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    Moscow Taxi

    Today, it is difficult to Moscow without the numerous different types of transport, including taxis which you can see the different types, sizes and brands. But it was not always so, and in some period of development of Russia taxi completely disappeared from the streets of cities, while in the west of this business is thriving. Even in pre-revolutionary Moscow, an enormous transit of passengers and cargo, as it passed through all major railroads. Each day, hundreds of thousands of people moved from one station to another, carrying various goods, and this was the first prerequisite to the emergence of the first taxi in Moscow. Then people had to have affordable, agile and inexpensive transport, which could in the shortest time to deliver to anywhere in Moscow. This led to the appearance of cabs on city streets, because at that time, there were no cars.

    Over time, the whole structure was subjected to certain rules that have been legalized transportation tariffs, and set the procedure for placing crews on the streets and squares. In pre-revolutionary period, authorities were concerned about how to organize work and to subordinate them to the taxi particular system, because all the traffic carried can say spontaneous. In 1899, he was found out of this situation to a greater extent this was facilitated by the invention of the taximeter Katskogo AG, which were mounted on All taxis. Taximeter allowed to control the activities of taxi drivers, as well as the charge of the profits to the treasury. It is considered the birthday of the modern taxi March 22, 1907, when London appeared the first specialized taxi with a meter installed on them. This new liking to ordinary citizens, and this business was to flourish.

    Moscow taxi fleet could boast nearly 200 cars. Of course, the revolution of 1917 made his case, almost all taxis were confiscated, and the company have been closed, the situation was a taxi until 1924. In that year it was decided to revive this mode of transport, and taxis were bought brand, "Reno" and "Fiat", in 1925, their number of already numbered about 200. Of course, at that time was not a private taxi, and all businesses owned by the state fares well controlled and could not climb at the discretion of the drivers. But the lack of fair competition always leads to bad consequences, and over time began to appear different violations and lack of control of the service in the community. In large forecourt formed huge queue, it should be noted that there were no benches and shelters. In addition, the drivers were not qualified and was a big risk of getting into an accident, for 9 months, there were 300 accidents. Commonplace in Moscow taxi that period was shortchanging the citizens and the abuse of drivers. After some time the authorities have drawn attention to this situation and improve the quality of taxi services has been carried out, and this contributed technological progress. For example, the opportunity to order a taxi directly from home or work phone. Has also been increased to several thousands of fleet vehicles and created a special commission, which controlled drivers' work. It should be noted in 1928, when the streets were first filling station before, few people could afford to fill your car. This turn of events contributed to the rapid development of the taxi and appearance on the streets of new cars.