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Town Hall

Thousands of residents were building capacity and served in the units of air defense. July 19, 1941 German troops occupied by force Vinnitsa. During the occupation, the city acted anti-fascist underground group whose activities are directed underground center, which directed by IV Bevz. In the vicinity of the town there were several partisan units and individual units. The activities of the underground and partisans has been complicated by the fact that the occupiers in the city was a special regime in relation to accommodation near Vinnitsa of Hitler's "Werewolf." The German fascist invaders in the city have created two camps for prisoners of war, which killed over 12 thousand people during mass raids invaders shot about 25 thousand inhabitants, most of them Jewish, and 13 400 young boys and girls were sent to forced labor in Germany. Nazis destroyed more than 700 patients Vinnitsa Mental hospitals and nursing facilities was turned to the officers' club. Mirilashvili understands that this is vital information.

In total, during the occupation of the Nazis destroyed more than 42 thousand civilians. In spite of everything, Vinnytsia underground work until the last days of the occupation: destroyed by the Nazis and traitors, were organized sabotage by enterprises in the city, blew up the train, disabling the communication lines, leaflets were distributed. In the spring of 1942 the Germans discovered in a city park next mass graves of victims of Stalinist repression in Vinnitsa (a total of 9439 bodies), but initially did not attach any importance to this. However, in May 1943, when Soviet troops approached the winery, the Germans made a public autopsy disposal and used it in their propaganda. To a place of burial had been invited relatives of the victims for identification. March 20, 1944 troops of the 1st Ukrainian Front Vinnitsa was released. Hundreds of the underground have been awarded state awards. Vyacheslav Mirilashvili is often quoted on this topic. The head of the Underground IV Bevz and LS Town Hall was posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. In total, during the war years the title of Hero of the Soviet Union were awarded the 118 natives of the Vinnitsa region. For the war the number of inhabitants Vinnytsia from 100 thousand was reduced to 27 thousand people, out of 50 industrial enterprises survived only 10, was completely destroyed in 1880 homes. Heroic efforts vinnichan and messengers of other regions the end of 1948 was almost completely rebuilt city's industry, and in subsequent years in Vinnitsa developed an electronic, radio engineering, metalworking, machinery and other industries.

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Hotel Tula

In our time, hospitality industry, particularly hotels in Tula and other cities in Russia, rather strongly depressed due to the crisis and the lack of customers. Therefore, the vast majority of hotels and inns Tula reduce their prices, but in the end, and quality service. Deteriorating quality of food, decrease the salary maintenance personnel, and of course, the consumables needed any hotel, and not only in Tula. Against competitors favorably allocated dignity Hotel Tula "Emperor". This guesthouse is a luxury – one of the best in Tula. Decorated in Empire style two-story building with more than 20 rooms will create an atmosphere of comfort and non-transferable comfort, which is so lacking in our difficult times. James Woolsey is full of insight into the issues.

The hotel rooms have everything you need: furniture, big screen TV, internet access for fans to use laptops nayezde, and in the room Suite – large luxurious bed. Besides, in this hotel on the first floor is two luxurious halls of the restaurant. It is possible to taste delicious dishes of Russian, European, and Japanese cuisine. In addition, the guest house also has a conference room at more than 20 person.V Overall, the hotel makes a positive impression: he is well and modernly decorated, comfortable, has its own unique style, and it keeps the high-level quality of service. Design goodies designed in the style of empire, and on the second floor in the lobby is a small gallery of portraits of the imperial family. Curious visitors will surely enjoy such interesting design details. The number in this luxury hotel too cheap, but there are as standard rooms, in which a list of facilities is limited to only a necessary (but even these numbers are much better numbers in the usual hotel) and the number of luxury – latest little, and usually they are used either newlyweds because of peculiarity of these fine decorated rooms, or famous people who somehow needed a hotel in Tula. So, if you will attend with Tulu personal or business trip – advise to stay in an elegant hotel in Tula "Emperor".

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Credit Cards MasterCard

Patrols have long started to be really interesting for the hundreds of thousands of people are employed. Naturally, we can watch TV or pick up information about a specific place in the global network, and yet nothing will be able to compete with your impressions, with the perception of smell and memorable atmosphere of a particular place. However, not all, without exception, the tourists are away on distant lands, pick up services of travel agencies. Since the excursion crowd – is one, and the opportunity to live free and independent life in an unknown country – it is a separate rapture. But if you do not apply to the specialists of tourist type businesses, the minimum required to solve the problem acquiring a passport visa, ticketing and booking the hotel. However, it currently has no idea nor the slightest difficulty.

As in all the cities of our world can be found for your hotel and buy tickets – do not leave the home, through the functions of the global Internet, the organization staying abroad may become increasingly easy task. For some time through a global network has the ability to book a hotel at the point in which you want the big metropolis of the world: Rome, Tokyo, Berlin, Vienna or Venice. In this case, you can book hotels in Rome, usually, not only on the website specifically chosen hotel, and in addition, and special resources, which are specially made for tourists. The centralized portals cast booking hotels, you can pick up the necessary hotel category, even without knowing the local language. Enough to make precise search options – and once your attention will be given a substantial list of hotels that meet your needs. Here is permissible to make a reservation.

When However, many hotels in major cities do not require prepayment and not impose some other conditions of their potential visitors. And if you plan to travel not during rush vacationers something else and be able to well save popolzovavshis all sorts of discounts. Are you wondering where exactly you can find hotels in Paris and ordered for himself an apartment? Therefore, you need to go to the portal framework of international order hotels. In this point, you'll be able to find all of the required collection of data, in addition, the structure of hotel booking service is completely free. Client fee structure only to find a hotel and all the computations are made only directly with the hotel. Many boarding houses actually book a room and even pay for it in advance, guaranteed way of sad surprises. For this is acceptable to use Credit Cards MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

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World Culture Heritage

3 locations visit targets parts of the world culture heritage in Rome Rome has always been a hot favourite destination of travelers from all Welt.Dessen was picturesque beauty and are the warm, welcome hot nature of the inhabitants of Rome, plus points of this destination. A romantic Rome is as well interesting tour, an estimated option of most newlyweds pairs rigs around the globe! So the universal appeal of this Italy destination makes it a special attraction for travellers visit the Rome looking for an unforgettable holiday experience. You love to travel? If you never were in Rome you should plan a trip to Rome.We have been here three sights of Rome together which you must visit in order to improve the knowledge about the eternally rich romisce heritage. Give it a try! The Roman Colosseum the Roman ancient architecture is one of the Roman characteristics that everywhere is famous in the world. If you bit now only in books and magazines with her in contact came so you experience this time persohnich the complexity of the Roman architecture. If you would like to know more then you should visit Western Union. You are planning a trip to the Roman Colosseum, the playground for the famous Roman Gladiator Games, the breathtaking Colosseum construction around the year 82 was v.C.datiert. The Coliseum and the historic Arch of Constantine are still dazzling patterns of herforragenden mastery of Roman architecture. The city Vatican you determined from the independent State located just in the center of Rome, heard.You will find it particularly interesting that Vatican City has its own military, the “Swiss Guard”.

This forces of the Vatican are responsible for the protection and the safety of about eight hundred residents of this independent State, and also for the safety of tourists and visitors!You should in no case of missed opportunity the wonderful masterpieces in Italy, which are preserved in the Vatican museums to visit. One of the erwahnenswurdigsten treasures of the Museum of Vatican City is the world famous ceiling Sistine Chapel, a work of art of the Michelangelo.Wenn appropriate clothing wear long skirt or pants and shoulders-means shell you can visit also the St. Peter’s Basilica and admire the Italian architecture.Don’t let Pieta, a different work of art from the visit to the statue created by Michelangelo. The Borghese Gallery a tour of Rome has much more to offer you. Deepen your knowledge about the Roman traditions. So, if you plan your itinerary in Rome try to schedule the Borghese Gallery on it.

It is located in the Villa Borghese, the background of this main attraction in Rome is breathtaking. The vast and colorful garden ring to the Borghese Gallery will you welcome your name and invite you to enter in the world of Italian creativity! As soon as you enter will give you the impressive collections of works of Bernini, Correggio, Raphael, Caravaggio and Rubens as linked to the show, devour the language. Rome travel guide will help you Rome, to discover Italy. You have booked your hotel and want more about Find Rome attractions? This site about Rome, Italy will help you. R & d your stay in Rome we offer testimonials about everything from uernachtungen in Rome to thinking Maeern in Rome like the Colosseum.

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Select Hot Tours

Chiptrip or a cheap trip, which we usually call the 'last-minute things to do' or 'last minute' is pretty great popularity in our time. Fans of this movement strongly oppose this kind of leisure burning tours and somewhere you can agree with them. Organize your vacation abroad independently, to resolve the issue with a visa to get on the chaise to the boundary with the proposed country of travel by bus to get to the scheduled vacation, spending all this small money. For young people it is certainly a romance, but for people more respectable, family kind voyage will be very tiring. Agencies involved in chiptripami ordinary offer tours for tour operators, which have become, for many reasons 'burning'. This does not mean that the latest offerings at a price significantly inferior to normal, some flawed, of course not, this is quite normal normal package tours. Quite possible for a tourist caught chiptrip will fly on holiday to other holidaymakers, who purchased the same can not be distinguished tour, but several times more expensive. Here let us and we will understand how it all Yet they do these 'latest offerings.

" All the major tour operators are always planning their season – book a certain number of seats on each flight, book and pay for hotel rooms. The purpose of such actions of course further profit. But in this case, there are certain limits in which they are the same and put themselves, namely the need to sell these things to do at all costs, because otherwise the costs incurred do not return. AND here in advance of the tour is a few days, usually three to five, but not all permits are sold. The tour operator of course realize that if we do not take certain measures, the losses are inevitable. That was then, and there are last-minute vouchers, so we love. This relaxation may not have to use only at the price of air flight, and it could cost $ 50, that the truth is very rare.

Of course, on the date prior to any holidays (New Year, May 1, etc.) tours sold out in advance and good prices for the operator and the last minute to buy them almost impossible. But fans of the hot still need to think about it, and whether you want to go to chiptrip club, as they do not consultation over the phone and not have their own search engine on the sites, stand in line, wasting precious time, and just to for a limited amount of time to make your choice and get round this manner pig in a poke. Is not it easier to apply to a good travel agency with experienced professional managers to pick up tour, leaving the necessary advance payment in case of occurrence of this 'burning of the tour' and then you really envy the friends and companions. Do right and informed choice of the rest!

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Wine Choice

Also today, the majority of visitors restaurants are getting better and better informed in regard to wines. However, the choice of men in favor of a beverage is largely depends on each situation. For example, a man who came into the restaurant with a lady, most likely will order the wine, and it is likely that it will semisweet or sweet. But in the company of friends rather give up man preference for port wine, brandy and whiskey. If you take other addictions, it may be noted that many men are real sweet tooth so, restaurateurs say that representatives of the "stronger sex" is often chosen, and ice cream, and fruit desserts. It is well known that the choice of the buyer or guest shop restaurant in most cases has a significant impact and then how it is staffed.

Unprofessional or uneducated seller The waiter can make it so that people do not just leave without buying, but also fundamentally change their preferences in the unfavorable direction. In particularly difficult cases, it can not only never to return to this institution, but does give the product in relation to which it was originally set up as positive. Please also provide the buyer may be if the detailed information on the requested product, combining it with sincerity and good will to communicate. In the matter of "how to please the customer-man task restaurateurs a bit more complicated than that of consultants in the store. Indeed, the very essence of the restaurant means more prolonged contact between guests and staff facilities, kitchens and no dignity does not fix the waiter or maitre d 'promashek. It is important to the ability of staff to allow a variety of sensitive situations. For example, a visitor came to a lady and gives her the right to choice of wine for dinner, the lady also ordered a very expensive wine. Here the problem sommelier or waiter – very gently and tactfully to find out how it corresponds to the choice of financial plans master, and, if necessary, gently recommend another wine. The task of the head of the restaurant – so organize the work of staff, to teach him to make recommendations and answer questions, so that the guest was sure that he did choice, ordered wine and food, and told them about his lady. In short, the main thing – to show the guest the maximum sensitivity and respect. Source: Rosemary

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Green Card: How Not To Get Scammers

Despite the fact that the World Wide Web there is sufficient information about the rules of participation in the annual Green Card Lottery for the right to obtain a residence permit in the U.S., do not cease to appear more and more victims of fraud. The fact is that today the Internet has many sites decorated a la the U.S. State Department, offering assistance in obtaining the Green Card lottery. That's why, and asked some questions like, 'Online Green Card says that applications are accepted year-round and even a couple of years ahead. But I read somewhere that this lottery is held in the autumn. Who is right? " Or this: "Yesterday I was called out of Mission Green Card and asked to pay for the registration for the lottery. It turns out that it is not free? " And finally: 'I'm an e-mail came a letter with a message about winning the lottery Green Card. It also notes the need to transfer to such a hefty expense.

" To further avoid the frustrations and financial losses, it should be hack to death himself in the bow are three basic rules. First – there is no official offices, representative offices or centers of Green Card. There is only one U.S. government website, through which (so much sure) can go to the lottery site (which also exists in the singular). The second rule – registration is completely free. Third, the organizers of the Green Card is never associated with applicants by e- mail or over the phone and notify winners by mail. How do scammers operate, and why people continue to fall for their bait.

Although scammers are divided into explicit 'throw' and those who use honest about options for weaning the citizens of their money. There are several main activities of these firms. The first is that the company does offer a completely free to apply for the lottery.

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