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CDU Social Committees Sit Further Cuts In Civil Service Pensions From

CDA Baden-Wurttemberg to the service regulations reform STUTTGART. The CDU welcome Sozialausschusse (CDA) to pay the proposal by Finance Minister Willi Stachele, officials who work longer hours, a surcharge after the example of the land Rhineland-Palatinate. This voluntary solution stimulated also by the CDA corresponded to the modern mission statement of the officials, which is characterised by commitment and not by compulsion. The State Chairman of the CDU social committees Christian Baumler pointed out that the reduction proposed by the provincial government credit high school saves permanently more money than pulling out the pension at 67: “bringing forward the pension at 67 has nothing to do with Haushaltskonsoldierung. The reduced credit from high school saves until the year 2029 EUR 265 million, the early pension at 67 in the same period 205 million euro. “About 2029, 20 million are in contrast to bringing forward the pension at 67, each year saved”.

BA rejects further cuts at the officials: who civil service pensions and pension insurance would like to adjust, comparing apples with pears and constitutional limits. The Federal Constitutional Court has made it clear to politics that public employees with supplementary pensions or workers with occupational pensions are benchmark of the civil service pensions. So long officials not allowed to strike, the State is obliged to provide them no worse off than employees in the public service. Only technical and high school are considered at the civil service pensions, which are for the setting as an official requirement”. CDA Baden-Wurttemberg

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