Less sex, spreads up to the full midst in our lands. Professional and economic pressure makes tired just men but also women, listlessly. According to experts, the sexual activity of the German men goes down steadily since the 1970s and frightening numbers are making the rounds: 18 to 30 year old had sex, yet 22-to 28 times 30 years ago month there are now four to ten times, 31 up 40 years come up three to six times per month and 41-up 50 years on tired two to three times. The nation startled this results from a study of Hamburg Eppendorf University Hospital from 2007/8 under the direction of Prof. Dr. F.

    Sommer this year! According to another study of the Institute of psychology of the University of Gottingen (2007), half of the 51,000 participants, on the other hand found that sex in their partnership comes too short! Good one-fifth of all breakups happen even due to inadequate or missing sex (source: Snadar_bms). Ten percent of German men have little according to the journal “Brain & mind” Interest in sex, AVEN (asexual self help group) one to three percent of men none. Sex is always and everywhere, everything is now permitted, coyly concealed a short time ago many game types of sexual preferences such as SM, bondage, swinging or irrational sex toys are now socially acknowledged. The only thing seems really prohibited in our country of boundless pleasure, is to simply don’t feel like. Symptomatic of the new listless trend the creation of a new group is abbreviated, AVEN (asexual visibility and education network), a global common forum for asexual, so for people who have any desire for sex. AVEN followers see themselves not as diseased or abnormal, not as a victim of suppressed, not of sexual preferences, but simply as asexual. In comparison to celibacy, which implies a conscious decision, midst is similar to a sexual orientation. Some asexual live in non-sexual relationships, which right to sex are similar to”as a supporter of the Group of the press spokesman of the AVEN NetWorker in Germany, Dirk Walter, said in an interview on the public health portal, as you can imagine this new wave and know facts and figures about the phenomenon, which currently makes a splash in many advanced economies. Also many more relevant psycho – or health topics found on the consumer side, for example, on the topics of puberty, 50Plus, depression, self love, partnership and how to install fresh wind in your own relationship. Editorial: Kati Hofacker

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