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Abraham Lincoln

From 1887 onwards, the country was awarded the Indians under the condition that they should use it for grazing. In addition, many families were encouraged to send their children to special boarding schools to that of the traditional rites and to keep languages. So they could get more control over certain parts of the population. Many of these proponents did this out of charity finally were strongly doubted the Indian beliefs and perceptions of Christians of the time. They felt it so also as a great service if they encouraged the Indians to do so to send their children to boarding schools.

But also in the African-American population resentment started to grow. No wonder, because the time between the end of the American civil war and the first years of the progressive era was for many African-Americans very frustrating. You confronted again and again with problems regarding racial segregation. Long decades after the end of the civil war the Republican party, the party of Abraham Lincoln, saw it as their duty to fight for the rights of the black population. But there were numerous Resistors, that turned the people at that time in the way.

For example, the problem among these resistors with the native population and the wars, which recently led America. If you fought native Americans and oppressed, why should we fight for the rights of blacks? This question became more and more to the end of the 19th century in the Republican party. “In addition there were numerous wars in the Caribbean and in Asia: If we the residents of the Philippines as little Brown men” consider, how can we stand up then for the rights of our own minorities? Therefore, novel concepts to safeguard the rights of African-Americans were quickly discarded. This in turn meant that this part of the population lost some of the most important and influential supporters in politics.

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