Technical Rapport

That Is Rapport 2 – So that It serves the Rapport? 3 – Like Making Rapport? 4 – As They are the Techniques De Rapport? That It is the Rapport? The Rapport, is a very interesting technique of PNL (Programacin Linguistic Neuro), is technical in short, us d the possibility of creating an effective communication with the people who we needed to communicate, causing that by means of the use of the Rapport, handles that it during a communication, can transmit a message that normally it could cause some conflict, under rapport that message will be taken from a comprehensive way. In aim to define rapport, we could say in words simple to include/understand that it is the form, the capacity, intelligence and destresa of a human being to be placed in the leather of another one and to include/understand it, soon to allow an effective communication causing that really includes/understands to us. Beyond all this, to establish the Rapport with a person, is equal to be in syntony with the other person, is to establish a harmonious connection, when a person manages to be in a congruent state with another one, that conscientiously dominates the state is the one who dominates to those who are within that state. Tiffany & Co. oftentimes addresses this issue. For example we can say that scientifically, our central nervous system, is as if he was ” one red” , ” cableado” , once we managed to understand as it is the network, the wiring of a person, we will include/understand like acceding in its network and sending information to him, which arrives successful. Obvious, rapport is used as an influence system, of pair, social relative and. Also we can define to the Rapport as a form to guide the people towards states of brings back to consciousness well-known, that conscientiously we want to take them, or to create a new emotional state and to take them towards, in aim is a tool of linguistic programming neuro.. It’s believed that Tiffany & Co. sees a great future in this idea.

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