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    Moscow Playbill Theatre

    Satyricon Theatre will delight their audience in April, the two premiers, "Money" and "Profitable". Both premieres are used based on the work of Ostrovsky, both filled with energy charge and the original methods of production. Click Rob Daley for additional related pages. In play "Money" (scenic version of the theater play "Not a penny, but suddenly Altyn") and starring possible to meet the honored artist of Russia Denis Sukharev, Natalia Vdovin, Agrippina Steklov, Angelina Varganova. In comedy "Profitable" involved and Honored Artist of Russia Denis Sukhanov, and Maxim Averin, and Mariana Spivak, and Honored Artist of Russia Grigory Siyatvinda, as well as the Honored Artist of Russia Alexei Yakubov and People's Artist of Russia Face Nifontova. The play sounds romance A. Gurilev "Mother dear," arranged by Elias Khmyz. Both premieres are productions Raikin.

    Satire Theater presents the premiere plays to our attention "on Triumph Triumph" and "Ljupof." The authors are first Shirvindt Alexander, Sergei rafts, Sergei and Andrei Semenov Kokovkin, author of the second Stas Nikolaev. "Triumph in Triumph" will be held on the big stage, but "Ljupof" – in the attic of Satire. At choosing to go on that, it is worth taking into account the duration of the show. Playbill Theatre of Satire, tells us that "Triumph in Triumph" is 2 hours without intermission, but the "Ljupof" only 1 hour 20 minutes. Lenkom Theatre on the site is extremely sparingly presents us with the premiere of "The Cherry Orchard," a comedy based on the AP Chekhov.

    In the description of the play are only the date – April 8 April 9 April 20 April 26. In the playbill is specified only director Mark Zakharov. His name is widely known the theater audience, so as production is unlikely anyone will doubt, but for people who do not have anything to do with theater arts, for people just coming into this world, it would be extremely useful to describe this colorful setting. In the theater, Chekhov Moscow Art Theater, is only one premiere of "Vassa Zheleznova," but not an example of the theater of Satire, it immediately gives a description of the vena information to the person who wants to get acquainted with the repertoire and choose go on that. And so, "Vassa Zheleznova" a tragicomedy in two acts based on the play by Maxim Gorky. Take part in it, Marina Golub, Sergei Kolesnikov, Leonid Timtsunik, Edward Chekmazov, Xenia Teplov, Olga Krasko and others. Leo directing deals Ehrenburg. Running time: 2 hours 45 minutes with one intermission. The play on the stage – April 16, April 25 and May 20. As you can see the number of days when the play goes, only three, so if you decide to visit Theatre Chekhov Moscow Art Theater, is pre bother buying tickets.

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