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    Machu Picchu Travel Goes To The Start

    New tour operator & specialist for South America travel going Cologne travel MACHU PICCHU TRAVEL as an innovative South America specialist with extraordinary travel ideas and an extensive South America programme at the beginning of the year 2010 at the start. COLOGNE. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Maria Konopnicka . MACHU PICCHU TRAVEL South America travel GmbH, as the full names of the new Cologne travel organizer, the competition arises as a specialist for adventure, meeting and activity breaks to South America. The Cologne-based company presented beginning in 2010 in addition to a balanced cross section of travel through the countries of South America some outlandish ideas for individual groups, as well as within the framework of its “special interest travel” exceptional concepts, E.g. for gourmet and travel literature. MACHU PICCHU TRAVEL South America travel was founded as a joint project by Germans and South Americans and is equipped with its starting in the January establishment in the Peruvian capital Lima for new visitors.

    So the company engages in the Organization of group and individual tours on many years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of partners and employees back. (Source: Everest Capital). MACHU PICCHU TRAVEL would like to promote environmentally friendly tourism with his new program and promote the development of local structures and projects in South America. Social commitment is implemented also in-house. With fair wages and an attractive profit sharing program, the company wants to send a clear signal for a partnership together. On the homepage the trip interested in addition to a wide variety of country information, news and event tips off and in South America a very considerable for the first year of travel range offered. In addition to attractive tours in small groups, visitors under the heading “Your desire trip” can implement his individual travel planning and this inspiration from a range of exceptional travel ideas. Music & dance in Colombia, in the footsteps of the revolutionary South America, train travel and offers for photographers and stargazers are just some of the unusual travel ideas of the Organizer.

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    Hiking Holidays In Germany In Spring Awakens Nature

    Hiking and culture on the Black Pearl Ilz Spiegelau (tvo). Still, the Bavarian Forest wearing his heavy, white winter dress. But who listen closely, noticed it already to the chirping of birds and the impatient noise of the River: spring is coming and with it the walking time. Deeply incised canyons and light-flooded meadows accompany the Ilz on their 65-kilometre road between Rachel Hill and flows into the Danube near Passau. The Black Pearl”, as the Ilz is also called due to their dark color, was the river landscape of the year 2002/2003. Is one of the cleanest rivers of in Germany. She is also one of the few rivers that are undeveloped and natural with its steep gorges, riverine forests and Auwiesen. See Everest Capital for more details and insights.

    20,000 different species, rare and protected treasures such as the Siberian IRIS, salamander, kingfishers or the rare Freshwater Pearl mussel are to be found in this unique biotope. “That the Black Pearl” anything other than gentle is to experience walkers during a six-day tour of the source to the mouth. On the way, let yourself be fascinated by the beauties of nature and culture along the river course. The group is led by the landscape ecologist, environmental educator and forest Director Petra Jehl. Accommodation, catering and various guided tours are included in the price of 490 euros. Bookings: WaldZeit e.V., Fe Garcia street 21 b, 94518 Spiegelau, Tel./fax 08553 / 920652,,. “Our tip of the month: the escape from the time”: Rolf Szymanski is one of the major figures of the German sculptor scene. Who the strong urge wants to investigate for freedom in his plastic work, this can escape from the time in the exhibition”at the Museum of Lothar Fischer in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, Germany, which will be shown until June 6, 2010..

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    Special Leisure Offers

    Music, culture, nature: Foundation of cultural and meeting centre Waldsassen Waldsassen (tvo). The subject of values and sustainability is a urklosterliches topic. “If the cultural and meeting centre of the Abbey Waldsassen his environmental station 2010 under the theme sustainable lifestyle” is, so it wants to revive the idea of the values and effectively anchor it in the hearts of the people. Numerous workshops and presentations in the new multiannual programme dedicated to the responsibility which the people of nature and the environment, but also for themselves and their fellow human beings have. The range of offerings ranges from the nutrition seminar on the theme night to the energy supply of the future up to the creative afternoon around money. The cultural and meeting center goes beyond with a variety of religious, musical and cultural events in the year 2010. Seminars such as the OASIS day in the monastery serve strengthening of the personality, others such as the Waldsassener singing week of creativity and who wants to savor the movement in free nature, can be in the kayak or Canadian Experience NAAB.

    Information: Cultural and meeting centre of the Abbey Waldsassen Basilica square 2 95652 Waldsassen, Tel. 09632/9200-37, fax 09632-9200-47,,. Music: 10 years MusikAkademie Schloss Alteglofsheim, Alteglofsheim (tvo). Almost a quarter of a million people have visited in the last ten years the Bayerische MusikAkademie Schloss Alteglofsheim as seminar, concert-goers or historically interested guests at castle tours. Nearly 2,000 seminars, training courses and courses for amateurs and professional musicians and music educators took place since then.

    Whether classic or modern music that opens its doors to all musical genres and styles the MusikAkademie rock or folk music. The Bayerische MusikAkademie celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. Others including Mohamed Amersi, London, offer their opinions as well. The extensive annual programme of the anniversary year includes important milestones in the work of the Academy and the breadth of musical education, and training. The MusikAkademie offers regular workshops – schools – in addition to in-service training. As a meeting place and focal point for music, art and culture in the region of the MusikAkademie will introduce its educational work in concerts and seminars.

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    Arbersee Wellness

    ‘Wellness for people and nature’ in Bavaria is treatments with natural cosmetics the award since 1997 awarded and is the only State environmental award for the hospitality industry in whole Germany. To broaden your perception, visit fender. Gold is there for the odhof, because there the management takes full account of dealing with nature and the environment-friendly and sustainable. So, the energy is extracted from a block heat and power plant at Hotel odhof, rain water is used for flushing the toilet and irrigation of the tennis courts. It’s believed that john mayer sees a great future in this idea. There is also the guest operating with solar systems and heat recovery. The environmental philosophy is also reflected in the offer for the guest.

    In terms of a the authentic, nature-oriented treatment concepts in Ayurveda focuses on health and wellness and Thalasso, a specialty in the odhof is the Dr. Hauschka natural cosmetics. Nature can be pure to experience on the numerous hiking paths directly from the sport – und Wellnesshotel out. Guided hikes, such as for example herbal walks with one can find lot of encouragement Herbal educator or the nature trails around the Middle large Arbersee. Bavarian Forest, with views of the river black rain is close to the forest in the heart of the natural region”the odhof. Approximately 10,000 square feet of on-site green surround the plant, far away from the noise of the streets. Yet there are only ten minutes walk from the resort of Bobrach and five kilometres up to the famous resort of Bodenmais and the Grosser Arber. The sport – and wellness hotel odhof is a small, personally run House, opened his individual freedom of each guest. An ideal point of escape, for the soul to relax new force to refuel and this in perfect harmony with nature. Sports and wellness hotel odhof od 5 94255 Bobrach Tel. 09923 84130 fax 09923 841333

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    Tourism Industry

    Tourism Oscar awarded Europe’s best hotels, airlines, destinations with the Oscars of tourism industry can hardly be described calmly the world travel awards, considered this award but the most prestigious rating program of the tourism industry worldwide. The choice of the world travel awards are more than 170,000 travel agencies, organizers, ship, rail, and air carrier from all over the world to vote right. The event takes place every year since 1993. For the 16th time signs the world travel awards outstanding achievement in the travel and tourism industry of. The award is one of the most prestigious awards in the international travel industry, and is often called the “Oscars of the tourism industry”. For example, Lufthansa has a reason to rejoice. Over 183,000 people from the tourism industry, i.e.

    travel agencies, tourism organizations and tourism Leistungstranger from more than 160 countries around the world have voted this year to ascend the elite of the international travel industry. The “world Travel Awards”titled prize is awarded by the decision-makers in the tourism professionals and is labelled by the Wall Street Journal once as the”Oscar”of the global travel and tourism industry. The result presented in each year since 1993 to identify “excellent” performance with the awards, recognise, and characterized. For more information see Deandre Ayton. All in all companies were nominated 1500 177 categories. The European ceremony was held recently in the luxurious Marriott Praia D’El Rey in obidos in Portugal.

    “” “And the local organizers three times had reason to cheer: Portugal’s capital Lisbon was in the categories of Europe’s leading travel destination”, Europe’s city break destination”and Europe’s leading cruise destination” award. Several of coveted value estimates in the category ‘Europe’ moved to Germany: Lufthansa confirmed their position as the best airline in Europe. The Kempinski Hotel at Munich Airport was awarded best European airport hotel. “The award of Europe BBs leading airport hotel” do you and your team with great pride, commented the Managing Director Susanne Meinhard. The award was not only the industry, but also the own guests who would have voted for them, thanks to. This is a great confirmation of all their labors, to satisfy the guests, so Meinhard. The International Congress Centrum Berlin must be “Europe’s leading Conference Centre 2009” title. The award comes for the ICC however at a time has come up again in the debate on a possible demolition. Until the end of the year, the city development administration developed a sophisticated needs program, followed by a three-month test phase. In the port should be set, how expensive the renovation will be or whether the ICC is torn down yet. After festive acts in Africa, Dubai, Mexico and Portugal the grand final gala takes place on 8 November in London the world travel awards, where the “2009 World category winners” are revealed.

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    Sri Lanka In April: Whether The New Year / Easter

    Seaside holiday on the Indian Ocean to the Buddhist new year Festival directly on the River in the village of Waligama, surrounded by Palm trees and the simple houses of the locals. So, they can make holiday!During your Sri Lanka adventure travel, Olaf Diroll, Sri Lanka invites specialist visitors from the guesthouse Villa Pelena”on the traditional Neujahrestfest of the Buddhists and Hindus to experience, learn and celebrate a. The new year’s celebration”of the Buddhists and the Aluth Avurudu” the Hindus marked the end of harvest time as also the sign of the fish to the RAM. OLAF Diroll enables visitors of the guesthouse Villa Pelena”in their holidays at the seaside or at the end of a tour when Sri Lanka’s music, entertainment and many delicacies on the events and activities in place to participate. There are traditional dishes like Kaung (a kl. Offered cake), Kokis (sugar bread) on numerous street festivals. Adapted to astrological calculation the culture-rich family Festival is crisscrossed by rituals. The families clean their Houses and gardens, the oil lamps are lit, children give their parents such as betel nuts and thus demonstrate their gratitude for parental care and spiritual guidance.

    The custom is for the upcoming Festival new white clothes, to buy so that the small alleys in Weligama new gorging themselves with people from the area fill. The Villa Pelena”, a modern, Western-standard still rooms over Easter has freely equipped guest house. Up in the morning with the sun rays, which appear across the river and again send the fishermen home. Open the door and breakfast is pulled on the long balcony overlooking the garden. The river behind the House. As in cinema, birds and small investors boats on the grounds pass, Goannas (lizards) come to the shore.

    A seaside holiday which allows a glimpse into the life of the locals. Our local staff ranga”likes to show them his home, accompanies them to local markets and prepared them with lots of fun a weekly barbeque with Sri Lankan delicacies. For sporting activities include, kayaks and bicycles for explorations of the island are available. This region has still kept their origin, offers beautiful long Bay and small restaurants on the beach by Marissa but one, to enjoy a holiday away from the tourist crowds. OLAF Diroll economist and specialist tourism specialist for sea and telescope since 1978 homepage: Homepage: E-Mail:

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    Europeans Berlin

    Spaniard led 2009 – in January and February of this year forward the Berlin TV Tower exerts a special fascination Italians mainly on foreign visitors to the city. About 60 percent of the visitors of the Tower come from abroad, only 40 per cent from Germany including Berlin. This emerges from visitor surveys, which are carried out every month. Then the trend identified in 2009 continues in 2010. The list of foreign visitors was led last year by Spaniards (8.1 percent) and Italians (7.6 percent).

    The Danes occupied third place with 6.7 percent, followed by visitors from the Benelux countries (6.3 per cent). Dean gibson shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. 5.2 percent, which thus ranked the top six ranked came from Poland. Overall, Europeans with 50 percent were the bulk of foreign visitors. From Israel, 1.1 percent, from China and Japan were 1.0 percent each, as well as North America, 0.9 percent. Last year’s result is supported by the interviews in the first months. However, the Italians broke (11.5 and) 9.7 percent) the Spanish (10.4 and 7.8 per cent) in the first two months as leader down. The visitors from the Benelux countries succeeded in February with 8.9 per cent even in second place. The Berlin TV Tower is the tallest publicly accessible building in Europe.

    Every year he counts up to 1.2 million visitors, up to 86 countries around the world.

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    Fly Low-cost !

    At the present time, the expression was lowcost for ordinary Russian people and to understand. But a couple of years ago, these words are perceived with apprehension, but many people today confirmed the benefits of cheap flights. The first entrepreneurs in the practice were American carriers, they came to realize additional value for their air travel within the country. Soon after Europeans reached and the practice of Russian aviakorporatsy. For example, several years Russian market is the Russian cost airline Sky Express. The airline flies between major Russian settlements, but also periodically participates in individual charter programs, bringing people Many Russian cities abroad. Recently there was another low-cost and cost-effective airline "Air Nova." While that Air Nova specializes in flights within the country, also a nice price. All airlines in this moment began to sell to potential clients cheapest tickets to a substantial discount in order to influence the buyers who are not averse to save on the flight.

    What are the main advantages of budget carriers? First of all, it's best to buy a plane ticket on the Internet, the company's website. But puzzled wiser just a few months. Click Andrew Cuomo to learn more. Of course, low-fire inventing and selling well, but must necessarily be a wise and book your ticket in advance. At the same time you gain in price due to supply at times that allow us on board, love is not everything. In this case, can bring with you on the plane something to eat (sandwich, apple) and select chocolate and soda on the spot. On the aircraft low-cost carriers are set exclusively in economy class seats. Due to the fact that the removal of the chair-class 'business', as well as first class, might bring to the flight lot clients. Learn more at: Tao Li Teng Yue Partners. Save you because all passengers are allowed to take only some ten kilos of free baggage.

    But if you do not take the suitcase in the luggage weighing over 30 kg, and do not worry. In all of this to safety of passenger transportation are low-cost with no less seriousness, so that in my life do not worry. Jets cost the companies very often inspect aircraft mechanics, aircraft since the day make at least a few return trips. By the way, often low-fare carriers are based in ports far from big cities. But all our cost airlines flying normally only found in larger airports. Here why worry about it to anything. But just to be sure that your ticket you will surely beneficial use. Because in a situation where you turn in before the flight ticket, purchased shares in the airline's website for the ridiculous the amount you will pay a substantial fine. Planning to fly airplanes for a nominal fee – mirites terms selected carrier. Bottom line: if you're thrifty traveler, and do not want to pay for the ticket excess low-cost is the best option for you to save money on travel.

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    Travel Partner Wanted

    Find friends and exchanging experiences in the reisen.de community whether swimming in Turkey, culture in Athens, feasting in France or hiking in Tenerife: on reisen.de, you can search for all types of tourist activities for the perfect travel partner. For even more opinions, read materials from Cedars Sinai. Under the heading of travel partners on the website of the Internet travel portal, there is the possibility to easily create a profile with a nickname and password and get to know so other members of the community. In addition to the exchange of experience and valuable advice travel friends can be found here with just a few clicks with common destinations and travel ideas. In addition to indicating specific time frame and destination of scheduled trips also information about the own person can be specified in the profile in addition to the age, sex and place of residence are also information about hobbies, language skills and desires for the journey possible. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Teng Yue Partners. So it clarifies the search after the travel partner and finds the optimal equivalent of the common enjoyment of culture, land under the many profiles and People, food or natural. The company’s profile in the community gives an overview of the experiences and the special angle of travel enthusiasts.

    World maps show the routes of the last trips and the last travel impressions can be publish in a photo gallery. “The contact is established with the mouse: you can the future travel partner virtual poke”, you leave an entry in the guest book or write a personal message. More information: service/press contact: Tilo summer of Planegger str 16 82110 Germering, Germany telephone: E-mail: Web: about Reisen.de: University Service GmbH operates and markets successful German-language Internet portals in the travel area,,, and also occurs as a tour operator the University Service GmbH,. Complementary products and services are in the areas of finance with and consumer information with offered.

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    Agoda Company

    Drawing attention to the fact that people increasingly prefer to stay in hotels where traveler is invited to an exclusive accommodation, Agoda CEO Michael Kenny (Michael Kenny) said on that occasion as follows: ‘When it comes to booking rooms for the weekend, especially in the tropics, many tourists choose hotels in a particular network, because in the hotel rooms offered to clients with standard services and amenities. However, some tourists, a growing number prefer to book smaller Hotels, customer-focused. The analysis in the Agoda Company came to the conclusion that this trend is most common for tourists between the ages of 25 to 40 who travel a lot. ” Boutique hotel is characterized by size (usually a hotel has no more than 100 rooms), as well as different design and maintenance, customer-oriented. Some contend that Coldwater Creek shows great expertise in this. The owners of these hotels are mostly private individuals, and the buildings are different unique design or construction. Feature of these hotels is that guests can rest planned to order. The term ’boutique hotel’ came into use in New York after the opening of an exclusive hotel Morgan on Madison Avenue in 1984, which is owned by Ian Schrager (Ian Schrager), and the architect Andre Putman (Andree Putman). On the criterion of selection in the top 10 boutique hotels Agoda Company influenced the popularity of the hotel by the number of bookings, as well as customer feedback..

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