The Obliterate Of The Field Mice

    Lower Austria enacted in 1898 to a separate law the Vole, Microtus arvalis is a mammal and comes from the voles, subfamily Arvicolinae. It is most commonly one of the mammals to be found in Central Europe and shows cyclical Proliferations. The field mouse eats grass, herbs, seeds, and grains. The field mice living in moderately dense to very dense colonies in complex earth building. The inputs of the workings of this earth have a branched system oberirdischer and the part many meters of long passageways are connected.

    Through their mass occurrence, she was seen in earlier times as extreme threat to the field and agriculture economy and combated with domestic legal measures. Country adopted the law to obliterate the field mice on 30 June 1898 an own country law to obliterate the field mice with a total of 10 by the lower Austrian Parliament. The field mice in a threatening way risk the crops, occurred as the law of this country came to the application. To do this, the municipalities were commissioned to undertake the relevant measures to obliterate the field mice. The magistrate had to inform the regional authorities and the Committee on knowledge acquisition of greater occurrence of field mice in. On the basis of this indicator, the district authorities in those municipalities in the region, where no message was received, to maintain surveys and, where appropriate, the defaulting magistrate had to ask, to make appropriate messages.

    National Committee released herbicides the State Committee had to arrange the provision of herbicides, to be beyond any other Behelfsmittel Moreover, determine the action Director, and to set the day of the insecticidal action based on these messages. The landlords, beneficiaries and tenants of agricultural land had entering the land for the purposes of field mouse obliterate to grant. They had to obey the orders of the institutions designated by the municipality Office and this support. These organs with the railway administration in the agreement had put in the field mouse obliterate on railway land. Financing of the insecticidal action by property owners who were landlords, beneficiaries and tenants of agricultural land to provide the number of workers needed for the insecticidal action depending on the size of the affected land. A municipality denied the insecticidal action of field mice, the district authority at the expense of the municipality in substitute performance can go. The costs associated with the field mouse obliterate on the landowners are to inform beneficiaries and tenants of agricultural land. You are bevorschusst through the Land Fund, whereby the magistrate then allocate these costs. The insecticidal action had preferred to be done exceptionally well in the summer and winter in spring and autumn. Regarding the timing, respect but was to take on the economic operation and the operating period. Administrative penalties against community leaders and property owners community leaders who fail are reported by the field mouse infestation, could with administrative penalties up to 10 Gulden be punished, property owners, who were not the required number of workers at, with fines from 1 10 Gulden up to or 6 to 48 hours replacement arrest. The Agriculture Minister and the Interior Minister were charged with the enforcement of the law of this country.

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