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The Car

It was excessively, was hours thinking about it and attending everything there. When she left in the following day, took the garbage bag with the clothes that had used in the day that was to the shed. She went down until the garage and she inside played the bag of the lixeira. Later she left and she was to find the Tati, them went to the cinema. She came back late and she did not repair in a man stopped in the entrance of the building, before the sentry box. As soon as she passed for it, recognized the voice. – And there boy, you needing more money? – For that you here? – Necessary to make a delivery today and I remembered you. Topa for 200? – You not needing grana.

Debtor. – Which is expensive, goes to refuse? I helped another day you, today who you needing I am. – He helped! I delivered the package and the face died. How it goes to help me to find when me? To kill it goes me? – How this, my brother! Spark was alone. Piranha that it tava with it is who must have placed very heavy thing launches in it. If it binds, this is very bad for the businesses! – I know not.

Where it is the delivery? – Now, we start understanding in them, I today have one for and another one for tomorrow, if to topar the two takes 500. – Top. But not return here. I go to the shed, you on one? – Clearly, he commands. You order. He comes with me then until the car, you with the part here. They look in return before if moving away. Data made the two deliveries and took the Tati supper in a beautiful restaurant. In the following week, others two and gave entered in a motion with the credits.

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He says that the girl I push muleque a little in the front of it, was looking at it strangely and it continued, spoke well in ouvidinho of it, whispering pra to be more caliente ' ' He is that today I you giving sopa&#039 to you; '. Until it seems joke, in the reality is a joke, but also it is a fact This friend am not I ok? He fits to remember Truthful fact! Good, it finishes dance, it finishes balacobaco, thin and it rolls, and according to my friend, ' ' vi a woman to never laugh in such a way in my life and my front ' '. Sung, they have of funniest, until more without notion ' ' Your father is the owner of the Mcdonalds? Not? Pq I love everything very this? ' '. Your name is lie? Not, pq? Pq vc is very pretty pra to be truth I am not Ita bank, but I was made pra you Good-looking Oi Wise person who if you were a snack, you would be X-Princess? – T seeing that face there? It answers: – Yes, pq? Ae vc says: – It wanting to know if you to you wants to be with me! =P Or This is most rotten and pra to close this article that still I myself I ask myself, pq still continues writing and you pq still continue reading, but all good We go to jump this part. – Vc like Todinho? – Yes, pq? – Pq today I am Todinho Its! With affection, By Juliano? The loving council member

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