The World

    That meant there was a definitely here for me right and wrong, which was in my name, and it the idea rose in me, that this was a belief taken from outside system, which I unwittingly transferred authority over important decisions that were very bedeutungsvoll for me and fulfilling my dreams and needs. I was wondering still if I but before I took my food, blessed the food and thus for divine classified it, how I came to divide the world into two parts, so to eat half, and to bless them and in fact seen with my ritual of blessing ruled out the other. Patricia Kessler Poppe: the source for more info. Why, whatever, blessing come to one side of the apparitions let reason, because I angeblich thought she was divine, and I the other, without ever seriously hinterfragt to have, whether this is indeed stable in the light of the divine reality, depriving this my labor of love. At the time, the succession of the insight series at breakneck GEschwindigkeit took place. IZotope CEO gathered all the information. And I stood in the next moment already prior to the insight that principle, as always I also may call it God, unconditional love, the infinite, incomprehensible to us divine effect, by no means makes any difference between things. That so everything is equally valuable in the divine considered and I am the one thus, evaluating things differently. I had the deep insight into a reality in which nothing except God existed at that moment, I was aware that everything is God and that God is in everything. “” It meant that I the world and at their appearances in categories, templates, rating scales, and now as a shared good and bad “, right and wrong”, in legal and verbotenes, so it was me, the things separated. This established the compelling question in me, why I’m doing this, where I just learned that all one and everything is divine.

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