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    Throughout the following week the man was working hard, paying no attention to the banter wife, compares it with Cinderella, which fingered the rump. When finished, he went to a familiar address, hoping to get bail and earned 6,000 rubles in the bargain. On the office door adorned print, and employees Police searched the company for fraud. It turned out that they were able to gain large amounts of useless plastic beads are not only capital but also in other cities. Of course, no money for the work, or no collateral homeworkers defrauded no one saw. 5 questions to help you. Fun is very creative, so it makes sense to applicants vigilance and common sense not to fall for their bait.

    For this you only need to get answers to some questions. 1. Do you enter into a contract? Homework is often used as a part and, as a rule, does not mean making an employment contract with an employee, but there opportunity to conclude a civil service contract or a contract that can protect you from unscrupulous employers. Check to see if it the terms of payment and the amount provided for a possible rejection of work without penalty or return the materials in case of marriage. Carefully read all the items – some scammers are going to trick the treaty prescribing points that can be interpreted in two ways. For example, if specified, that the firm is committed to provide you with information about the product and the possibilities of its implementation, this does not mean that you have promised to pay for the work done, and it will be difficult to resolve such dispute in court.

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