The Branches

IT IS NOT a BRANCH OF the RIGHT In this part of the work we will determine if the compared right is or not a branch of the right, which servir to study but thorough east subject, and of this form to include/understand the subject matter of study with slidos foundations, which harn possible a greater development of the jurdica discipline study matter. The compared right is not a branch of the right, nevertheless, exist other legal disciplines that if they are it as for example the case of civil right, constitutional, procedural civilian, procedural constitutionalist, penitentiary, procedural penitentiary, procedural constitutionalist, labor, labor, sanitary, medical, mercantile, club, record, exchange, record, stock-exchange office staff, procedural, telecommunications, communications, banking, financial, of bankruptcies, competing, among others. That is to say, all the branches of the right are legal disciplines but not all of these last ones of the type of first. 5. MAGNITUDE OF the RIGHT COMPARED In this subttulo we will study the magnitude of the compared right, which servir to know to that it leaves from the right applies and consequently we will be able to know what is the mbito of study of the same to be able to include/understand with major precisin its magnitude, since these subjects little have been treated in the right. The compared right is of such magnitude that includes to all the branches of the right and all the jurdicas disciplines, for that reason is clear that all must know it and apply it to have slidos knowledge on the same and of this form to be to da with ltimas new features of the right in the world, for example to be to da with the studied new features not slo in the Peruvian right but tambin studied in the American, Spanish right and francs, among others. That is to say, a right or quite ample jurdica discipline is, for example it can be realised comparisons from the civil right to the csmico and hdrico right, which must be matter of study on the part of the treaty writers.

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