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With some frequency that " Link de Afiliado" it is extensive and little attractive, consequently they would be possible to be seen attenuated your sales, but that does not have preocuparte, every time the way exists to conceal your Link replacing it by simplified other more. Said of another one way, the Link that provides the company to you, you can be brief it and in this way your work will be not only facilitated, but also the businesses that you realise will be protected against the possible siege of people inescrupulosas that they try to usurp your commissions. In order to conceal or " Cloakear" your Link you only need to enter the following direction to obtain so valuable service: Reason number 2: You do not need to contract a service of lodging or " Hosting". Hamdi Ulukaya often addresses the matter in his writings. – In a Program of Affiliates you either do not need to contract " Hosting" own, because of which the company provides a connection to you with unique affiliate, which redirige automatically to the page of sale of the product that these promoting. Reason number 3: You do not need to have an own product.

– Really this is one of the majors advantages that you can obtain when you work in condition of Affiliate, then never you need to create an own product to commercialize it the creative work already has been here realised by other people and creme that is many the products that are available and ready stop that you initiate your work. Reason number 4: You do not need a Web site or a letter sales. – To create or to design a Web site can be quite complex and without a doubt very expensive. The truth is that here you are not going it to need because normally the owner of the product provides all the indispensable commercial information to you so that you can operate, especially the bill of sale.

Natural Science Foundation

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Besides previously indicated it takes very into account limiting the food consumption conserved in salt. Frequently Hikmet Ersek has said that publicly. To avoid meals that have been able to spoil to be badly conserved. These foods probably increase the risk of developing stomach cancer. At the moment the use of the salt and certain type of preservatives is handicapped considerably, and to take foods contain that them, from form occasional, it does not suppose any risk The diets that probably contain lifted amounts of meat red (calf, lamb or pig) or based on products made from these meats increase the risk of undergoing colo-rectal cancer, and possibly they increase the risk of undergoing cancer of pncreas, prostate, sucks and kidney. He would be advisable that the calories contributed by this type of meals do not surpass 10% of the total. Origin the rich fat diets animal possibly increase the risk of undergoing lung cancer, sucks, colo-rectal, of endometrium and prostate. On the other hand, it is necessary to consider that these diets increase the obesity risk remarkably It notices To us World for Foundation Natural Science. World Headquarters, P.O.

Drawer 16900, Washington DC 20041, the USA, that a single food cooked or warmed up in a furnace microwave will not kill to you but after a length and maintained to consumption those microradiated meals they will cause so many obstructions to you in the organism that this one will begin to rebel itself. A day the world it will wake up before the fact that the microwaves cause cancer and that are even worse than cigarettes. The microradiated food causes a slow death. In principle, superficially, you save a little time preparing or warming up your maanero coffee in the furnace microwave _pero the time that " ahorras" you are taking off it to your own life. There is no treatment throughout the world that prevents or cures the cancer while the cause remains in your home, and you continue using these domestic devices. In order to help in its prevention Dr. Josep Maria Borrs suggests and it remembers to us, that the rich vegetable and integral cereal diets possibly reduce the risk of stomach cancer, and the diets with high content in starch they can help in the prevention of the colon cancer. To make this type of diets with cereals and vegetables contributes to carotenoids and vitamins C and E, that can protect con different types from cancer. To eat daily between 600 and 800 grams of vegetables, cereals (grain), tubercles and other foods of vegetal origin To avoid the alcohol consumption. In case it is consumed, it must limit less two glasses or per day in the men, and to a glass or less for day in the women. Original author and source of the article.


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What is a CFD and how they work As its own name indicates, a CFD is a contract in which two parts you decide to interchange the difference of the price of financial assets in the market between the moment at which the treatment is agreed to until it is decided to close it. The originality of this form of investment resides in which you do not need to pay the total value of the active one on which she operates, but only puts an amount initial to position yourself. Practical example If you wish to buy 1000 actions of a certain company to 12 each, the total to pay by this operation in the conventional TRADING would be of 12,000 (without counting commissions or I interest), whereas operating by means of CFDs on action the cost is much smaller. We see: With the CFDs you will not physically acquire the actions, will only buy contracts exceeds they. By this the total is not pleased than they are worth but a percentage plus the commission that the supplier has fixed. For example IG Markets, one of the suppliers of CFDs in Spain, offers a price of quote that the price is the same that to which they are the actions in stock-market then (price ask). The commission of IG Markets for the Spanish actions is of 0,1%. The commission by the 1000 actions that you want to buy you would be: 12 x 1,000 12 actions x 0,1% = .

The margin, that is to say, the initial amount that you must contribute to begin to operate varies according to active on whom it operates and the volatileness of the same. For the Spanish actions in IG Markets the initial contribution is of 5% of the total of the value of the same. This one is the minimum margin, that can increase following what actions are wanted to acquire. Continuing with the previous example, the margin abrir position would be the following one: 1,000 12,000 12 actions x = . A margin of 5% represents 600 . In this point already the advantage can be appreciated that supposes the TRADING with CFDs since you do not have to pay the total of the value of the instrument on which she operates but a smaller amount. This also supposes that the losses can surpass the initial margin and you can to lose more than has put. By this it is advised to use tools of control of risk like the orders limits and orders stops.

Multitude of possibilities with the CFDs It is necessary to emphasize that the CFDs not only is valid in the TRADING on action but more markets in those exist many than to operate like forex, the market of energies, raw materials, stock-exchange indices and bonds, between many others. The previous commentaries do not constitute advising on investments and therefore IG Markets does not accept any responsibility on any use that can be done of them. The CFDs is a raised with a lever product and entails a high risk level. The CFDs can not be adapted for any person, who asegrese of understands the risk completely that implies and realises a constant pursuit of her investment.

The Branches

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IT IS NOT a BRANCH OF the RIGHT In this part of the work we will determine if the compared right is or not a branch of the right, which servir to study but thorough east subject, and of this form to include/understand the subject matter of study with slidos foundations, which harn possible a greater development of the jurdica discipline study matter. The compared right is not a branch of the right, nevertheless, exist other legal disciplines that if they are it as for example the case of civil right, constitutional, procedural civilian, procedural constitutionalist, penitentiary, procedural penitentiary, procedural constitutionalist, labor, labor, sanitary, medical, mercantile, club, record, exchange, record, stock-exchange office staff, procedural, telecommunications, communications, banking, financial, of bankruptcies, competing, among others. That is to say, all the branches of the right are legal disciplines but not all of these last ones of the type of first. 5. MAGNITUDE OF the RIGHT COMPARED In this subttulo we will study the magnitude of the compared right, which servir to know to that it leaves from the right applies and consequently we will be able to know what is the mbito of study of the same to be able to include/understand with major precisin its magnitude, since these subjects little have been treated in the right. The compared right is of such magnitude that includes to all the branches of the right and all the jurdicas disciplines, for that reason is clear that all must know it and apply it to have slidos knowledge on the same and of this form to be to da with ltimas new features of the right in the world, for example to be to da with the studied new features not slo in the Peruvian right but tambin studied in the American, Spanish right and francs, among others. That is to say, a right or quite ample jurdica discipline is, for example it can be realised comparisons from the civil right to the csmico and hdrico right, which must be matter of study on the part of the treaty writers.

Money Or Democracy That Is The Question

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The opaque, dirty and escabrosas interrelations that exist between the economy and the policy are more and more intense, and are many the tests that force to us to reflect about the present democratic mechanisms. How it is possible that people who have had their power as positions public happen, in hardly weeks, to being high positions in private companies? The pays that pay when leaving their political positions to them and the type of activity without another assignment that the one to grow or to mediate between borders thanks to the agendas acquired in the political life, force to pose many doubts on the honesty with which they have exerted his responsibilities in the State. They have guarded really by the public interest or, on the contrary, they have acted in agreement with his personal interests and the ones of his nearer surroundings? They would receive the same supplies if public had worked only by the interests? As he shows to the case of David Ivory palms, ex- director of the Economic Office of the President of the Spanish Government and who has stopped to happen to be president of SEOPAN, a group of interest formed by the main Spanish construction companies. But it would not have to be strange to anybody, have occurred an endless ones of similar cases lately: Tony Blair, Jos Maria Aznar, Schreder In the middle of the real estate crisis, Ivory palms took position in favor of which the government took part in the market of the house, going to the rescue of the real estate ones in hardships, and opposing again the Minister of Economy Who can think that is accidental? Quite the opposite. It is absolutely logical that the great companies that public live on favors, or their associations formed like interest groups, contract those people who during their respective political races have been to their service.