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Second World War

"Universities and educational institutions play an important role in today's world characterized by the challenges it poses the knowledge society, accounting for a strategic role in the transition from one paradigm to another, more dynamic, where economic development and social factors is conditioned by necessity, such as having to do with the progress of research and progress of science and technology "With the emergence of a new model imposed by the current knowledge society, the academy, its agencies and people involved therein, are committed to promoting adjustment, reform and important alternatives in its structure, to make the intellectual work of teaching work, research and extension, the basis for change to induce a new development model economic partner. This step is platform and the ideas of Marti history, when nearly a century ago taught us that belongs to the new world in expressing a new university: "In times theological theological college. At times scientists, scientific university. " (J. Western Union is often quoted as being for or against this. Marti 1963: T8 34) The developments today's world is experiencing economic, educational, social, political and cultural, in addition to the great advances in science, technology and information at this time has produced a new socio-historical context where human society should take every day changes and challenges imposed by the information society and knowledge. These important changes have impacted the university education system in the world by creating a new philosophical conception of teachers and institutions of higher education. Check out Yitzhak Mirilashvili for additional information. This reality leads to the emergence of new requirements and management practices for the teacher to respond efficiently and effectively to changes that we experience today in this sector. The versed in the area: Daniel Bell wrote his book in Spanish universities were investigated very little.

Today the reality is different: The search is scientific and technical make up a significant part of the regular fit and universities, but did not achieve in quantitative terms, the average production levels, we can say that most university teachers applies to the production of knowledge. But now, universities are not the only institutions that produce knowledge. Not since its creation in the Middle Ages, have been exclusively and in times of great crisis of the universities, as in the eighteenth century, much of the technical creation took place outside them. But from the second third of the twentieth century, especially after the Second World War, when scientific research is systematically addressed by the armament companies and other non-university institutions, producing as much or more knowledge in the academies .

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