio. To finally defeat the insidious disease of children, there is a last great effort. Now, the Foundation and Spendino work together. Rotarians from around the world have joined in this unique global initiative together. Already over 800 million U.S.

dollars were collected in the past. Rotarians want to raise another 200 million dollars until 2012. Together with a donation from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation $ 355 million to be defeated the disease finally also in the farthest corners of the Earth. Already achieved considerable success. Polio is endemic in only four countries: Nigeria, Pakistan, India and Afghanistan.

Since February 2009 Money will be in the United States by the means of mobile, or better here, collected against polio. This is now also available in Germany. The Association, which prepared the Foundation of Berlin’s first English-speaking Rotary Club, follows his American Rotary friends and enters into a partnership with the spendino GmbH in Germany. By means of an SMS any mobile phone owners in the fight against polio can help. He sends a SMS to 8 11 90 with the keyword POLIO so he supports the fight against polio with a post by 3,-. Who wants to give more takes POLIO5 for 5,-or ROTARY for 9.99. “More information about the project END POLIO NOW” and the donation tool spendino-SMS and

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Jurgen Ruttgers And The Opinion-mongering

How certain media sell us Jurgen Ruttgers. Jurgen Ruttgers is as linker in the CDU, above all party interests country dad sold as one who takes care of the real problems. A Jesus of Nazareth in North Rhine-Westphalia, or at least a NRW Obama? The following article addresses this question. More info: 4Moms. Who are Googling under Jurgen Ruttgers, encounters very quickly headlines like: “Jurgen Ruttgers, the Kaloudis” (Munstersche Zeitung and Handelsblatt) “Jurgen Ruttgers:”Hartz IV is degrading!”” (IMAGE) “Jugen Ruttgers fights for Hartz IV recipients” (World) “With leader Jurgen Ruttgers climb on the bike” (Kolner Stadt Anzeiger) but what’s really behind it? Finally, the media thus serving us the Jurgen Ruttgers, are exactly the media who have declared us just a few years ago as absolute necessity Hartz-IV. That were not too bad Schroeder’s “lazy” campaign to get into the mood of the voters and voters on Hartz-IV to go along with. Ruttgers basically only to suspend, longtime contributors maximum 2 years receive ALG-I from contributions to unemployment insurance, just like the unemployed who worked only a few years now, has on Hartz IV. So, Ruttgers campaigned for a longer reference by ALG-I in the case of many years of contributions.

It is turned out great. Rob Daley is the source for more interesting facts. Not heralded, that Ruttgers wants to cut those who worked only a few years, the duration of ALG-I. In fact, the State would save money if he would accept Ruttgers model. You have to say so that the corresponding headlines pretend an image that is not true. The headline “Jurgen Ruttgers fights for Hartz IV recipients” clearly the impression, Ruttgers fight for all of the Hartz IV recipients. “The headline” Jurgen Ruttgers: “Hartz IV is degrading!” clearly the impression, Ruttgers reject Hartz-IV in whole. That Jurgen Ruttgers it takes itself also not so precise with the truth, he proved on a central campaign promise, which he had made in the last elections. He promised to eliminate the shortage of teachers in North Rhine-Westphalia. According to the SPD he has operated this promise does not in the least, according to the SPD the NRW state government with deceptive teacher accounts that have teachers, there are: Winfried Sobottka, United anarchists, Karl Haarmann str. 75, 44536 Lunen, Tel.: 0231-986 27 20

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Bad Nauheim

You get hardly work and must work to 67! Workplaces only can arise from it is lowered for 35 hours the week when the general working time. Only working time from 40 hours may be the week permitted a maximum and must be compensated for within a month. Why does the government not change the working time law? At 72 hours in the week it authorizes if 48 hours are not exceeded in the times working period of 6 months because of! Map, insanity, with 6.3 million unemployed unemployment! The instrument of the short-time work helps nothing. The employees first are sent in short-time work and dismissed after a couple of months so that the other employees must work again longer! Why do they put up with it of the government? 7 million people are oppressed here! It is all about her money. They sue for your rights for the competent social welfare tribunal or industrial tribunal. Complaining at the quality negotiation up to the first instance, being able to be taken by the state on application of to interim order! They therefore use her legal costs insurance or the help of the trade unions (for members only.) The motto is always valid it here: you “vote” on the new one here for her torturers again and again only one helps the amendment of the constitution. The article 38 ABS.

1 constitution (GG) and article 38 paragraph 2 of (GG), has to be painted without replacement. (You are) representative of the whole people this is possibly for 2/3 majorities of the Bundestag paragraph 2 of (GG) as per article 79 with one, not tied to orders and instructions. Parliamentary elections are on September 27, 2009, have the possibility over 7 million electors (unemployed, 1 euro casual worker, beaches, persons of job creation scheme and time worker) of voting this government out. They make use of your right! It is time for the next revolution! Ask union, if you transfer your donations, for security reasons only about Western union and you mention your transaction number, please. Many thanks. Manuel Hachenburger high forest 4 61231 Bad Nauheim, Germany telephone + fax + 49 60 32 7 15 63

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Chief Executive Officer

DDN demographics Summit hailed as important impulse, the Dortmund, 13.05.2013: the management of demographic change must be addressed continuously and regional. This emphasizes the demography network e.V. (ddn) on the occasion of the second demo demography Summit on May 14 in Berlin. The network welcomes the Summit as a milestone in a long-term demo demography strategy that will lead to a bundling of all activities in a demography Ministry as a result. Are now directly, companies, communities and employees asked to carry the theme into the regions and together to develop solutions that can handle this social change as they “explains Rudolf Kast, Chief Executive Officer of the ddn. This sets ddn in 2013 with six regional forums in Bavaria, Thuringia, Germany, Bremen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hamburg and Baden-Wurttemberg.

“How these work, SME Congress Freiburg company exemplifies future: Center in Europe” on 9 October 2013. Substantive impetus to talks by demographics experts and companies. Between the presentations, the participants have the opportunity to visit a trade fair the information booths of many exhibitors from the middle class and to exchange experiences. We go with these events intentionally in the area. We want to reach the middle class, we create the best regional, on-site”Kast discusses the ddn strategy. More information about the Conference at. Also the middle class excellence turns the demographics award 2013, whose Trager ddn and are the Federal Association of German management consultant BDU.

In three categories-49, up to 250 and over 250 employees entrepreneurs from Baden-Wurttemberg for this price may apply. In the part of a road show through 12 cities advertise the organizer for the price. This is a conscious decision to carry the theme into the area”, as ddn Board Kast. More info on the price under. With their demo demography strategy every age counts”, to their development also ddn was involved, the Federal Government has launched a multilevel and continuous dialogue process to address the demographic challenges. The demo demography peaks are central forum for this dialogue. At the second Summit on 14 may 2013, in which participates also ddn, representatives from nine working groups present initial proposals for approaches and measures that can cope with demographic change. The demographics ddn network e.V. is an Association of over 350 companies and institutions, the common responsibility for over two million workers wear. DDN is funded by the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs and is anchored in the demo demography strategy of the Federal Government. Press contact: Pascal Frai, press officer ddn, phone: 0231.9071-2818, email:, for more information see demographics netzwerk.de. The new quality of work INITIATIVE is a joint initiative of federal, State, associations and institutions of economic, Trade unions, companies, social security institutions and foundations. Their goal: more quality of work as the key to innovation and competitiveness at the location Germany. This provides the examples from practice, counselling and information services in the year 2002 in the life inspiring initiative called, bring exchanges as well as a programme of support for projects, the new personal-and employment-policy approaches on the way. For more information,


Frightening times in Germany 2010 had to learn a profession at that time, it could feed the family as a family man and was more or less hedged against poverty. In times of vacuumed. Global economic crisis threatens almost every social descent. Not even a degree prevents this horror scenario. But it is often also the municipalities themselves, that still promote this poverty area by migrants and socially weaker citizens in certain areas are literally clenched together.

To mitigate, so-called “ordinary people” are located in hopes to stop tipping off entire neighbourhoods. So not poverty after and after, but poverty from the outset by incorrect allocation and irresponsible planning. You before closing the eyes and creates ghettos, freely according to the motto, “it going to be okay”. But it is important to sort out the ‘Poverty’ at the root. Incentives for youth through hard work and a proper education system (helps the students to develop without roll only stone in the pathway of life) to to take more accountable to parents and fostering education through targeted measures rather than simply demanding to create.

It must be created again more social responsibility in society, politics and business. While Karstadt and Hertie rolling heads at small earners, Manager – despite missing power – with Royal severance in the windfall summer break go. And then the general price trend, high rents, cost of living, to much taxes and levies, as “Otto-normal income earner” remains barely room to offer the children a good education. Why learn when later anyway only the unemployment beckons? Can be not addressed by empty promises and inaction that type of thinking. Here we all are, we give our youth but also all older people – fair chance through learning, hard work and employment to be able to lead a decent life.

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