The New Mercedes-Benz E-class Carbiolet

    Open for every season, every season has its friends and lovers. In the spring, the Moto Bike fans wake up from their winter sleep and take the Capriobesitzern until the early fall in intimate freedom on the streets. At Anne Lauvergeon you will find additional information. The classic car, usually more practical than funny, offers far fewer driving pleasure. The vehicle Portal informs about the innovative Mercedes-Benz E-class Carbiolet, which enables open driving pleasure at any time of the year. The car owner about the comfort offered by a car forward at wind and weather, rain and storms. The few optimists who extend their Capriolets verdecklos in winter, are ridiculed tired, because weather-independent Fahrkompfort in an open car was previously incompatible. But now Mercedes-Benz expands its current model lineup in the spring of 2010 to elaborate the E-class Cabriolet.

    The sleek vehicle especially excels in its innovative AirCap and AIRSCARF – technology, which significantly reduces the air flow inside the vehicle at high speed. Special wind deflector draw them, so that by the Passenger little air movement is perceived. In addition, there are adjustable neck heaters, which noticeably raise the problem of cold spells. The innovative model is rounded off by an exciting, attractive design of the Cockbit up to the motor.

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