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    It indicated Gurdieff, that the man is a complex machine that " it ingests impressions and it excretes conducts " and it is fed on sensible food, air and five impressions to impel " cerebros" or " centros" that they act in independent form: emotional, motor, instinctive and sexual intellectual. Each acts its as without considering to the other, thus the unconscious human machine is inefficient and this catched in " mecanicidad". The three basic centers (intellectual, emotional and instinctive – motor) determine the gurdjieffiana typology of the human being without development of brings back to consciousness, according to what of them he is dominant in each person: " Man number uno" , motor; " Man number dos" , emotional; " Man I number tres" , intellectual. Although we think that we have a single " mente" , in fact each one of the centers have an own one. And this complejiza categorisation still more because, as well, each one of the centers have their own divisions. Had " atencin" , obtained with effort and will, it allows to give us account us in which center we are working and to undertake the way of the harmonic and simultaneous development of body, emotion and intellect. " halting interior" of thoughts he is one of the exercises for " memory of s" that it takes to the understanding of this process. Gurdieff in addition contributes what Silvia remembers to us Alvarez, who " atencin" , " observation of himself " and " memory of itself " , the identifications and imaginations allow the man to free themselves of that maintain it sunk in " dream state hipntico".

    " Only a man in the highest state of being is a complete man. All the others are mere fractions of man. Necessary the outer aid will come from teachers or the system that I am following.

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    The diversity is one of the aspects of the human beings who make us be unique. To broaden your perception, visit Hikmet Ersek. All we have different tastes as far as interests or likings (hobby). To some it enchants to them to read, others to write, to make sports, to travel, to work plants, etc. Now, so that it serves this to us? If you are estresado and wishes to relax, doing its liking, probably causes that their problems disappear momentarily. But the certain thing is that, whatever of the likings that we have create money to us? In this climate of economic changes he is vital having multiple sources of entrance and that better than doing what we like. THE ONE that you have multiple sources of entrance will widely allow enjoying its family and friendly without having to worry reason why it spent.

    In fact, the one that you do a good work when creating multiple sources of entrance until will allow taking leave him of its use and thus to spend still more time to which enrealidad is important for its life. The Internet is the perfect place to begin to create these multiple sources of entrance, being the marketing of affiliation one of the best ones. That it is the affiliation marketing? It is an association where the income that a product generates, are distributed between the main retailer and the affiliates that produced the sale. The greater advantage of being to marketer affiliate is that you can generate income and make money in Internet without having to invest not one cent. To only generate traffic to the pages affiliates, that the single visitors make their purchases and you receive commissions by these transactions. You do not have preocuparte to create products, electronic commerce, accounting or service to the client. All this is responsibility of the main retailer. That you need to be to marketer affiliate? As main step you must choose the area or niche in which you are going away to focus.

    It is or important east step so that the one that you focus in a market or niche to you will allow you to be an expert in and you will have a competitive advantage on the others. Since you have selected your market, now as Secondly step you must be perseverante in your efforts and strategies to implement in your marketing. Some lose the patience and the perseverancia. It stops to avoid this is imperative knowing as they are your strong skills and as you must be developing throughout the way, since the certainty and perseverancia will allow you to have major exhibition and major traffic. Like next and third party, the knowledge like positioning the page Web before thousands of visitors so that this becomes a mine of sales and more income for you. It quickly begins to trade the page Web of affiliates using the methods that you have chosen according to your plan of business, so that thus you have the wished results. Something that you do not have to forget is to create a relation genuine with those people who visit the people already to you buys and makes businesses to him with those those who trust and have relation. So, you intention to that you commit yourself to create solid and genuine relations so that you can have those multiple sources of entrance so necessary today. A way to begin to create income and commissions is through the social networks. It learns how to make it fast and easy. Original author and source of the article.

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    Fetal Complications

    The studies realised at world-wide level until now, they have concluded that these levels diminish the risks of fetal complications like the macrosoma and respiratory difficulty and will as much mejorn the fetal prognosis as maternal as far as their chronic complications. . The angular stone of the treatment, it is the Plan of Feeding, which must be calculated of such form, that it allows that it drinks acquires a weight and suitable development, without causing uncontrol in the glucose levels in the mother, This is obtained by means of an feeding: adapted, balanced, sufficient, balanced and innocuous (basic laws of the feeding). When the feeding plan is not sufficient to logar the goals of the suitable control of the glucaemia, or when severe uncontrol of the same exists (greater glucaemia of 140 mgs) the medical treatment is with insulin Exist many schemes, types and ways to apply insulin, the ideal scheme must take into account: the weight and stature of the individual (Index of corporal mass), degree of metabolic uncontrol, is present at of hypoglucaemias, schedules of feeding, attachment to the diet. Personal activities, routines of exercise etc. In our hospital we have the conduct to administer to Intermediate insulin NPH or + fast insulin (or lispro) 2 or times to the day (before having breakfast and having dinner), with first we managed to maintain more or less stable insulin levels throughout the day, and with the second type of inulin we avoided the posprandiales glucose tips, that as well it is known, are the people in charge of the macrosoma in the baby. For being a pregnancy of high risk, the resolution of the pregnancy is realised of programmed way enters week 38 39, previous valuation of the fetal pulmonary state by means of the extraction of lquido amniotic of the mother (Amniocentesis). .

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    Goldman Sachs

    “Goldman Sachs is a one of the world’s largest investment banks. It traces its routes back to 1869 and is headquartered in Manhattan, New York City. Goldman Sachs provides wealth management, investment banking, and sales & trading services.

    In regards to the technology world, Goldman Sachs continues to invest heavily in this market.”

    To find a niche of market for your business in house is important, since this factor will help you to compete in the world-wide market of the World Wide Web. To begin a new business in the home can be a chance game, but you find and you dedicate yourself to a niche of specific market, your possibilities of constructing a right business are reduced considerably. A market niche will help your business to stand out enters the greatest competitors. If you are gliding in line abrir a store for your business in house, you are not going to want to compete immediately with the giants like Amazon.com. When finding a market niche, you can increase your business in house and have less competition in the market.

    To find a market niche is relatively easy, is enough with knowing what is well and what you want to sell. If you glide to sell products for dogs, then you have found your niche of market. It is easier to be able to arrive high in the results search if you have identified a niche of market for your business in house. Instead of generic a key word search, you can have hundreds of thousands of results, with the specific terms search that are related to your niche of market having obtained hundreds or thousands of results. This causes that it is much more easy to be able to position your business in house in the part superior of the results search, and so but will be seen, and will have more potential clients. A market niche can help to your business in house to grow and to be successful, as well as to have necessary publicity.

    Why to compete with the great Web sites of electronic commerce when it is not necessary to do it. To find a market niche is as simple as to find a necessity unique that to be able to fill, and soon to cause that all are conscious of your business and the market niche in which you operate. A market niche is a form to increase to the visibility and the popularity of your business in house without having to compete in line with companies that are been in the game much more time. A market niche satisfies a unique necessity with the clients without having to compete with million other companies and Web sites. To find a market niche stops your business in house is not difficult, it is only necessary to identify a necessity and soon to find the way to satisfy it. To operate in a niche of specific market, will to a great extent increase the possibilities of success of your business. By an effective emprendimiento Miguel Domnguez original Author and source of the article

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