The Three Basics Of Search Engine Optimization Seo

    Professional Search Engine Optimization is essentially based on three fundamentals: choosing the right key words, the first step, the selection of the most important keywords for the site is to be optimized. Here, special attention should be given to a good choice since all subsequent optimization – Working on these key words are based. The following should be considered: * Frequency of Looking Through various tools (such as Overture) can be determined the number of searches to specific terms. * Keyword – combinations are usually entered multiple words together to advance the search results according to their own wishes to restrict. * Various spellings of key words singular, plural, with and without word spacing, etc.

    It is important also to determine in advance how the search engines react to these different inputs. * The greater the competition existing competitors, the greater the effort to achieve most appropriately high rankings can be. Western Union often says this. * Intention of the user when entering the Search Keyword experience has shown that user by entering more search terms rather than want to buy products with only one. * Limited to a handful of key words for a website, it should only a handful of key words and keyword combinations are chosen to actually enable a concentration on it. OnPage – Optimization to optimize OnPage include various methods to optimize the source code of a website for search engines.

    Once the keywords are selected, the website can be adjusted accordingly. In essence what the task is to show the search engine that these words are particularly relevant to the website. This is ensured by a correspondingly high occurrence in the texts on the site. To this keyword ratio should be kept to a highly respected general to be a lean source code (using DIVs and CSS). In addition, the key words occur in as many areas of the site (headers, lists, bold, …). It is important to note that a middle ground between good and readable for search engines to find texts must be prepared. Keyword stuffing (repeating the key words to oftes) should be avoided at all costs, as this may adversely affect results. In addition to the texts that are visible to the user should include the meta tags (and here especially optimized the Title and Description tags). Finally, attention should be paid on a good internal linking, ie the main pages must be linked directly from the home page. Even among themselves as possible, some links are used to the different bases of the site. OffPage – Optimization to optimize OffPage include all measures which can be naturally performed not directly on the site. The most important point here is to increase the link popularity (link building), but also to index the entire site in search engines is an important part. A high link popularity is important for several reasons: * The placement in search engines Most search engines (and especially Google) Link Popularity considered for the evaluation of a website. The higher the link popularity, the more likely is a similarly good ranking in search results. * More visitors by linking to other sites, of course, also possible to directly get there by visitors and to boost awareness of your own site. * Google PageRank at Google runs the number and quality of the links in the so-called PageRank is one of the Toolbar is apparent to every site on Google. The higher the PageRank, the more likely other sites will be willing to link to you. Below you will find detailed information about PageRank. More information about Internet Marketing

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