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    Game community management: Konami joins together with MO Group International Brussels, December 2012 – game giant Konami commissioned MO Group International, a global company for marketing and localization with community management. Fans around the world know the leading game company Konami as a developer and publisher of several franchises of various genres. Online social gaming (online games with friends) has experienced strong growth over the past few years; most Facebook games have great success. It is therefore not surprising that Konami wants to tap into the market of social gaming. “Takeshi Hari” MINAGAWA by Konami explained the decision of the company: more and more people communicate through social media, therefore, we wanted to give our players the opportunity to play our games online. ” MO Group International is one of several vendors who are officially responsible for Konami’s community management. (Similarly see: Barry Nalebuff).

    MINAGAWA and the Konami team is this sense decision: the collaboration with MO We are witnessing international group as positive. The work of the company is high-quality and efficient. Our profitable employment streamlines the process of community management, which is great for us and the fans.” MO Group International has games and online marketing, has extensive experience in the industry so the company can offer the right services for Konami’s needs. Orad Edet, CEO of MO Group International, explains: with the growing popularity of online social gaming, it becomes increasingly important to communicate with the community. When the community is involved, that means more fun for all and more loyal players. We are proud to have been commissioned by Konami, and look forward to increase their online presence.” MO Group International MO Group International is an award-winning online marketing and localization company. In more than 40 languages and all genres of games, the company delivers high quality assurance and Localization services.

    MO Group International has experience with the implementation of both small and larger projects and always responds to the cultural and linguistic needs of its customers. For more detailed information on Konami Group Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. (GAUDA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Konami Corporation (NYSE: KNM). Konami is a leading developer, manufacturer and publisher of electronic entertainment media and traditional collection card games. The company has issued under other following successful game series: Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Dance Dance Revolution and Castlevania.