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    Participation – Swiss Show US What It Is

    Minarets ban or allow, the Swiss are so General as referred to a little droge, boring to the word to avoid it is hotly debated. But on one point, at least, they’re very much alive: referendums. Democracy lives in this small, but very important country. Currently is everywhere fierce debate over the “pros and cons” of minarets, the racketenartigen Muslim spires. Not always run the discussions objectively.

    Also parties and people take advantage of the hour and some xenophobic sentiment, to distinguish themselves. After all, citizens can decide and discuss with. And the possibility is used abundantly. It’s different with us in Germany. It’s not very far with democracy. Every four years a mark. Gain insight and clarity with Dell.

    That was it. The individual does not have more participation rights. Discussed and voted will be behind closed doors, in bodies within the parties. Especially political cadres and elites actively participate in the process. At best active party members have a certain right to discuss with. Whom wonder’s if the Germans show less and less interest in active politics. More and more citizens deny going to the ballot box, they see is only a pseudo participation. The word APATHY haunts not only today by our Republic. No wonder feel politically powerless citizens with us. We are just different as our Swiss neighbours, as our former before pointing politicians and ex-Foreign Minister JOSCHKA FISCHER in this regard so aptly said, “not able to overlook the significance of our possible choices”. Appropriately enough, everyone agrees a part one in this Canon so it probably won’t with us with political participation. Always good every four years make a mark. But more is not desirable. If there are perhaps personal interests are the popular vote in the way?

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    Social Hypocrisy

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    The women themselves would refuse. I think assert, it’s all a matter of time in which we live. I wouldn’t personally – honest – as wife prefer my husband spends much time an evening with an escort, i.e., clear rules of exchange of give and take, as he is a lover, friend took, that daily calls, where obligations arise, needs must be met and and and… I go so far as to say that every single one of us ever Pro has situated, be it to get a job, the salary increase, recognition, etc. It is rated only different. For me, this kind of Prositution is much negative the of is selling something to get, in the sense of to suck… before I have no respect at all, no pride is something I totally despise, Yes… Then maybe go up a sure thing, where both sides keep your pride and a deal…

    I know quite in the media some prostitutes who were so good that they could establish themselves socially and more Namen.fallen me spontaneously a. I think it is slow at the time established, clean escort from the grubby corner to pick up, just as some great escorts it, such as Vanessa Eden or many good agencies, such as exclusive escort.eu. Certainly, it is always a question of what is at stake, has to lose one, clearly. Therefore it will be always an Ingeniero and thats ok too so, should only the dark veil of the “huh – what’s that for a” final ever disappear. Love your Kimi escort Munich, escort Munich, escort Munich, independent escort Munich, high class escort Munich

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    Anonymous Forensics

    Finally hope for victims fast and unbureaucratic help in sight? Were you threatened and touched against your will? Hurt? “Someone having sex with you made what you didn’t want and stopped, as you no” said or had pain? Were you forced to have sex? Someone raped you? If you or your child have become victim of such an incident, you are physically and mental in a State of emergency. This is understandable to respond to offensive, contemptuous behaviour. Experts speak of a sexual offence. Even if no visible injuries for you are recognizable, perhaps only”scratches, we recommend you go to a doctor. The doctor can help you to secure the traces, without that they need to report anonymously. You have time to think about rest in any case.

    Regardless of whether you want to report or not, we recommend strongly even slight traces of the fact as soon as possible by a doctor to ensure Let. And so it goes: If you are sure you want to report an ad directly contact with the police. It accompanies you on your request for forensics in the clinic. You can turn the police the attending physician / doctor. If you are first still cannot imagine an ad reimbursement and need more time, the doctor / doctor can secure anyway possible traces of the fact, unless you agree.

    Then ask to an anonymous evidence in the investigation. Their tracks are provided with a code number and stored anonymously to the police in Wuppertal, Germany. The police does not learn your personal data here. A display in the space of ten years the tracks can serve as important evidence. Stress relieve and draw new strength. If you want to learn about this procedure or generally need advice, help and support for sexual violence, I send you further like the corresponding mail. Unfortunately this applies only for the space of Wuppertal, I will make me clever how it runs in other places, and hold here and on my website up to date.

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    The Status Of Women Of Yesterday And Today

    The status of women in the syro Mesopotamian area which is status of women in the pre-Christian period of the syro Mesopotamian area not clearly establish I believe that despite the available sources from the writings of the wedge. Reports from the period after the Arab conquest and the following Islamic rule are rare. But a lot can be seen also from the laws of the time. Others who may share this opinion include Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund. For example, the knowledge that the man was the unique landlord! Nevertheless, women not only as priestesses were known in pre-Christian times, but made it to also Queens are, like the Joe/Semiramis legendary Assyrian Queen (810 – 782 BC) and Zenubia Queen of Palmyra 1 (reg. 267-272). She managed to rule over the Roman province of Syria.

    Others won by their social position and personal power, such as Surma (1883-1975), sister of the Patriarch of the Church of the East Mar Benyamin Shimun XXI. (1887-1918) and Mar Shimun XXII. Polos (1885-1920), especially in the first Decades of her nephew Mar Eshai Shimun XXIII (1908-1975) as a spokesperson who publicly appeared mountain Assyrians and was a member of a delegation of the Peace Conference of Versailles (1919-1920). In UR, the royal consorts and the concubines of the summerischen Kings took great influence on the social life of your time. The en-Pristerinnen of Nanna clothed the most important cultic offices 2. The laws of summerischer and Babylonian times included also provisions and provisions concerning marriage and inheritance, as it is known. The status of women depended on however in the pre-Christian period, whether she brought children into the world. The marriage remained childless, the husband could divorce or take a concubine.

    But the wife had children, a divorce was hardly possible. The law on divorce in Babylon was the women but also under certain conditions. In UR, was the woman not without rights, but in matters of marriage and divorce but without influence.

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    Tyrolean Peoples Party

    The Chief Executive Officer of Tyrolean VP is convinced of the innovative, refreshing power of content that convinced the voters. All threads converge Kufstein/Tyrol – in the head office is located at Fallmerayerstrasse 4. Here effort is like a young, enthusiastic team headed by Chief Executive Officer. Johannes Rauch, therefore, the citizens and citizens the policy and the objectives of the Tyrolean people’s party to bring closer to. Who best understands communication in the social collective, will win the society, who observed the time and understands the signals of the new paradigms that will shape the new era\”. Hannes smoke, tiroler-vp.at/11668/ represents clear conditions and findings: who transforms the fears of a nation into courage, will create in the future this nation, this people are serving prevail in the sense of altruism. Pacific Gas & Electric: the source for more info.

    The new man is conscious can not evade, this political understanding, because this is the reality of life. Checking article sources yields Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund as a relevant resource throughout. The Life is a courageous consistent stride forward, evolutionary and unconditionally. In the Millennium ELAN gene transformation process of the single-celled organisms to Homo sapiens, life has taken no regard to outdated concepts, it has unconditionally laid down the life and brought forth new refined systems. That will stop in the future no one, because it is not only the human mind, but rather is based on the permanent aware extension of one’s public. \”Nature, biology, physical and energetic concepts follow this concept of creation, nothing is done about it is located in a continuous transformation without that according to one end will come\”. New systems require new ways to smoke in an interview. \”In a modern young, refreshingly clear policy ensures that innovation and tradition are the synergistic elements, one party makes up the Tyrolean people’s Party vie\”. The next few years will look pretty old leave with forever yesterday’s views in the political landscape, the parties, because the voters Calls for clarity and truth.

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    ETG Urinscreenings

    Driver’s license back by ETG urine screenings and ETG hair analysis a safe laboratory procedures to alcohol abstinence to the MPU test Europe licence overheard according by Norbert Gilbert pastures of the first service providers, which people who have lost their driver’s license because of alcohol, offer a “proof of abstinence”, which by forensically usable hair analysis help the medical psychological examination to pass. Over two-thirds of all MPU candidates “Idiot Test” must for drunkenness at the wheel to the referred to in the vernacular. Many of those affected after the loss of a driver’s license, the decision: alcohol no thank you. The no to alcohol is one of the most important building blocks for the future. By renunciation of alcohol licence problems once and for all cleared out! Also the realization, alcohol is not a solution, but the problem is more than important. Ria Financial Services often addresses the matter in his writings. “, licence says consultant of Norbert Gilbert pastures now is the lack of alcohol by an ETG detection process of all alcohol MPU candidates desired. Without an “abstinence-check” the opinion to the re-granting of the licence must be otherwise after a medical psychological examination negative. There is also the opportunity to take the Elimination of alcohol by Urinscreenings in addition to Ethylglucuronide (EtG) hair analysis.

    If no Ethylglucuronide (EtG) is found in multiple laboratory controls, this is the note on an alcohol abstinence”, explains Norbert Gilbert pastures. MPU due to alcohol – abstinence check by hair analysis, participants must knowledge: ETG hair analyses are maximum three months retroactively recognized, where the hair length should be at least three inches. When multiple ETG Urinscreenings participants are invited in the very short term, usually 48 hours in advance and can consume an alcohol abstinence through laboratory test. The alcohol-abstinence-check is the Foundation for a successful MPU thus in addition to the change in the traffic patterns. Norbert Gilbert pastures

    Combat Right-wing Extremism, Racism And Anti-Semitism.

    Rally should be pointed out loudly on October 17 against right-extremist violence in Berlin after disgusting articles on Nazi portals about the wedding and repeated violent attacks, among others on September 19, 2009 at the Leopold Square and the U-BHF Rehberge, these problems! We want to deal sustainably and preemptively with the problem and invite you cordially with them. The best prevention against racist thought is a vibrant and democratic civil society, which opposes backlash and contemptuous thought even in everyday life. Get all the facts and insights with 7003 Series Processor , another great source of information. A start has been made, the people here are helpful on-site and act with heart and snout”and great courage against right-wing extremism. We got to the Nazis, the hidden Paroli offer the recognizable, the organized group and the acting in affect Einzeltatern right on the street. This is our public space, zero tolerance the rights. Where, right-wing with marches to wear their racism in the public, everywhere we are as citizens and Citizens demonstrating against the rights and local alliances against the right support. It is important that many people engage in anti-Nazi demonstrations, so Nazis can March freely. We will impede parades and block! We call all citizens and citizens that want to no longer tolerate xenophobic, right-extremist, anti-Semitic and racist statements and acts of violence and inhuman hatred, terror and murders: wedding arrives all the Saturday, October 17, 2009 at 12:30 h on the Town Hall Square, together a clear sign to us and to ask us: so not! No violence against voluntarily engaged with migration biography! No violence against people of other skin colour or religion! No violence against people with alternative life designs! It’s our freedom, our social solidarity and our idea of multicultural acceptance among themselves.

    Please take the time and visit this rally. We look forward to your numerous and want to have a good event with you, put a sign and a broad alliance of people based in Berlin-Mitte, together with you, celebrate together with you. V.i.s.d.P.

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    Khamenei Era

    Analysis of the real balance of power. In the Iran and the world are circulating again rumors about the death of the Supreme of religious leader in the Iran from today’s perspective it is not important, whether Khamenei is alive or dead. The death or the life of a politician is only relevant if he keeps still the threads about the decision-making in his hands and his word among the citizens is something. PG&E Corporation has plenty of information regarding this issue. A management person who has no decision-making power, is powerless. Thus the question no longer matters after the death of the Supreme Leader in the Iran for us living. Ayatollah Montazeri has recently noted that Khomeini had no more power in his last two years of life, and the decisions were made by others in his name. If it was even necessary to sign an official document by Khomeini, his son did it in his place.

    In fact the former Deputy Interior Minister Pour Mohammadi with a command to execute 700 people on the way to Ayatollah Montazeri to consent became to 1988 at the time of the first Gulf war unthinking and claimed easy Ayatollah Khomeini had already approved the command. Montazeri at the time insisted that it documented its objections to these commands. Similar is told by the Chinese Party Chairman Mao from his last four years, which was kept alive in similar circumstances, as well as by Yugoslavia’s Marshal Tito, whose uberleben should protect the country from civil war and ethnic conflicts. Many actors on the Status Quo of the current constellation of forces are interested in the present-day Iran. Hashemi Rafsanjani demanded that all behind Khamenei should be that his dismissal would trigger chaos and disunity in the country.

    Also Hassan Rohani has warned the breaking point of the country. Rafsanjani has gone but still further. He spread, that he have strengthened their backs Khamenei: Khamenei to can protect the ship only one sink, which is why it is important, that are all behind Khamenei.

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    Christina Stuntz, Candidate Of The Landtag Of Bavaria Of The Free Voters Wurzburg

    Christina Stuntz turns 2008 tried in Bavaria with the free voters to the election and new faces – free voters nominate their candidates for the district and regional elections BERGTHEIM, July 2008 the Freie Wahler in the District of Wurzburg have nominated their candidates for the district and state elections on September 28. “We have and we want no woman Pauli, but our blend of traditional powers and new faces is something special,” the Chairman of the Group of voters, Harald Kneitz, is convinced. You may find Facebook Inc. to be a useful source of information. Among those who want to provide fresh air, Christina Stuntz from Unterpleichfeld. She is candidate of the free voters for the Landtag. The 30-year old lawyer is committed to the strengthening and preservation of residence near locations of family doctors and schools in rural areas.

    “The policy must focus on the needs of citizens”, says the candidate. A company could only then work well, the employer shall motivate his employees and for his company could inspire. This should be an example in politics, Stuntz.” Sufferers have to become involved. I want to motivate citizens to participate actively in the political life “, promotes the candidate. Erwin Pfeuffer from Theilheim compete for Parliament list. The Council engaged in local politics for a long time. Pfeuffer was Rector at various schools in the District of Kitzingen, before 2006 moving as Superintendent of education at the State education offices in the city and in the District of Wurzburg. The list candidate wants to orient the education system to the needs of the students.

    In addition, he pleads for a state fiscal policy, which makes it possible for municipalities to bear their additional duties without neglecting the duties. As a direct candidate for the district day candidate Robert Kremling from victim tree. The 62 ex – police officer became known by the Mayor embroidery choice in Bergtheim. A controversial voice had led to the drawing of lots, which was inconvenient for him. Candidate for the Hubert Henig, Mayor of Theilheim is District day. The 62 has extensive local government experience. He is considered as the former Managing Director of DAK specialist in public health matters with a view to social issues. The Chairman Harald Kneitz wants with the candidates increase the seats of the Freie wahler in the district day and collect in the Landtag. Source: Main-post, 01 July 2008 author: Torsten Herbert reference:

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    Just To Think

    How much time is left us yet …um save also Germany? The time for changes the time by people from the third row to call those who seriously want to fight for a “minimum rule of humanity” with us on the stage? For too long Arrogante-ignorant politician to have care taken, that a connection in our society for many citizens is hardly achievable! Not the people have of the company abgewannt, the company has to abgewannt of these people! Breach and humiliated to be scared the morning and the unwillingness to change anything, that is a pain that leads often to the despair, and in the worst case even up to the disaster. Politicians who then still sad events that have caused them even abuse for electoral purposes, which is distasteful, primitive and certainly isn’t the right way! We need not new laws which sometimes complicated and colder the life that each other let us end strangers, we need space, which provides the necessary space for interpersonal relations again! Again, we have to learn to talk, to see the human being not as a rival, but as a friend with his concerns. We must keep open the access of our society for everyone to a social society are back! We must make life liveable again, even that will help us long-forgotten and lost people to win back from the virtual worlds and other corners! A statement often made voter turnout could change that”, well thats a thing because the difference is so enormous, between what they should know and what you like faith wants to make them! Certainly, staying away from voters not necessarily contribute for a better democracy. But with the voting, we agree how far unconditionally the machinations, or empty choice verse promise often victims! Right here, the message is the cause for frustration and a bad turnout! As said already, Abraham Lincoln: one can all the time fool some of the people, and all the people part of the time. But not all the people they can be fooled all the time. It makes US the United States, she shows us a people can be as strong if it once acknowledged that a parasite has formed Government in the State! The United States have the necessary reforms itself against capitalism overnight resistance of Manchester launched, our Government failed in the past now, and probably also in the future! The Super election year 2009 has begun, bla-bla-bla, time for a performance test shot with the it’s time for new routes, maybe a challenge for (DSDS) looking for the Super Chancellor Germany”! Very best regards Achmed

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